Posted by ChumpChange
Nov 05, 2018

I Won $3000 on Baccarat, and Lost It All!

I just won $100 on Baccarat playing just Player! After watching YouTube videos of someone tortuously switching between Player & Banker based on House or Trend and using his invented Mirror, Mirror System that increases the bet one unit every other bet until he gets to 10% ahead with his session money (5 units I would guess, but he doesn't know for sure). I found the Baccarat table he was using at this site which starts me off with $10,000!
I didn't know I had to mouseclick for each card to come up, ugh. Well, I put $10 on Player, and kept winning my bets in the progression $10, $15, $20, $25, $30 to get me to $100! I'm so happy I had to write this blog post before I lose it all! Maybe I should get on my other computer that has the Hoyle Casino home game CD so I don't lose my balance all the time.

I'm working on my own Mirror system but it raises the bet 1 unit after every other loss. Since there's a $25 table minimum at my local Baccarat tables, my unit has to be at least that large. I'll start with a $30 unit. I'll bet $30, $30, $60, $60, $90, $90, $120, $120, $150, $150 for a $900 loss on 10 losses in a row. But I'll keep track of my worst loss balance and set my bet level based on that. If I'm down $60 or $120, my bet will be $60. If I'm down $180 or $270, my bet will be $90. If I'm down $360 or $480, my bet will be $120. If I'm down $600 or $750, my bet will be $150. I'll put those bets on a winning progression, but I'll have the bet repeat the first time in case of choppiness, and there is not much but choppiness in Baccarat.
My $30 bets would be $30, $30, $40, $50, $60, $80, $100.
My $60 bets would be $60, $60,$80, $100, $120, $160, $200.
My $90 bets would be $90, $90, $120, $150, $180, $240, $300.
My $120 bets would be $120, $120, $160, $200, $240, $320, $400.
My $150 bets would be $150, $150, $200, $250, $300, $400, $500.

I'll be trying to win 5 units, which in this case would be $150. But if I'm rolling on a higher progression, I'll keep going until I lose a hand above my win goal. Once I finish a progression above my win goal, I'll restart at my base bet of $30.

If I win $450, 3 times my win goal, I could crank this up to the $45 level. If I win the $45 level 2 times, I could crank this up to the $60 level. How far will I get before I blow a hole in my 10 loss cushion? I haven't played to find out, but it could be quick. If I win 12 sessions in a row, I could go from $900 to $3600, with a $600 win goal at that level with a table limit of $2000 on a progression. The point of the progression is to minimize how many wins I need to get to my win goal from far behind, but if I blow past the win goal, I'll be in the money a bit.

Playing Time:
I won Player 9 times in a row excluding 1 Tie before the Banker won. So if the shoe were on the other foot I would have nearly lost a session right off the bat!

I revved up my starting balance to $10,900. I was betting the $120 progression after losing $480 or more, and won back to $11,090, with a win of $190 on a win goal of $150. My large progressions were getting in the way of actually ending above my win goal when I lost. My 2nd set had me betting a $90 progression and it got me to $11,300, for a win of $210.

My 3rd session had me losing $880 using my system, down to $10,420.

My 4th session had me betting the $60 progression and I won it 12 times in a row! I lowered my bet to $120 on the 7th win and crept back up to $200. I ended at $11,830, for a win of $1410 instead of $150 that session, and made back the $880 I lost last session.

My 5th session started at double the stakes because I had double the starting balance at $1830 for the session. I started betting a $60 progression, then a $120 progression. I was a bit ahead betting $400 at the top of the $120 progression, but a loss on that put me $20 under my $300 win goal. I finally ended on a $200 wager loss above my win goal at $12,190, or up $360.

My 6th session ended at $300 up at $12,490.

My 7th session ended at $1000 up at $13,490. I was betting at the 3rd level progression of $180. I topped out at 7 wins in a row at a reduced bet of $360 after winning a $600 bet.

My 8th session was rather quick with 6 wins at the $90 Level (I upped it since my balance was over $2700, 3X $900), and I lost on a $300 bet. I was up $570 on a $450 win goal at $14,060.

