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Quote: s2dbaker

Alrighty then, Costco greeter.

LOL!...that's why I like you, bro.

Plumbers, carpenters, and other skilled laborers make substantially more than Walmart/Costco greeters, but (getting back on topic) I get your overall point about baccarat and playing it professionally. ;)
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Quote: Ahigh

Baccarat is an example of a game where there is a larger percentage of people who play that game who have been lucky enough to have lifetime wins compared to other games (for example, double-zero roulette).

For those lucky people, they can play the game professionally.

Luck, in statistical terms, is like a posterior distribution. You can never say someone "will be" lucky. All that exists is that someone "has been" lucky, either in this play session or in his life.

So, essentially, knowledge that you are a lucky person means you know that you HAD luck. How is it going to help you for future games?

(Unless you believe in magic and curses and grace and predestination and all that. I don't. I hear that Asians and calvinists do.)
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If you're suggesting that there is a design flaw on the backs of cards such that they are as good as marked -- without deliberate edge sorting by the player -- I'd hope that you're wrong. Willy Allison reported on edge sorting in baccarat by high rollers who insisted on a specific procedure, basically getting the dealers to edge-sort the deck for them:

There are also ways to exploit dealer procedure during the shuffle and know where certain cards are. It's called location play:
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Keyser I agree with you I 100% think this is possible. I noticed slight differences on the backs of cards years ago when the casinos were dealing War I even mentioned it, however I believed one would have to get to close very (face right down to the cards and study them noticeably) Even if it was not that hard. I figured one would need a team to do this at that point it's possibility collusion.

With that being said I believe the original poster is talking about using some betting SYSTEM or something. People should understand you can't beat most table games if you play them within the casino rules or how they were originally designed.
That doesn't mean there are not rare exceptions to the rule. Casino have put in flawed games.
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Are there people out there who use martingale system on baccarat for 2 hours a day in a casino and leave after winning? I read that the martingale system has a higher chance of winning when you use it for a short period of time
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Quote: gr8player

I'm not as sure about any exact dollar amount as much as I am sure about those that "play baccarat and leave winning" on a fairly consistent basis.

And, liuryan, as much as it might seem rather difficult to fathom to the majority on this forum, it is not very difficult to accomplish.

The commonalities among these sorts of Bac players are as follows:

1.) Strict bet selection process: They don't "guess" as to where to bet, and they don't stray from their "preferred" plays.

2.) Strict money-management rules: Tight won goals and stop losses. Win goals anywhere between 10 and 20 percent. Win more? Sometimes. But always put a "hold" on that 10-20%, and never dip into it. Never turn a winner into a potential loser. Never. Stop losses? Even more important. At a difficult session, get as much "recoup" as you can and either a) quit at "even", or b) "eat" the remaining loss, as miniscule as you can get it down to. Losses shortened and/or averted are as good as wins; true winners are well aware of this reality.

3.) Know your strengths and your weaknesses, and remain truthful in those self-assessments. Only then can you maximize their usefulness.

4.) Keep meticulous records of your Bac play. Write down everything, because "everything" matters. Only this way will you become familiar with your statistics and variances. And then, eventually, you'll come to embrace those stats/variances. And what does that do for you? It eliminates (or, at the very least, lessens) the "element of surprise" at the tables. You're better prepared. Which leads to a better state of mind at the tables.

Can you see how one thing leads to another, to another, to another......
.......all, accumulatively, leading to long term success at this game. (Or, at the very least, it puts you in the very best possible position to succeed. And, frankly, isn't that our most imperative responsibility at the tables?) Baccarat gaming is a unique "proposition". A unique undertaking. It take a unique person with a unique personality (read: mindset) and a unique temperament (read: patient/disciplined) with a unique desire to succeed. And, even then, you're guaranteed nothing.....every shoe, every session, the "counter resets to zero" and you've got to do it all over yet again, for the umpteenth time.....proving your mettle over and over again. The easiest and surest way to do that? Accept short wins, graciously, and move your very best game, at all times, and move on.....accept minor losses, graciously, and move on...... Always knowing that it is you that'll get the better of it over the long term, if only you can keep yourself from messing that up.

I wish you all the very best of it.

I totally agree.
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Quote: 24Bingo

Keyser, of course, has the ultimate loss rebate.

I agree. It's tough to beat "The Keyser Loss Rebate."- make a bet, lose, don't pay.
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Quote: liuryan

Are there people out there who use martingale system on baccarat for 2 hours a day in a casino and leave after winning? I read that the martingale system has a higher chance of winning when you use it for a short period of time

I'm sure there are people who play this way. But they don't win every time. They have many small wins, and some very large losses. That's the nature of the martingale system, and session length does not affect the end result.

If Baccarat was as easy to beat as you seem to be suggesting, we'd all be out playing it right now.
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Quote: klimate10

You can only win at Baccarat if you practice card control/card influence. With only 1% HE, you only need to influence one hand out of a 100 before you have an edge.

Alternately, you can practice guessing what the next cards will be, and play when you get really good at it. Either way.

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