Posted by ChumpChange
Feb 09, 2019

Man Arrested For Winning Too Much At Roulette In Vegas, Ouch!

(Warning: Contains Spam for his system)



OnceDear Feb 09, 2019

DO NOT visit the site linked to from the youtube channel

Quote: google safe browsing

Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware on Websites that are normally safe are sometimes infected with malware. The malicious content comes from, a known malware distributor.

Yeah.... Spam indeed and a totally bogus enterprise.

Just consider this... His system can win him hundreds of thousands per hour and he gives it away fo $19.99

Why would he?

I have a bridge to sell you. one careful owner.

ChumpChange Feb 09, 2019

I think he thinks he wins if the same number doesn't come up twice in a row. idk.

OnceDear Feb 10, 2019

Quote: chumpchange

I think he thinks he wins if the same number doesn't come up twice in a row. idk.

I think he thinks "There's plenty of suckers out there who will give me $19.99 for this worthless crap"

I doubt even he is stupid enough to ever wager a cent at roulette, though it would please me to think he is that stupid: His own sucker to his own con.

Nathan Feb 10, 2019

Not to be rude, but what's up with the sudden obsession with Roulette, and linking to Systems about Roulette, Chump Change? :/

Posted by ChumpChange
Feb 07, 2019

The Casino - TV series

This was recommended to everybody in a thread of the forum. Since it's 5AM and I'm about to start episode 5, I don't want to lose my spot.

It's about the hard life of very rich new casino owners bouncing their best customers out for tearing up the baccarat cards like Trump tears up every document that crosses his desk in violation of the Presidential Records Act, and the cast of employees trying to learn their role in this business. Seems like it aired around the time Paris Hilton was on TV with The Simple Life. Footnote: it's a Mark Burnett Production.

01 The Casino Episode 1
All the other uploaded episodes except #6

Posted by ChumpChange
Feb 06, 2019

4 Set DC

While I'm sitting home during a freezing rain event, I'm mulling that I can't gain traction on the passline, and the big PB 6 or 8 bet wins of 6 or more in a row don't come that often. What has worked for me during 2 or 3 gambling days is betting the Don't Come. So I'm working on some new DC betting tables. Win 4 sets in each pair of vertical columns. I win 7 bets ahead per set, times 4 sets in each column is 28 bets ahead per session, which could be a 4-10 hour gambling session.

I'd probably do a 5-count when making DC bets. Since I get burned so often by P-7O's, I'm gonna wait a beat and bet on rolls 3, 8, 13 starting from when the shooter's point gets established, and I only have 2 bets maximum up at a time. Even when I get knocked off a point (or win my points) I'll stick to my count unless there's a new shooter point established then I'll reset my count. If I lose the DC in the big DC box right away (on an 11), I'll replace it next roll.

I'd advance from the $6 Bet Chart to the $15 Bet Chart once I get to $960 giving me 6 sessions of $120 and my original $60 back.
I'd advance from the $12 Bet Chart (because I've been forced to bet on a $10 table) and go to the $30 Bet Chart once I get to $1920 giving me 6 sessions of $300 and my original $120 back.
I'd advance from the $15 Bet Chart to the $30 Bet Chart once I get to $2400 giving me 8 sessions of $300.
I'd advance from the $30 Bet Chart to the $60 Bet Chart once I get to $4800 giving me 8 sessions of $600.
I'd advance from the $60 Bet Chart to the $120 Bet Chart once I get to $9600 giving me 8 sessions of $1200.
I may just stick with the $60 Bet Chart and give the crew tips at the end so I take less than $10K to the cage, I could go over.
I remembered that some out of state casinos have $5,000 table limits.
I'd advance from the $120 Bet Chart to the $300 Bet Chart once I get to $19,200 giving me 6 sessions of $3,000 and my original $1,200 back.

Bet Balance Bet Balance Bet Balance Bet Balance Bet Balance Bet Balance Bet Balance
$6 $60 $12 $120 $15 $150 $30 $300 $60 $600 $120 $1200 $300 $3000
$8 $72 $16 $144 $20 $180 $40 $360 $80 $720 $160 $1440 $400 $3600
$12 $96 $24 $192 $30 $240 $60 $480 $120 $960 $240 $1920 $600 $4800
New Set $120 New Set $240 New Set $300 New Set $600 New Set $1200 New Set $2400 New Set $6000
$16 $144 $32 $288 $40 $360 $80 $720 $160 $1440 $320 $2880 $800 $7200
$24 $192 $48 $384 $60 $480 $120 $960 $240 $1920 $480 $3840 $1200 $9600
New Set $240 New Set $480 New Set $600 New Set $1200 New Set $2400 New Set $4800 New Set $12000
$32 $288 $64 $576 $80 $720 $160 $1440 $320 $2880 $640 $5760 $1600 $14400
$48 $384 $96 $768 $120 $960 $240 $1920 $480 $3840 $960 $7680 $2400 $19200
New Set $480 New Set $960 New Set $1200 New Set $2400 New Set $4800 New Set $9600 New Set $24000
$64 $576 $128 $1172 $160 $1440 $320 $2880 $640 $5760 $1280 $11520 $3200 $28800
$96 $768 $192 $1536 $240 $1920 $480 $3840 $960 $7680 $1920 $15360 $4800 $38400
End $960 End $1920 End $2400 End $4800 End $9600 End $19200 End $48000


