Vegas Casinos Gaming Surveys

Here at the Wizard web sites it is our mission to make the world better gamblers. At the Wizard of Odds we have been teaching how to get the best odds possible at hundreds of casino games. However, proper strategy is just half the battle to advance from a recreational player to a sharp one. The other half is game selection. It is the entire battle with games of luck like roulette, craps, and keno. To help you find the best odds in most casino games, we are very proud to feature the following game surveys. We are especially proud of the blackjack survey, which features the rules and limits for every casino in Vegas that offers the game.

It was incredibly time intensive to do the scouting for these surveys so we hope that you will benefit from our hard work by checking who has the best odds at whatever is your game of choice. We honestly feel this is the best and most up to date resource on the Internet for game selection in Las Vegas. If you find anything to be outdated, please let us know.