My 9th session sucked! I started at the $120 Level because my balance was over $3600, 4X $900), and I lost $3610, so I'm back at $10,550, and the shoe ended so I have no history to look at.

The guy who invented his Mirror, Mirror System video, explanation here ([New] Mirror Method Baccarat Betting System + Wins 10% Every Hour + Works On High and Low Limit Play ), says to take a break after a session, he goes to the cage with all his chips and rebuys in half an hour later, at least a shoe later. That might be too much paperwork at the cage though. He would also play a different game for awhile since wins are like rubber bands and they snap right back at you at double the force in a losing streak.

Same guy says, near the end of this video after he won a BJ on his last $100, the computer software tracks your bets to make it hard for you so you'll get off the site. Pretty much what I've been saying about WinCraps since my Beginner's Luck wore off in a terminal case of losing. [NEW] Blackjack Betting System + Scaling + Jump Off + Perfect Play ($200 Session Roll) Action @5:10


mustangsally Nov 13, 2018

"since wins are like rubber bands and they snap right back at you at double the force in a losing streak."

only double?

for some that would FEEL great!

nice share


Posted by ChumpChange
Nov 05, 2018

My revised Army System, The Mario Bomb, lol.

I randomly read The Army System to make $1500 with $5 on the 4 & 10 to start with. I feel a bit nervous not getting paid back soon enough so I modified it a bit.
I'd Buy the 4 & 10 for $25 each after the come-out. When it hits, remove bets from the 4 & 10, and place $100 on the 5 or 9. When the 5 or 9 hits, I'll have $240, so I'll keep $60 (to pay off my original 4 & 10 bets), remove the 5 or 9 bet, and place $180 on the 6 or 8. When the 6 or 8 hits, place $300 on the other 6 or 8 and keep $90. I'm trying to mimic the Fire Bet a little so I get paid something for a 4th, 5th & 6th hit instead of everything on the 6th hit. When the 2nd 6 or 8 hits, I'll have $650, so I'll keep $150 and put $500 on the other 5 or 9 (that hasn't hit yet, or not). No word yet if my local casino lets me buy the 5 or 9 at this level. If I win, I'll have $1200, and I'd pocket $150, and Buy the other 4 or 10 for $1000 + $50 Vig. When the last 4 or 10 wins I win $2000 and for $50 more I can keep my bet up and have almost $2400 already, or nearly 50 times my 2 original bets. Extra wins will add $1950 a piece.

On a repeat: If I thought this shooter was going a lot further, I could split my Buy 4 or 10 bet to $500 a piece, if one hits I could move to the 5 or 9 at $2000. If the table max is higher than $2K, a win on the 5 or 9 would get me to $4800. I could pocket $1200 and bet $3600 on the 6 or 8, pocket $1800 on that win and bet $6000 on the other 6 or 8. A win would then get me $13,000, so I'd pocket $3000 and bet $10,000 on the 5 or 9 again. If the 5 or 9 wins, I'd pocket $4000 and Buy the 4 & 10 for $10000 each. Each win pays $19500.

Posted by ChumpChange
Oct 10, 2018

What is a "World" or "Whirl" Bet?

Heavy tries to explain that he can run progressions on the Whirl Bet with a $2 High-Low.

I can set the dice for the 3-yos on come-out rolls with a line bet down, or after the point is established and go on a marathon trying to get 6 hits in a row on a progression. Which progression should I use? Press the Whirl bet 1 unit after each win, or do an extraordinary press progression that could take me to 12-17+ units on the whirl by the 6th bet? A 7-winner/7-out will just give me my whirl bet back as a push.

I think the High-Low Heavy means is $1 on the 12 and a $1 on the 2, so he can crank up his 2, 12 win amounts. He mentioned other players put $1 on the craps-3 to even out the payout among craps numbers. I'm a dollar short so I'll have to stick with the $26 payout for the 2, 12, and $11 payout for the 3, 11 on a $5 unit bet.

