Posted by ChumpChange
Mar 20, 2019

Win 1 set, Lose 2 Sets

If I roll for 500 PL bets, the square root of that is +/-22 bets, subtract 7 bets for HA, so I can expect to win up to 15 bets or lose up to 29 bets.
I should check my daily strategy to Buy-In for 2 sessions of 15 bets each, and be able to make all that back from the last bet.


OnceDear Mar 20, 2019

What's special about the last bet? Does it wear a yellow t-shirt saying ' Don't worry: this one will be a winner'

ChumpChange Mar 20, 2019

WinCraps thinks so, today anyway.

ChumpChange Mar 21, 2019

In between hot shooters killing my rail money I managed to win 9 Don't Pass Odds Bets in a row, 10 Don't Pass Odds Bets in a row, and 7 Don't Pass Odds Bets in a row. So WinCraps wasted a lot of my time going nowhere, then took me down to my last bet of my $4800 buy-in, and I won it back with $120 on the DP and $360 Don't Odds on an odds progressive of $360, $360, $360, $480, $600, $720, $720 until a loss. I can't really run a progressive on the Don't Pass bet itself because it gets mauled on the come-out rolls.

When I got to $7200, I raised my bets to $180 DP and $540 odds with an odds progression of $540, $540, $540, $720, $900, $1080, $1080 until a loss. WinCraps kept bringing me down with hot shooters when I raised my bets. They'd get 4 points, like 3 shooters in a row it seemed. So I'd have to crawl back to my raise balance several times. One time it put me on a win streak instead and I got to my next raise point of $10,800 where I doubled my original bet sequence. When I got to $15,600, I'd double my 2nd bet sequence. I'd just multiply my total DP & Odds bet before the progression by 5 to determine my next raise mark.

I'm going to try to limit my daily wins at the casino to 10-15 bets and come back another day.

Narrator: Who said he would see ANY upside, period!?

Edit: I'm going to play DP with odds until I get 2 losses on one shooter then turn it around and play PL progressive with static odds so I don't lose more than 3 odds bets per shooter. I'm up over 20 bets in 525 rolls with this strategy, this time.

Posted by ChumpChange
Mar 14, 2019

Lay the 6 or 8 during come-out and 2 rolls after.

Since I'm seeing nothing but Point 7-outs and PP7-outs at the tables, I thought about what would cover that. Really, 6 times out of 8 I fit that scenerio myself as a shooter last time I was at the table. I'm betting on hopping 7's on the come-out but not hitting them, but should I be betting them after the come-out? I know laying the 6 or 8 is a 4% HA (2.27% if vig paid on wins only), but I've gotta find a less expensive bet.

So I tried it on WinCraps and very shortly found I won 9 Lay 6's in a row. What luck? It's just WinCraps learning my new strategy because it machine learns how I bet and takes me down so, so hard a little later, despite what the programmers say. I have fearful bad luck with WinCraps, and at the tables too.

So I figured out some progressions to use. On a win, I should just take my bet down and rebet with the new amount, and add the vig since my local tables require a vig for all bets, not just on winners. I'll get paid in reds & greens, I only have to supply the whites.

WinCraps, however, saw my new play, and started hitting my 6 the roll after I turned off my lay 6 quite a lot, and started hitting my lay 6 on the come-out rolls, and also started hitting my 6 like 8 times in a row whether my bet was on or off. Ice cold table turns into a bonanza for place bettors all of a sudden! So I was easily down 10 units quite quickly, and had to make it up by using the progression on streaks of wins. I do lose a bit on streaks of wins of less than 4 in a row compared to flat betting. If I go more than 10 wins in a row, I'll keep with my 5X base bet max bet.

According to the chart, I'm moving up a betting level for approximately every 5 flat bet wins I'm ahead (when I finish my progressions). So I could win $400 at the start, be at $650, and start betting $72 on a progression. If I win 10 times in a row with that for $1200, I'll be at $1850. Then I bet $180, if I win 10 times in a row with that, I'll be up another $3300 and be at over $5000! It would take 3 quick hits of winning 10 in a row to put me OVER THE TOP! I'd have to figure out what that number was and divide by $250 to see how many sets that results in. Considering how fast I can fall at this, I'd better plan on a several hundred minimum bets bankroll after I win big, or even before. I'd lower my bets on the chart if I fell through balance floors for that betting level. If I win enough, I could just double my chart and use $500 sets.

