Posted by ChumpChange
Oct 01, 2018

2 DC & PB 6 or 8

I'm getting tired of the rest of the table bringing me down, but the Point-7-outs continue. I rescued a 3 session loss in 6 hours by playing Don't Come with my usual bet progression that leads to a session win with 6 wins in a row. I'd let these shooters play the line without me and they'd throw 7's and craps before setting a point. I'd come in with a Don't Come bet, and more often than not it would move to an inside number. I'd wait for the shooter to make his point (or to knock my point out) then I'd make another DC bet after the come-out which may be a winner (or loser) for me. Then I'd make a Place Bet 6 or 8 opposite my DC bet if necessary. The Don't is a hedge to my Place Bet until either loses, then the Place Bet(s) stay up for the rest of the hand. But I have to qualify the shooter by making him make a point first before I put up the Don't with the PB hedge, or when I put up a second Don't point to beat. I only have 1 Don't bet up at a time, but several times it lost on a 7-out in the DC box.

My PB 6 or 8 progression would be: $6, $6, $12, $12, $12, $24, $48, $48, $48, etc.
If I had raised my DC bets to $12, I'd cover both the 6 & 8 for $6.

Of course I didn't do all that because I was too desperate to collect $7 each time.

When I was throwing, I could have a few 30-50 roll throws, so I'd be a good candidate to run an Iron Cross when my PB 6 or 8 gets to $18 or $30.

Edit 3/6/19: Changing my PB 6 or 8 progression to: $6, $6, $12, $12, $12, $12, $24, $24... and wins $60 on 7 wins, and $200 on 12 wins.
Changing my PB 6 & 8 progression to: double lowest bet or last hit number on rolls 3 & 4, and 9 & 10, and 18 & 19.


BaccaratKid Oct 23, 2018

You toss these numbers around - 30 roll hands, 50 roll hands --- in the one just below this you mention your joy if you were to load up your bets and hit an 80 roll hand. When I used to smoke, 4% was the average THC content and many sore throats were the result. It seems you have come across today's strains that have up to 30% THC content. That is the only explanation for you to discuss 80 roll hands. Why bring up something that - if it occurs at all - only happens once in your lifetime? Base your calculations on reality, which is the occasional 7-out just as things start getting good. And remember, the longer you play a negative expectation game, the further into the hole you go.

Posted by ChumpChange
Sep 17, 2018

PB 6 or 8 into Iron Cross

I've never played this way, not even on WinCraps (which hates me forever!). I was watching an Al Kaufman Pass Don't Pass Martingale on YouTube and thinking that could work, win $500 a day, or it could fail and lose $2380 with a losing streak of 8 on the line bet which has a 5/1000 chance of happening. The magic of that is you win $5 at level 1, $10 on level 2, $15 on level 3, and $20 on levels 4-8. The bets were $5, $15, $35, $75, $150, $300, $600, and $1200. He suggested people only win $50 per table, maybe to duck heat, and his method has been banned in a few Vegas casinos.
After that I stumbled onto an Iron Cross video which wins on every hit. I thought, well, what's this?

My strategy today is to put an extra place bet on the 6 or 8 for $30. When it hits, I'll have a total of $65 and I could spread it to 3 units on the 5, 6, 8 place bets and 2 units on the Field Bet. I could wait for a 2nd hit on the place bet before unloading the Iron Cross spreadout if I want to break even on the place bet first, or I could win 3 numbers in the Iron Cross to pay for the original place bet. This is a way to qualify a shooter outside of the P7O area, with less money at risk.

When I hit 8 numbers in the Iron Cross (I'll be winning $10 or $11 on each hit), I could use 3 of those ($30) to add to a Place Bet 6 or 8, and when that wins I can double the amounts on my Iron Cross to 6 units on the place bets and 4 units on the Field Bet. It may take a little while to hit that place bet but in the meantime I'm still hitting for $10-$11 a number, until I double-up, then I'll be winning $20-$22 a number. On longer rolls, I could keep doubling-up this way maybe to the table max and winning $550 or $1100 a number. Imagine being on a 80+ roll hand and every number except the come-outs (and 7 outs) pays my top bets!

