Ingrained Gambling

Aug 01, 2016 Posted by Mission146

This article explores gambling equivalents that we experience during our childhood and asks how these equivalents might influence erroneous gambling beliefs that many adults seem to hold now.

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Crash Course

Jul 29, 2016 Posted by Mission146

There is a new Sports Betting concept in the State of Nevada that has recently (March 31st, 2016) begun to take action and that is the notion of Equity Wagering on Sports Betting, and...

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Presidential Betting Update

Jul 28, 2016 Posted by Mission146

As most people out there are aware, the Republican National Convention wrapped up this past Thursday and it was during this event that Donald Trump announced that Indiana Governor MIke Pence would...

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Lack of Trust

Jul 27, 2016 Posted by Mission146

Anytime that an individual or entity claims to be espousing knowledge when it comes to being a successful gambler who gets to enjoy playing at a long-term Advantage, there is a question that...

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Crossing the Line

Jul 22, 2016 Posted by Mission146

The term, ‘Peaceful Public Protest,' is one that has always been subject to interpretation by laymen and lawmen alike, but I recently encountered a situation at the Trump Taj Mahal that I think...

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Promotion to Avoid

Jul 20, 2016 Posted by Mission146

In many recent Articles, particularly a few in my News & Notes series, I have hinted at a Promotion at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio (and possibly other locations) that has been going on...

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When the Betting Gets Hard

Jul 19, 2016 Posted by Mission146

Within the last couple weeks an investigation by one of our sister sites,, has concluded and it was found that the software being used on many of Bovada's slot machines, supplied...

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Surprising Dancer Article!

Jul 13, 2016 Posted by Mission146

For those of you who do not follow the newly renamed, ‘Gambling with an Edge,' pages powered by the Las Vegas Advisor, you should. Also, for those of you who do not read Bob Dancer every time a...

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The Ideal Employee

Jul 12, 2016 Posted by Mission146

I have had a few people ask me how it may be possible to enter into the world of Advantage Play with a very limited bankroll, and of course, that can be very difficult but a large part of it is...

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The Six Strangest Things I Have Done in a Casino

Jul 11, 2016 Posted by Mission146

I had previously wrote two different Articles with one detailing the strangest things that happened to me in a casino with the other detailing the strangest things I had seen in a casino. Judging...

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Brexit and Betting

Jul 08, 2016 Posted by Mission146

As everyone who has not spent the last several weeks living under a rock knows, the UK has officially voted (publicly) to withdraw from the European Union. While this will undoubtedly have a...

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Places to Go, Casinos to See

Jun 22, 2016 Posted by Mission146

Given my recent trip to a good many casinos out East, including three of the Atlantic City casinos, it has occurred to me that I now want to set up a bucket list of casinos that I would like to...

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News and Notes 6/21/16

Jun 21, 2016 Posted by Mission146

Former Chief of Police for Cecil Township, which has a billboard proclaiming itself, ‘The best place in PA to raise a family,' John Pushak was convicted of theft, failure to make a required...

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Advantage Player = Addict?

Jun 20, 2016 Posted by Mission146

The first thing that I want to do before people start ripping me to shreds is to state that, as with most general statements anyone has ever made or will ever make about anything, this statement is...

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New Jersey Oddities

Jun 19, 2016 Posted by Mission146

I recently took a trip out east which included a stop of a few days in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In any event, while I try to restrict most of my Articles to being pretty strictly about gambling,...

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Everywhere and Everything

Jun 18, 2016 Posted by Mission146

Over the past few days, I have had the opportunity to visit a good few casinos to which I had not previously been and will not be providing full reviews of them (as I did not stay in the hotels...

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Kid Poker (Review)

Jun 12, 2016 Posted by Mission146

don't always watch documentaries, but when I do, I prefer they be about gambling. When those documentaries are about gambling, they are often the most fun if the specific subject is a man who is...

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News & Notes 6/6/2016

Jun 06, 2016 Posted by Mission146

It would seem that, what was once the major problem of Vegas' perception as a, ‘Gambling town,' is no longer something that would stand in the way. Why not? If we take a look at the spread of...

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