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Dec 07, 2018

My even $ Bet System

I'll start with a buy-in of 10 units and a 1 unit bet and add 1 unit to my betting every 5 hands I'm ahead; but after I get past 4 betting units, I'll add 2 units every 5 hands until I'm 5 hands past the 10 unit betting balance which is 60 units above 120 units. I'll be up 170 units after winning 35 hands.

Posted by ChumpChange
Nov 13, 2018


Had my biggest win at the tables just place betting the 6 on a $6, $6, $12, $12, $12, $24, $24, $24 progression, and betting the line only when I was shooting. By the time I was shooting a second time, they put up a shot clock telling everybody they were gonna double the table minimums in 20 minutes. I was told by another player I would be grandfathered in, but I won so much I decided to call it quits. Now I'm down $18 and a tank of gas for the season.

I also got to 2000 points on my player card (after about 20 hours of playing at the $6 level), so they upgraded me to a new card which qualifies me for free drinks at the tables, which I was already getting anyway. I'd have to gamble for 20 hours at the $120 bet level to get to 40,000 points which is the next card upgrade; and gamble for 20 hours more at the $360 bet level to get to the 160,000 point level to get to the top card upgrade. Would this take a week or two? Depends on my luck.

Edit: I need 6 wins in a row on the progression to get to $60. 11 wins gets me to $200 with my bet still out there.


mustangsally Nov 13, 2018

"just place betting the 6"

when I have see someone try that system, the 8 rolls almost out-of-control.

Then they change over to just the place 8 and the 6 rolls like there is no tomorrow.

luck is everything

some never get lucky

no house edge needed


ChumpChange Nov 13, 2018

I told the dealer to put $6 on the 6, he put it on the 8 at the start of hand. I had to tell him to put it on the 6, like it was my lucky number or something. If I win enough, at certain levels I'll cover both the 6 & 8. I'm only 3 hot hands in a row from turning $60 into over $1000! Just need to hang out at the tables more!

Edit: My computer died immediately after this post. It could be the power supply, the motherboard, or something else. It just shuts off while booting up, even while in the BIOS, and the clock is OK. The computer is 10 years old, but I've made little progress fixing it. It took my Wizard Of Vegas password with it, so I had to reset it weeks later.

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Nov 13, 2018

Starting with a $200 bankroll

I'm starting out with $200 myself, and I'm making it 3 sessions of $60 for 10 x $6 bets per session. If I just bet the passline, or just a placebet, I have an object goal to double or nothing my session money somehow, sometimes multiple times. A session might last typically 30-90 minutes this way. I could stretch a session out to 5 hours if I had no real luck. But $60 is like just the damn minimum I can play for a session. If I was up $60, I might add single odds; if I was up $120 on top of that, I'd bet the 6 & 8 for $6; with 4 sets of $60 sitting in my rail. If I get to $480, I could double my bets to $12. I find table minimums to be an extreme concern on a low budget. Monday-Thursday before 6pm I can find a $5 table. Outside of those times it's likely higher table limits.


TrackYourResult Nov 13, 2018

Whatever your strategy, whatever your risk capital, you MUST record your results accurately. A couple of things, I don't agree that "stretching a session out" is in any way indicative of making money. Mostly likely, most of the time, you are playing at a disadvantage. As such, playing longer sessions only hurts you. The advantage of playing shorter term is that you may, (read "might" or "could") possibly be playing just a handful of lucky sessions. Upon this you should try to capitalize. This disadvantage is that most of the time you may lose, depending on what part of the probability curve you happen to fall in during the time you play.

If $200.00 is your bankroll, hmmm, then focus on building it up with small systematic wins and probably couldn't lose more than 20.00 per session or 10.00. Your focus isn't on how much money you are making, but over the haul of 10 or 20 sessions making money, period. Even if its a few bucks. If you are lucky and experience wins first before a drawdown, you can be successful with this $200.00. But the odds might be or probably are that you will find a drawdown larger than your bankroll and bust out. If you are really committed to being profitable at this game, busting out on this is just tuition for your gambling education.

