Posted by Wizard
May 11, 2015

World Poker Tour All in Hold'em is a table game owned by Lakes Entertainment. It is a Texas Hold'em table game where the player makes just one decision after seeing his cards. It is similar to World Poker Tour 3x Raise Hold'em. All in Hold'em is a much simpler game to learn compared to Ultimate Texas Hold'em or Texas Hold'em Bonus.

The game starts with the player making an ante bet. This wager is mandatory. There are also two optional side bets. One is the Hole Card Bonus, which is based solely on the first two cards dealt. There is also a Final Hand Bonus.

The player and dealer are then dealt two cards. The player may look at his cards. The dealer's are placed face down.

The player has three options after seeing his two cards. He may wager 5 times his bet, 10 times his bet, or fold. A fold surrenders the ante bet.

All in Hold'em is a rare table game where there is an element of bluff. That is because the dealer's decision may be affected by whether the player wagered 5 or 10 times. The dealer will call with fewer hands versus a 10 times raise than it will when the player raises just five times the ante.

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