ChumpChange Apr 01, 2019

I can split my sessions to half the buy-in amounts listed and subtract half the buy-in amounts from the balances on the chart above. If I lose 15 units and start a 4th half session, I can raise my bets earlier instead of waiting to get back to full session amounts. If I win 14 units back I'll go from -$90 to ($210 - $30 =$180) and be $90 ahead, or 3 $30 sessions ahead (from the first 2 columns).

I need to win near $500 to get back to even and pay back my start money. I have won 3 sets of 7 wins on the DC a rare few times before, so it's not out of range. I just get nervous and lower my bets when I get some win goals that get me back to even.

I'll use my clear lammers to mark off my 5 bets in the rail.

Posted by ChumpChange
Feb 05, 2019

On my way to Moon Maidens slots

I went to the casino at 4pm and the craps tables were either $10-$1000 or $15-$2000, and I meant to play at the $5 table. They had moved the tables around since a few months ago. There were 4 tables in this pit area instead of 2, but still only 2 open. They told me they changed the $5 table to a $10 table at 2pm. So I'm gonna have to get up a lot earlier to catch that. Even the BJ tables were $10 or $15, and no $5's. I saw one empty BJ table sign that was rotating through the limits. It said something like $100-$3000; $200-$3000, $500-$10,000; $10,000 Max; Private Table; then back to the lower known values not in the high limit room.

I had 2019 points on my slot card, to start 2019 with, and paid $5.37 for a slice of pepperoni & sausage pizza with 537 slot points while I brought my casino floor beverage into the food court. Of course they had to reheat the slice!

I spent some time watching others play slot machines because it's been something I've avoided in my previous dozen trips to the casino. I saw a Double Diamonds machine, in a souped-up old school way. I could bet 5 quarters per spin on it and win 4,000 quarters ($1000). There was a Super 7's (?) machine next to it where I could bet 2 coins and win less than $1200. Either machine you could bet way more and increase your chances for a W-2G form.

I saw a couple people playing a Different Drum machine (?) that had them playing multiples of 88 credits on the penny slots. Top Jackpot was over $17,000. They both lost $100 in a cold streak.

I saw 3 to 5 people playing a bank of machines at $2.50 a spin on the penny slots and turning less than $100 into over $300 on the free spins. The top jackpot was in the 5 figures (or 7 figures in pennies).

I wandered around looking at top jackpots for other slots and they ranged in the $5000 to $25,000 range, just for penny slots. One machine boasted winning a million credits for a certain reels result.

I found a very few $1 slots and $5 slots. People were playing $2 a hand video poker of various sorts, with a Royal Flush jackpot of $800. There was a new bank of dollar machines and the progressive jackpot read $10,000.00, so I wonder if nobody played them or someone forgot to turn the progressive on, or maybe it wasn't supposed to move anyway.

I found a slot machine I thought I'd chance called Moon Maidens. I put $10 in and got 1000 credits. I played 30 credits a spin, 60 credits a spin if I was over 1300 credits. I only got 3 spins at 60 credits. It just took me down & down until the free spins doubled my money from 650 credits to 1300 credits 3 times. The third time was the last and just lost and lost until I cashed out 1 penny.

I like the machine but it seemed excessively sensitive to my doubling my bet for a spin and going on long losing streaks.
I found 3 YT videos to remind me of the machine, that random others have recorded.