Bet Vig Pays Balance Progression
$24 $1 $20 $250 $24, $30, $36, $42, $48, $60, $72, $90, $120, $120
$48 $2 $40 $350 $48, $60, $72, $84, $96, $120, $150, $180, $240, $240
$72 $3 $60 $550 $72, $90, $108, $126, $144, $180, $216, $270, $360, $360
$96 $4 $80 $850 $96, $120, $144, $168, $192, $240, $288, $360, $480, $480
$120 $5 $100 $1250 $120, $150, $180, $210, $240, $300, $360, $450, $600, $600
$180 $7 $150 $1750 $180, $240, $300, $360, $420, $510, $600, $750, $900, $900


Ahigh Mar 14, 2019

"Since I'm seeing nothing but Point 7-outs and PP7-outs at the tables"

I stopped reading after that. Great post!

FleaStiff Mar 28, 2019

'...laying the six or eight is a 4 % House Advantage...'

I thought it was o.8 % if done for one roll? ??

Posted by ChumpChange
Mar 06, 2019

21+3 BJ, Match The Dealer BJ vs Spanish 21

Shuffle-up mid-shoe. What?
Beating the 21 + 3 Blackjack Side Bet: Some Really Cool Graphs

There's 21+3 Extreme in my area.
Perfect Play against the 21+3 Extreme Blackjack Side Bet

In particular the house edge for 21+3 is 3.24%, whereas the house edge for 21+3E is 13.39%.

There's also Match The Dealer BJ that has higher payouts & a higher house advantage than Match The Dealer in Spanish 21 in my area.
The following table shows Wizard's analysis in eight-deck blackjack when an unsuited match pays 3 to 1 and a suited match pays 14 to 1. - Blackjack ~3.67% HA

The following table shows Wizard's analysis in eight-deck blackjack when an unsuited match pays 3 to 1 and a suited match pays 12 to 1. - Spanish 21 ~3.0% HA

Posted by ChumpChange
Feb 15, 2019

Video Roulette Betting The Hot Numbers

I'd likely use a strategy to put $40 in the video roulette machine and bet $1 on a single number, note my balance when I win and choose a stop point 40 spins below that. The roulette machine displays the hottest & coldest few numbers so I could avoid the really cold ones and not expect them "due." I could keep betting on the same hot number until it didn't show up 40 times in a row, then pick another hot number to try and double my bet to $2. I may have to have $80 handy to insert into the machine to cover that. When I win in less than 40 spins, I can lower my bet $1 per spin.
I'm just trying to waste time and get some points on my card and hopefully come out a little bit ahead. I could win $10-$30 per 5 to 25 spins with $1 bet multiples.
$1 = $40
$2 = $80
$3 = $120
$4 = $160
$5 = $200
I could limit my progression to 5 units with a $600 bankroll.

I should make my bet equal to a balance value rather than a rule about lowering strictly on a win.

Bet Balance Win
$1 ≥ -$40 $36
$2 ≥ -$120 $72
$3 ≥ -$240 $108
$4 ≥ -$400 $144
$5 ≥ -$600 $180


ChumpChange Feb 15, 2019

I could win 3/5ths to 2/3rds of the time without going over 40 spins.

OnceDear Mar 06, 2019

Progressive wagering roulette: A fun way to lose money for over two hundred years.

Posted by ChumpChange
Feb 09, 2019

Man's Life Roulette Strategies

This vlogger (Man's Life), who may or may not be using real money, is giving tutorials on various strategies that revolve around increasing the bet a unit on a loss and reducing them 1 or 3 units on a win. I've been watching a few videos tonight, so I'll try to keep track of them here, out of the way of forum threads that have no tolerance for videos.
Warning - this guy's accent sounds like tech support from India.

5x5 Roulette WIN tricks - YouTube

4 Street Betting System Online Casino Casino Game Roulette Wheel Roulette Slot Winning Tricks - YouTube

2-Double Street System Roulette - YouTube

Third Column- Two Line-Red Online casino roulette - YouTube


OnceDear Feb 10, 2019

Why would we give any credence, or any of our lifetime to watch some random roulette expert. Just chucking virtual currency down on a virtual game and posting when he wins a little... and doesn't post when he gets slaughtered?

The whole raison d'être of this forum is to wise up any potential chump who might be taken in by such shysters and idiots as that vlogger.

His systems are nonsense, useless bu!!5h1t, which will encourage his suckers to lose money and maybe try to prize money out of them either by direct system selling, or from advert revenue.

