Posted by JohnnyQ
Feb 22, 2017

Curently Playing: Yes

Tenors of Rock is a new show on the Strip and a great fit for Harrah's. Harrah's is not the biggest and most expensive hotel on the Strip, but it is a good solid place to stay for someone looking for a good balance of amenities and price. 


That sums up Tenors of Rock as well, just substitute “show” for “hotel” and “entertainment” for “amenities”. We saw it this past weekend and enjoyed it very much. We will probably go see it again on our next trip.

In a nutshell:

  • Rating:    4 out of 5
  • What: Classic 70's/80's/90's Rock Songs
  • Performing at: Harrah’s
  • 8:00 pm Wedn - Sun, Dark Mon & Tues
  • Tickets: $ 35 to $ 99
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Website:*.


* There is a short video at this website, but I don't think the sound clip does justice to the group AT ALL.



The lowest price ticket is $ 35, and that will work if you are on a budget because the showroom at Harrah’s is not huge. I sat in the back row for this show and I could see fine (although I did find it a little awkward to twist around on the last seat in a booth to see the stage). The singers also frequently come out into the seating area to perform. Usually, I like to sit up close, but I let Mrs. Q and a friend's wife sit down front. The guys sat in the back in the cheap seats purchased through Tickets were also available at the TIX4TONITE booth for the night we saw it.

Several acts with the “classical tenors singing popular songs” have appeared on TV in shows like America’s Got Talent in the past couple of years, but fortunately this version is NOT the stuffy guys in Tuxedos or Cowboy hats version. In this incarnation, five young Broadway type singers from the UK got together and decided to put their own Rock and Roll show together and give it a go. 

The concept works because nearly every song they sing is a familiar top 40 hit from the likes of AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, and even the Beatles. I was hoping they would do a David Bowie song, and maybe they rotate songs in and out of their show, but I don't know if they do. I got the impression that they might from time to time.

The highlight for me was their rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody followed by a nice change of pace and very well done version of Night Music from the Phantom of the Opera, which gave them an excellent opportunity to showcase the voices of each of the 5 members.

I wasn't that familiar with Bon Jovi’s ballad “Bed of Roses”, one of the other songs they featured. But, I guess what do I know, per Wikipedia it hit #5 on the singles chart back in 1993. I think every other song they did, and sometimes it is just a couple of verses in a medley, I had heard before many times. 

The guys do a good job of bringing a lot of energy to the show, and there is no question that they are a likeable group. I think the audience appreciates their energy, AND it is clear the performers appreciate the opportunity they have been given to headline a show in Vegas, and they work hard to deliver a good evening of high energy entertainment. 

We saw 2 of the singers, Gareth Richards and "little" Jimmy Denning in the Harrah's bar an hour or so after the show, said hello and that we enjoyed the show, and chatted for a couple minutes. Really nice, down to earth guys.

The singers are backed up by a 4 member live rock band, and of course have a group of 5 hot Vegas dancers to spice things up. Mrs. Q even thought one of their outfits was too skimpy. I think it was just right. The show also makes good use of the stage sized projection screen to add a neat visual flare. 

For any Caesar's Entertainment Diamond or higher members, this show is currently on the monthly ticket list.