I keep thinking of a pichinko flower opening up when I convert a place bet to an IronCross or the double-up on that.
My double-up place bets added to the 6 or 8 after winning 8 numbers on the current level are: $30, $60, $120, $240, $480, $600 (on PB 9), $1400 (on PB 9) or No Double-up Bet at Table Max ($3355 Iron Cross) ($1K table max), No Double-up Bet at Table Max ($6710 Iron Cross) ($2K table max).

My Field Bets will run-up like $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, $550, $1100. PB 5's will be 1.5X the Field Bets, PB 6 & 8's will be 1.8X the Field Bets. Total Iron Cross will be 6.1X the Field Bet.


OnceDear Sep 18, 2018


I was watching an Al Kaufman Pass Don't Pass Martingale on YouTube and thinking that could work,

LOL. The Professor. I remember him. What a shyster! Still. he makes money from the Yahoo ads now, so he's successfully used his systems for profit $:o)

I couldn't tell from your post(s) whether you have your tongue firmly in your cheek, so just to save any newbie reader of your blog from losing his shirt. Al Kaufman's progressive betting systems are bunk: Nonsense ways to lose your money He's just re-selling plain old Martingale. Martingale is a fun way to lose money. If you like adrenaline rushes as you commit financial suicide, then Al's your man.

I'm not completely against progressive betting systems because they can be more amusing than flat betting. but if you play such progressions and you lose on aggregate, then the universe is treating you fairly. It's not a case of having unusually bad luck.

Posted by ChumpChange
Jun 24, 2018

Field Bets

I saw a video on YouTube where a guy would bet a progression that was like: $10, $15, $25, $35, $50, $75, $125, $175, $250 but those were the bets on every odd numbered bet in the sequence. He would double up on all wins on the even numbered bets in the sequence. So bet $10, win $10, next double-up bet is $20, win $20; 3rd bet is $15, roll a 2 and win $30, next full parlay bet $45, roll another 2, win $90, next bet is $25. I tried it and got up $500 thrice after going down $500 once. I was using Triple Pay on the 12 using WinCraps. I got to the 8th bet once, and the 11th bet once. I might try it again but just do double-up instead of full parlay.

I felt I was losing on the even numbered bets too often so I went back to betting habits I know.
I bet $15, $20, $25, $30, $40, $50 on a progression. I found I could hardly string 2 wins together so I huddled down to $15, $15, $20, $25, $30 then stay at $30 until a loss.

WinCraps hates me (so much) so by the time I lost 50 units (~$750) I had 695 wins on (3, 4, 9, 10, 11), 39 wins on (2), 61 wins on (12), and 997 losses. So that's 302 losses redeemed by 78 on the (2), and 183 on the (12), for a total of being 41 units down if I was flat betting. I get a bit of slippage using a regular progression especially after 1792 rolls.


FleaStiff Jul 02, 2018

How long is 1792 rolls in Real Life?

How many drinks will you consume in that time period, how many tips will give to the attractive Tray Lizard?

Will you be sober enough to keep track of even/odd progressions?

123BroRick123 Oct 10, 2018

Try this progression on your WinCraps:

On Pass Line, no Odds or on Don't Pass, no odds.


On a minimum $5 table, Bet


Follow these rules:

Always Start with $5.

After every Win, go Down one step. DO NOT GO UP ONE STEP!

After every Loss, go UP one step. DO NOT GO DOWN ONE STEP!

STOP at after every Bet on $1, Start again with $5.

STOP at after every Bet on $11, Start again with $5.

Mary0393 May 19, 2022

This reminds me of a psychiatric experiment I've always wanted to do to figure out how much money it takes to trigger a euphoric response. Given that gambling with no and low stakes move the needle very little their has to be a specific dollar amount needed for this response.