This all of course assumes that you will act in the casino as you have planned, exactly, with no deviation. Both things: a tested plan for the bankroll and bets you intend to place, and 2. the skill to carry out the plan in a casino are high level skills. Of the two, the latter is the most difficult, and may take years to perfect depending on your personality and risk tolerance vs. assets.

Whatever you do, you MUST record your results, so that in the event of winning and losing you have data to analyze. I believe the keys to record are Time, Date, Location, Game or Table number, profit or loss, and you might also include the Beginning amount, the high of the session, the low of the session and the amount you have at the close of your session. Having these numbers over many sessions can provide valuable information for adjustments to your plan, and you can also use it to forecast how it might look if you have more capital to apply to your game.

Hope this helps at all.

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Nov 05, 2018

I Won $3000 on Baccarat, and Lost It All!

I just won $100 on Baccarat playing just Player! After watching YouTube videos of someone tortuously switching between Player & Banker based on House or Trend and using his invented Mirror, Mirror System that increases the bet one unit every other bet until he gets to 10% ahead with his session money (5 units I would guess, but he doesn't know for sure). I found the Baccarat table he was using at this site which starts me off with $10,000!
I didn't know I had to mouseclick for each card to come up, ugh. Well, I put $10 on Player, and kept winning my bets in the progression $10, $15, $20, $25, $30 to get me to $100! I'm so happy I had to write this blog post before I lose it all! Maybe I should get on my other computer that has the Hoyle Casino home game CD so I don't lose my balance all the time.

I'm working on my own Mirror system but it raises the bet 1 unit after every other loss. Since there's a $25 table minimum at my local Baccarat tables, my unit has to be at least that large. I'll start with a $30 unit. I'll bet $30, $30, $60, $60, $90, $90, $120, $120, $150, $150 for a $900 loss on 10 losses in a row. But I'll keep track of my worst loss balance and set my bet level based on that. If I'm down $60 or $120, my bet will be $60. If I'm down $180 or $270, my bet will be $90. If I'm down $360 or $480, my bet will be $120. If I'm down $600 or $750, my bet will be $150. I'll put those bets on a winning progression, but I'll have the bet repeat the first time in case of choppiness, and there is not much but choppiness in Baccarat.
My $30 bets would be $30, $30, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100.
My $60 bets would be $60, $60,$80, $100, $120, $160, $200.
My $90 bets would be $90, $90, $120, $150, $180, $240, $300.
My $120 bets would be $120, $120, $160, $200, $240, $320, $400.
My $150 bets would be $150, $150, $200, $250, $300, $400, $500.

I'll be trying to win 5 units, which in this case would be $150. But if I'm rolling on a higher progression, I'll keep going until I lose a hand above my win goal. Once I finish a progression above my win goal, I'll restart at my base bet of $30.

If I win $450, 3 times my win goal, I could crank this up to the $45 level. If I win the $45 level 2 times, I could crank this up to the $60 level. How far will I get before I blow a hole in my 10 loss cushion? I haven't played to find out, but it could be quick. If I win 12 sessions in a row, I could go from $900 to $3600, with a $600 win goal at that level with a table limit of $2000 on a progression. The point of the progression is to minimize how many wins I need to get to my win goal from far behind, but if I blow past the win goal, I'll be in the money a bit.

Playing Time:
I won Player 9 times in a row excluding 1 Tie before the Banker won. So if the shoe were on the other foot I would have nearly lost a session right off the bat!

I revved up my starting balance to $10,900. I was betting the $120 progression after losing $480 or more, and won back to $11,090, with a win of $190 on a win goal of $150. My large progressions were getting in the way of actually ending above my win goal when I lost. My 2nd set had me betting a $90 progression and it got me to $11,300, for a win of $210.

My 3rd session had me losing $880 using my system, down to $10,420.