If I hit the 3/11 six times in a row,
I'll win $11 minus $5 to press 1 unit & back to $6,
win $22, and I'm up to $28, then press 1 unit & back to $23,
win $33, and I'm up to $56, then press 1 unit & back to $51,
win $44, and I'm up to $95, then press 1 unit & back to $90,
win $55, and I'm up to $145, then press 1 unit & back to $140,
win $66, and I'm up to $206, with $30 still on the Whirl bet.
If my 7th win at $35 was a 2/12, I'd nearly double my winnings with an extra $182.

If I was going to amplify a progression:
1st win: add 1 unit
2nd win: add 1 unit, 2 units if a 2, 12
3rd win: add 2 units, 3 units if a 2, 12
4th win: add 3 units, 4 units if a 2, 12
5th win: add 4 units, 6 units if a 2, 12
6th win: add 6 units, 8 units if a 2, 12
7th win: add 8 units, 12 units if a 2, 12
8th win: add 12 units, 16 units if a 2, 12
9th win: add 16 units, 24 units if a 2, 12

If I hit the 3/11 six times in a row,
I'll win $11 minus $5 to press 1 unit & back to $6,
win $22, and I'm up to $28, then press 1 unit & back to $23,
win $33, and I'm up to $56, then press 2 units & back to $46,
win $55, and I'm up to $101, then press 3 units & back to $86,
win $88, and I'm up to $174, then press 4 units & back to $154,
win $132, and I'm up to $286, with $60 still on the Whirl bet. Press 6 units and back to $256.
If my 7th win at $90 was a 2/12, I'd nearly triple my winnings with an extra $468.

I'm told there is likely a payout maximum for Whirl bets that may be around the $575 bet mark, at $3000.


FleaStiff Oct 11, 2018

My usual response for all those exotic bets with strange names is "a bet to avoid making'' and if that is not a sufficient deterrent the thing to remember is it does not matter what the player next to you would call that bet, just be sure that YOU and the CREW know what you mean so there is no later arguments about "in xxxxx that term means''.

What is that phrase about four bad bets simultaneously.... it never matters which is 'heavy' because they are all bad.

ChumpChange Oct 12, 2018

I made 120 World Bets on WinCraps and only won 23 of them, lost 97 of them.

Wagered $730, Won $406, Lost $600, Down $197. -26.5% vs -16% expected.

Highest Bet: $15 (Add 1 unit on win).

This after WinCraps hits craps number 5 times in a row all night trying to avoid my $6 PB 6.

Later: I made 361 World Bets and only won on 75 of them, lost on 286 of them for a net 211 losses.

Wagered $2260, Won $1451, Lost $1805, Down $354. -15.66% vs -16% expected.

Highest Bet: $20 (Add 1 unit on win).

Highest Win: $52

Average Wager: $6.26

Average Win: $19.35

Expected Value: -$361.60 (-$1 a bet)

Posted by ChumpChange
Oct 10, 2018

Win $1000 a day on the Don'ts?

Article link: Shooting From The DonítsÖA Journey of Opportunity - Part 8

Let me give you a perfect world example:

Ø Letís start with a $25 flat-bet on the Donít Pass.

Ø Weíll ignore any Come-Out bets for a moment and get right to the Point.

Ø Letís say we roll a 5 as the PL-Point.

Ø If you have a validated dice-influencing edge over the casino; then as a Darkside-shooter, full-Odds has to figure into your betting regimen. If you donít have an edge, then you are merely gambling and this discussion is moot.

Ø At a 3x, 4x, 5x-Odds table, the casino will allow your Darkside Odds to be wagered at up to 6x your flat DP-bet amount.

Ø If your DP line-bet is $5; then you are permitted to Lay up to $30 in Odds no matter what the Point is.

Ø In this example, our $25 DP-bet will be backed up with $150 in 6x-Odds.

Ø Letís say that we can pretty well 7-Out almost every time we need to. Thatís not to say that we can 7-Out on demand, but rather that we can almost always 7-Out before accidentally repeating the PL-Point.