There's one universal truth about European Roulette: The House ALWAYS has a house edge. Absent the ‘EN PRISON’ and ‘LA PARTAGE’ rule variations that edge is a god-awful 2.7% (1/37) or more for 'the Basket Bet'

No system overcomes that edge. EVER

Unless you can cheat or get the house to give you freebies worth more than the edge, at best you have a fun way to lose money.

CC. Why are you interested in these scams? You don't buy any of their rubbish do you?

ChumpChange Feb 10, 2019

I just found a roulette slot machine at a distant casino a couple days ago and hadn't given roulette a thought until now. My local casino has $10 - $100 limits on their wheel. Judging by these videos, there's a reason they keep the maximums so low. They don't want people winning their money back with higher bets after losses.

I tried the Third Column - Two Line - Red system in the video on my home Hoyle Casino game and I didn't stop raising my bets at 7 units.

I went through: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 33, 36 unit bets before I got back to my starting point and reset my bets back to 1 unit. Since I was using $1000 units, I went from $1.1 million down to around $400K, before I recovered back to $1.1 million. The next time around I just reset my bet if I lost at 7 units so I wouldn't go down so far. I won $50K, lost $50K, lost another $50K. So yeah, stopping at 7 units would be a bust for the session unless I recovered back to my session start money.

I tried another strategy not listed which was $2000 on the 1st & 2nd dozen and $1000 on a double street in the 3rd dozen. If I lost a bet, I'd add 1 unit until I got back to my starting balance. The numbers I didn't cover tended to come up more often than once every 6 spins. They'd come 2-4 times in a row. After awhile I was betting $30K on the dozens and $15K on the double street. I lost half a million and was stuck in a losing pattern, and quit.

I then went on to play 25 hand Baccarat Tourneys against 3 other virtual players for $100K (with a $100K buy-in) in which I bet $6K but raised to $12K after 2 wins until a loss, generally playing Player; then when I got to $1.25 million because I won a few $100K jackpots in addition to my results in the tourneys, I played in $500K tourneys (with a $500K buy-in) and bet $30K, but raised to $60K after 2 wins until a loss. I made it back to $4.4 million and I can try some other strategies again.

OnceDear Feb 10, 2019

Lucky you have infinitely deep pockets and a million here or there is chump change to you. Go try with real money :o)

If you can't make a few thousand profit with a multi-million dollar bankroll, you are a statistical outlier. That, of course doesn't make it a winning system. You should win >99% of sessions, but boy oh boy do you have a bad day when you lose.

ChumpChange Feb 10, 2019

I had one session where I was just betting Black. I lost a $100K session because the past 26 spins on the board were 19 Red and 7 Black! Flip it the other way, I could have won nearly $300K!

I think I started this Hoyle game at $5,000 when I installed it. I haven't needed to get a loan from the virtual ATM yet.

OnceDear Feb 10, 2019

Coulda. Woulda, Shoulda.

Seriously... Where's the joy in testing a losing system.... Are you hoping to find the Holy Grail? There ain't one.

ChumpChange Feb 10, 2019

I'm getting ready to ask for casino surveillance tapes to find poltergeists with the kind of luck I've been having.

OnceDear Feb 10, 2019

Playing a losing game and losing.... That's not luck. That's how the universe is supposed to work

ChumpChange Feb 10, 2019

No, I'm sure everybody at the craps table said what was happening the other day was "brutal" and not the norm.

OnceDear Feb 10, 2019


Isn't this a roulette thread?

ChumpChange Feb 10, 2019

Tasking a note from the Roulette Survey:

Usually the European roulette is found in high limit rooms, with $100 minimums. However, at the Mirage, Aria, and MGM Grand, European is in the main casinos, at a $25 minimum.

The purpose of this page is to show what kind of roulette is available at each Las Vegas casino. There are only four kinds seen in Las Vegas, as follows.

Double Zero: The wheel has a single-zero and a double-zero. All bets have a 5.26% house edge, except the 0-00-1-2-3 combination at 7.89%.

Single Zero: The wheel has a single-zero, but no double-zero. All bets have a 2.7% house edge.

European: The wheel has a single-zero, but no double-zero. In addition, if the ball lands in zero, all even money bets will only lose half. All even money bets have a 1.3% house edge, all others have a 2.7% house edge.

Sands: This is the same as double-zero roulette, except a 39th slot is added labeled with a green S, which stands for Sands. Mathematically, it is like a triple-zero roulette game, where the house edge on every bet is 7.89%.

ChumpChange Feb 15, 2019

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