My 4th session had me betting the $60 progression and I won it 12 times in a row! I lowered my bet to $120 on the 7th win and crept back up to $200. I ended at $11,830, for a win of $1410 instead of $150 that session, and made back the $880 I lost last session.

My 5th session started at double the stakes because I had double the starting balance at $1830 for the session. I started betting a $60 progression, then a $120 progression. I was a bit ahead betting $400 at the top of the $120 progression, but a loss on that put me $20 under my $300 win goal. I finally ended on a $200 wager loss above my win goal at $12,190, or up $360.

My 6th session ended at $300 up at $12,490.

My 7th session ended at $1000 up at $13,490. I was betting at the 3rd level progression of $180. I topped out at 7 wins in a row at a reduced bet of $360 after winning a $600 bet.

My 8th session was rather quick with 6 wins at the $90 Level (I upped it since my balance was over $2700, 3X $900), and I lost on a $300 bet. I was up $570 on a $450 win goal at $14,060.

My 9th session sucked! I started at the $120 Level because my balance was over $3600, 4X $900), and I lost $3610, so I'm back at $10,550, and the shoe ended so I have no history to look at.

The guy who invented his Mirror, Mirror System video, explanation here ([New] Mirror Method Baccarat Betting System + Wins 10% Every Hour + Works On High and Low Limit Play ), says to take a break after a session, he goes to the cage with all his chips and rebuys in half an hour later, at least a shoe later. That might be too much paperwork at the cage though. He would also play a different game for awhile since wins are like rubber bands and they snap right back at you at double the force in a losing streak.

Same guy says, near the end of this video after he won a BJ on his last $100, the computer software tracks your bets to make it hard for you so you'll get off the site. Pretty much what I've been saying about WinCraps since my Beginner's Luck wore off in a terminal case of losing. [NEW] Blackjack Betting System + Scaling + Jump Off + Perfect Play ($200 Session Roll) Action @5:10


mustangsally Nov 13, 2018

"since wins are like rubber bands and they snap right back at you at double the force in a losing streak."

only double?

for some that would FEEL great!

nice share


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Nov 05, 2018

My revised Army System, The Mario Bomb, lol.

I randomly read The Army System to make $1500 with $5 on the 4 & 10 to start with. I feel a bit nervous not getting paid back soon enough so I modified it a bit.
I'd Buy the 4 & 10 for $25 each after the come-out. When it hits, remove bets from the 4 & 10, and place $100 on the 5 or 9. When the 5 or 9 hits, I'll have $240, so I'll keep $60 (to pay off my original 4 & 10 bets), remove the 5 or 9 bet, and place $180 on the 6 or 8. When the 6 or 8 hits, place $300 on the other 6 or 8 and keep $90. I'm trying to mimic the Fire Bet a little so I get paid something for a 4th, 5th & 6th hit instead of everything on the 6th hit. When the 2nd 6 or 8 hits, I'll have $650, so I'll keep $150 and put $500 on the other 5 or 9 (that hasn't hit yet, or not). No word yet if my local casino lets me buy the 5 or 9 at this level. If I win, I'll have $1200, and I'd pocket $150, and Buy the other 4 or 10 for $1000 + $50 Vig. When the last 4 or 10 wins I win $2000 and for $50 more I can keep my bet up and have almost $2400 already, or nearly 50 times my 2 original bets. Extra wins will add $1950 a piece.

On a repeat: If I thought this shooter was going a lot further, I could split my Buy 4 or 10 bet to $500 a piece, if one hits I could move to the 5 or 9 at $2000. If the table max is higher than $2K, a win on the 5 or 9 would get me to $4800. I could pocket $1200 and bet $3600 on the 6 or 8, pocket $1800 on that win and bet $6000 on the other 6 or 8. A win would then get me $13,000, so I'd pocket $3000 and bet $10,000 on the 5 or 9 again. If the 5 or 9 wins, I'd pocket $4000 and Buy the 4 & 10 for $10000 each. Each win pays $19500.