Ø A DP line-away winner will pay us $25 on the flat-bet and at a 2:3 payoff for the PL-Point of 5, our Odds generate another $100 in revenue. In total, we now have $125 to the good.

Ø A PL-Point of 4 or 10 will generate $100 in net-winnings for the same $25 DP and $150 in Odds wager; while a similarly funded DP-bet against the PL-Point of either the 6 or 8 will spin-off $150 in total earnings.

Ø If we can manage to do that for just eight of our hands in a row ($125 average-win per hand times 8 hands), weíll easily get to our $1000/day win-goal with very little problem.


Zcore13 Oct 10, 2018

You could have ended right after "if you have a validated dice influencing edge...". No such thing. End of story.

BaccaratKid Oct 22, 2018

I find that when the dice go the way I bet, I make $1000 a day. When they don't, I lose. Strange the way that works!!

Posted by ChumpChange
Oct 08, 2018

Columbus Day Craps 2018

It's a Monday and I had 2 $10 match plays waiting for me so I thought I'd use them up since they expired today. Got to the tables at 3 pm and one was packed and the other wasn't but the limits were $5 higher on each than normal for a Monday. So I had to double my buy-in to play at the $10 table. I tried to put $12 down on the Don't Come with my match play and the dealer said I could only use them on Pass, Don't Pass or Field Bets; not on Come or Don't Come or any other bets. So I picked up my bet and gave the other match play to the dealer to be signed. While I was waiting, the stick person skipped me. I don't know what to make of this crowd so I'm doing my single Don't Comes with a 6 or 8 PB up after the 2nd DC point gets set up. The 3rd shooter was from hook right. I think I won 2 DC's and 3 PBs while he shot, but he made the 5 point Fire Bet that 3 people were on. The guy next to me bought in for $100, and he was making $10 Come bets with $15 odds in addition to his line bet. By the end he was probably betting $40 Come with $80 odds. He colored up after that roll with $1600. The stickwoman told the old man to put that money in a trust fund for her, lol.

I shifted places when a spot opened up and noticed a sign by the boxman that said table minimums will rise at 3:40pm. I was wondering, because it was 5 o'clock, what that was about. Then I see the dealer use some kind of remote control to change the digital display to a $15 table, and I left immediately. I could have left 40 minutes in ahead $12, but I lost $62 instead.

I've gotta win like 35 units to get $1000+ ahead at the $6 table, before I upgrade to the $15 tables, where a similar win would get me near $2500.


ChumpChange Oct 09, 2018

I'm working on a Come progression. Since I rarely get more than a couple wins in a row on the come-out comes, there's no progression there. The progression would be on odds.

Come Bet: $6

Odds progression: $10, $10, $15, $20, $25, $35, $45, $25, $35, $45, $45.

Optionally use in place of an $18 PB 6 or 8. If my 7 come with odds wins were on the 6/8, I'd have won $219 after the next bet was made.

Odds on 5, 9: add $1 to bets that end in $5.

FleaStiff Oct 09, 2018

You trying to tell us the crew doesn't like your style of play and so changes the limits just to annoy you?

I thought that only happened to FleaStiff.

ChumpChange Oct 09, 2018

They're putting me on notice they are greedy bastards on weekends and holidays, so go home. Yes.

I was there until 10 pm the previous Monday at a $5 table. It's the same bunch of senior citizens who show up at the table week after week, but some bet large.

They've been known to raise the tables from $15 to $25 on a Saturday night after a hot roll in order to break up the action.

In this case, the clock on the sign preceded the hot roll by just a few minutes but didn't go into effect until a few shooters after the hot roll. (100 minutes)

They only keep 1 or 2 craps tables open, and maybe 3 or 4 blackjack tables open outside of the high limit room; but they've surely got many more tables than that that sit empty. There's talk the casino could go bankrupt next year, and it only opened last year.

kattyjack Jul 14, 2022

This makes me think of a psychological experiment I've always wanted to conduct to determine the exact amount of money needed to elicit euphoria There must be a precise cash amount required for this response because gambling with no or modest stakes barely moves the needle.