There are many paytables for Joker Poker. This game pays on a pair of kings or better. There are some top heavy Joker Poker games that require two pair or better to win. Some games that offer poor returns only pay on a pair of aces or better.

The paytable used for this game returns 100.64% when five coins are wagered and basic strategy followed. This exact paytable may be found at the Las Vegas Club and several Station Casinos properties in Las Vegas.

How to Play Wizard of Vegas Joker Poker Kings or Better

A hand of Joker Poker video poker begins with the decision of how many coins to bet. The "Bet One" button will move the bet up one coin for every click. When you have wagered the preferred number of coins you can click "Deal" to get your cards. Many video poker machines in live casinos will automatically deal once five coins are bet. Our game allows you to click "Bet One" again to reset the number of coins to one if you wish.

Alternatively, you may bet five coins by clicking "Bet Max". The cards will be dealt immediately. When the hand is over, clicking the "Deal" button will rebet the same amount as the previous hand.

The game will deal five cards once the bet is established. Click the cards that you would like to keep or use the C, V, B, N, and M shortcuts on the keyboard. If you hold a card by mistake, simply click it again and it will turn the hold into a discard. Click the "Draw" button once the hold cards have been determined and new cards will replace the old ones.

Joker Poker Kings or Better Features

There are other features in our Joker Poker game.

Help - Displays the Joker Poker game rules, including keyboard shortcuts.

More Games - Returns to the main menu of 12 free video poker games spread by Wizard of Vegas.

Speed - Changes the speed setting. Click once to increase the speed one level.

Stats - Displays the session's hands played, credits wagered, credits won, and total player return as a percentage of credits wagered.

Edit Paytable - The Wizard of Vegas game displays the best paytable offered in Las Vegas for Joker Poker. Some casinos pay a lower amount on four of a kind, while others pay less on a flush and full house. This gives the house a bigger edge. You can change the paytable to reflect the payouts at your local casino. Click the "Edit Paytable" link at the top of the page to change the amount paid for each hand.

You may reset the number of credits to 1,000 at any time by reloading the page.

Joker Poker Paytable

The paytable below is the payout for each coin wagered. Multiply the pay by the number of coins to determine the total payout.

  • Natural royal flush: 800 (250 if fewer than four coins are wagered)
  • Five of a kind: 200
  • Wild royal flush: 100
  • Straight flush: 50
  • Four of a kind: 20
  • Full house: 7
  • Flush: 7
  • Straight: 3
  • Three of a kind: 2
  • Two pair: 1
  • Pair of kings or aces: 1