MOON MAIDENS slot machine BONUS BIG WINS (4 videos) - YouTube


HIGH LIMIT Moon Maidens 🌙 HIGH LIMIT Fu Dao Le 👶🏼🏮👶 The Slot Cats 🎰😺😸 - YouTube


ChumpChange Feb 05, 2019

I came back to the casino the next morning after little sleep. I walked past the one craps table that was open and it said $5 at 10:45 am. So I wandered around to get my $10 match play coupon (they only gave me one instead of 2 this time), and to get a soda. I came back to the table at 11 am. I waited 5 minutes to buy-in because a shooter was in progress. Within about 2 minutes after I got my chips, some lady came up to the table and said they were raising the table limits to $10 at 11:30 am, but everybody who stayed at the table would be grandfathered in at $5 minimum bets. I stayed until 3pm (4 hours, but I had a plushy chair to sit in that I took from someone else who stopped using it during his hot roll). I won $100, which makes up for what I lost last year, but not the gas. I did a progression on the PB 8 and won $28 3 times. The guy next to me won $1250 on the Fire Bet, so he was free to leave & come back and bet $10 later. He was betting progressions on hardways and horn bets and the 4 & 10 PB, and he was rolling a lot of hard 10's and craps numbers while the point was established. I couldn't really bet with what he was doing since it was so personal to his roll and he was talking too fast for the dealers to keep up. I got called for a lot of weak rolls from the end of the table, but I think it was obvious the dice stuck where they landed. Later I moved to stick right and used soft rolls against the backwall.

The 2nd craps table, opened up around noon was a $15 table. I was told by the other players that they raise the limits when the $5 table gets full. Meanwhile 3 other tables are sitting empty. Just put it down to casino greed.

Posted by ChumpChange
Dec 07, 2018

Won A Million Credits!

On TheBigJackpot YouTube Channel this guy played Invaders Return From The Planet Moolah and he got 721 free spins at 700 credits a spin and won over a million credits during the over 1 hour free spin-a-rama. He strolls up to the machine just before 18 minutes into this livestream.

YouTube Crash 2018 Recovery Slot Play | The Big Jackpot

On another broadcast he had 24 handpays totalling $98.5K, but had a balance of -$3K, for a shortfall of $101.5K! The taxman is going to need receipts of this guy's losses or it is going to be a nightmare for him come tax time.


💥MY 2ND BIGGEST JACKPOT EVER! 💥Massive Hit | The Big Jackpot


💰Raja Literally BREAKS Top Dollar💰It's a Slot Machine Channel Takeover |...


ChumpChange Dec 09, 2018

On a competing YouTube channel, Slots N-Stuff, the player was betting 45 credits (9 lines x 5 credits) at $20 a credit and hit 150 free spins (10 x 15 free spins) for 22,335 credits ($446,700 hand pay)!

Massive Jackpot on Treasure of Valhalla HUGE!

OnceDear Dec 09, 2018

The slots 'n'stuff $900 per spin play up to nearly half a million might be a bit more impressive if it wasn't in a 'play for fun' mode.

Here's a direct quote from the comments on one of his other vids. Same poster, Same machine.

Quote: SlotsNStuff

I have set up this slot machine with Treasures of Valhalla by IGT to have $25 denomination and a max bet of $900 a spin. We are trying to hit the $1 MILLION DOLLAR JACKPOT! STILL... lol...

For the new visitors - This is a personally owned full size slot machine running at the maximum payout percentage of 97.08%. It is a 100% REAL slot machine and not a PC game. This is just for fun play and is not real money. Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe and share the channel!.

Anyone can come up with a monster win like that if they own the machine and can record 24/7 without having to put a dollar in!

odiousgambit Dec 09, 2018

Chumpchange will pretend that what you just said is over his head and continue to post links, which you have indicated is against forum rules

OnceDear Dec 09, 2018

Hi ODG and CC,

Posting such links is not against the rules, within reason. I've given CC some flak for his recent posting of many related links to one youtube channel. But I now accept his motives and if he want's to post more of the same, that's fine by me. I'd leave it up to Wizard to decide if the links become excessive.

odiousgambit Dec 09, 2018

posting the link is one thing, but posting along with it this kind of stuff, ie "💰Raja Literally BREAKS Top Dollar💰It's a Slot Machine Channel Takeover" along with it, is mind-blowingly moronic but also evidence that your first suspicion is correct, that he is in cahoots with whoever is making money on this

The extra added on stuff there is subjecting the members to advertising, how is that even debatable?

ChumpChange Dec 09, 2018

The machine literally broke on what would have been Raja's last spin since he was giving verbal calls that it would be his last spin so he could cash out at $50K (unless he hit another little win of course). What I noticed when I posted Raja Literally BREAKS Top Dollar in the thread about a slot malfunction was the change in the color of the reels when the lights went down/out. Really, what makes the reels glow?

I think everyone who should be worried about slot malfunctions should have a smartphone camera with them at the slot machines because discrepancies and malfunctions, and outright theft by the internet of state lotteries at racino casinos on the slot machines needs to be documented. Don't use your phone at table games though. I've seen YouTube videos of surreptitiously recorded table games, and people in the videos have been appropriately blurred out.

ChumpChange Dec 09, 2018

It's getting kind of difficult to win less than 24,000 credits ($1200) on a nickel machine with the way they make slot machines these days.