Joker Poker Two Pair is an unusual game that is found on few video poker machines. There are four video poker machines at SLS Las Vegas that spread this game with the same full pay table we use at Wizard of Vegas. The available denominations are $.05, $.10 and $.25.

Unlike most Joker Poker games, this one does not pay unless two pair or better is made. Most Joker Poker games pay on a pair of kings or better. This gives the game a heavier pay table on the top for bigger hands.

How to Play Joker Poker Two Pair

The Wizard of Vegas Joker Poker Two Pair game offers two betting buttons. The "Bet One" button allows you to raise the bet by one coin per click. When the desired amount is wagered, click deal to receive cards. To bet five coins, click the "Bet Max" button. This option will automatically deal the cards without any further action required.

The Joker Poker game will deal five cards once the bet is placed. Any cards that you want to keep may be clicked by your mouse. Cards may also be kept by clicking C, V, B, N, and M on your keyboard. The cards affected by the keyboard shortcut are left to right on your screen. When the hand is completed, click "Rebet" to wager the same amount on the next hand.

Joker Poker Two Pair Features

Help - Rules of the game and keyboard shortcuts are displayed here

More Games - Returns to the game menu where you can choose one of our 12 free video poker titles.

Speed - The Wizard of Vegas app has four game speed setting. Click the speed to increase.

Stats - This function displays the number of hands, coin in, coin won, and return to player.

Edit Paytable - This allows you to edit the paytable to the one available at your local gaming establishment. The link for toggling this feature is located at the top of the screen.

Joker Poker Two Pair Paytable

The paytable below represents the return when five coins are wagered. The return to player is 99.92%.

  • Natural royal flush: 1000
  • Five of a kind: 100
  • Wild royal flush: 50
  • Straight flush: 50
  • Four of a kind: 20
  • Full house: 10
  • Flush: 6
  • Straight: 5
  • Three of a kind: 2
  • Two pair: 1