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via Hollywood: keep your get-away money in a tin buried near an untended grave in an old cemetery.
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You just give your money to that sketchy old guy who used to run some sort of lock box business in Vegas. Guaranteed safe, with iris identification.

Then he got massively robbed as I remember. Can't remember his business but had commercials.
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I've been away in a cabin, and am seeing this thread for the first time. DarkOz, very sorry you have been victimized.

No one on this forum can really advise you in your search for the thief. But, my instincts are that you should be very careful about your physical safety whenever you confront your suspect. Please do not make the mistake of assuming that the culprit acted alone.
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Quote: Face

Sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers. Or sometimes you just need to "get it out". I'm guilty of it, too.

Bad run, darkoz. Nothing I hate more than a thief. The thought of it being a known entity and in your own home turns my stomach. Good to see it hasn't affected your creative writing; I'd be nothing but a string of curses and Homeland Security triggers right now.

Genuinely hope things get rectified and you come out on top.

I have several friends who are crooks. It's just a business with them. But they all hate a thief. A thief will steal from his mother
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Always beware of those that have an alibi. They often set up the sting and then make sure they have a rock solid alibi to escape suspicion.

It was obviously done by a pro. Someone gave them all the info that was needed. Do not dismiss anyone.
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Here we go again:

My girlfriend has all the attributes that makes a good AP. Smart and quick mentally. It was these same attributes that made everyone believe she was the thief. She was smart enough to go for a crazy long con that had finally paid off

When I told the others I doubted this I was accused of falling for the con hook line and sinker

I made the phone call but was smart enough not to accuse her. You have to be delicate if you want to keep your girlfriend in this situation

Basically I lamented to her how someone I knew was lying directly to my face and I had no clue who it was except I trusted everyone equally

And I didnt know how to move forward except to talk to each and every person

She said she understood. She wishes I never showed her any hiding places but she knew I had to look at everything

"I am not that type of person who would do this but lets just say I was. Obviously I would be trying to get away with it and obviously I am feeling pretty confident I can if I am pulling off this caper, right?"

"Ok," I replied

"So I would want you to get back on your feet financially as soon as possible so maybe I can do it again. I might take the money and the valuables but I would not take the casino cards. I know they are useless to me and take away your chance to rebuild. If I robbed you, which I did not but if I did I would not take the cards for that reason.

"Now lets say this person does have your pins"

"He doesnt," I assured her

"Lets just say he did. What would you do next?"

"I would have everyone go change their pins"

"Right. So this person was being vindictive. Even with the pins the cards had limited value since all your people would just go down and block the guy. This person knows that and is just trying to hurt you. And so we come back to your former son-in-law I guess as the main suspect.

"Now I have been aware of your schedule for these whole three years. I had plenty of opportunities to rob you before. Why would I do it now?

"Everyone else says its some long con you had planned.," I pointed out

"For three years? I have been giving you my loving for three years just to do a con? I can tell you one thing. If it was a long con, I would not have been THAT generous.

"Why cant I just be with you because I genuinely want to?"

"I know, I know. I'm just clueless right now. Its just your short tenure versus everyone else so everyone is looking at you."

"Well, thats messed up but if its about short tenure then isnt your daughters fiance the likely suspect? They've known each other shorter than we have.

"Yeah but he was with my daughter the day of the robbery. And he knows very little about what I do."

"But hes with your daughter all the time right?"


"Even in the casinos when shes gambling?"

"Yeah," I replied. "They're inseparable."

"So he sees money coming in from the cards. He knows they're valuable but doesnt know how. Doesn't know that if he swiped them they would be worthless?"

She had my attention. I hadnt thought of plain old stupidity as a possibility for the cards being taken.

"That does not explain how he would know where everything was in my house. My daughter swears she didnt tell him. I certainly didnt."

"Well, my memory just got jogged so let me jog yours. Remember when you joked I was losing my cleaning job a few weeks ago."

I knew what she was referring to. For three years my girlfriend had been cleaning my house on the regular. She was a neat freak and I am a bit of a slob so that worked out perfectly. The Christmas holidays had kept her away and the house was a bit messier than usual. My daughter's fiance had cleaned it because he said it was getting a bit overboard. I had wittily joked my gf was about to lose her cleaning job

"But that just proves hes a neat freak like you. Thats the argument my daughter will make."

"Did you see the condition of that bathroom? I was laughing because I wasnt losing any job. He left cigarette butts and hair clogged in the sink, open toothpaste and hair grease smudges

"I am a neat freak. That is the first place I would have cleaned and certainly wouldn't have left it that way. That man is NOT a neat freak. He suddenly decides to clean the whole house and skips the bathroom?

"He wasnt cleaning your house. He was casing your house. Looking for the hiding spots"

After my throat finished constricting, I said, "You know why you are one of my most trusted confidants? BECAUSE YOU MAKE A LOTTA GODDAMN SENSE!!!"

My future son-in-law was now added to the list of suspects.

I went back to the others with the accusations thinking it was obvious now who did it but was met with severe skepticism. Everyone else was convinced it was still my girlfriend.

My ex-girlfriend laughed. "She is sharp, that one. She just played you. Got you thinking it was someone else with just one conversation did she? Hell, if shes that good let her keep the money."

My daughter was even more scathing. "My fiance was with me the whole time. You dont think I am lying do you?"

"No, of course not"

"Then we are back to your girlfriend. She has safe cracker skills? If she does then she is it."

"Not to my knowledge," I defended. Although a quick memory of my girlfriend using a hairpin to open a pair of handcuffs when a bondage session had gone wrong vomited out of my subconscious. But out of necessity I couldnt tell that little detail to my daughter.

"Well, then, maybe she had an accomplice who does. Someone she told where to go and what to do. Someone with safecracking skills. It looks like a professional right?"

I literally was stunned. The accomplice possibility meant my girlfriend could have done it

It meant my daughters fiance could have done it even though my daughter seemed to not realize she had just negated her earlier defense of him.

It meant my own son who was with me that day could have done it

It meant anyone could have done it

I was back to square one!

It was only the first day of this nightmare and I was no closer to understanding who had done this.

But after a sleep-deprived night I woke up with a simple plan.

A stupidly simple plan.
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5 people knew? That's 4 too many. Back
in the 90's I regularly had $30K-$50K in
cash in the house. I had a hiding place
only I knew about. If I died, the only
way to find it was by chance. I trust
nobody, a secret isn't a secret anymore
if you tell just one person.

You already know who it is, probably.
I would. Their mistake was, they didn't
know only 5 people knew, or they
would have covered their tracks better.

If others have said this I won't know
because I only read the first post.
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Thanks for this post from:
January 15th, 2019 at 2:45:13 PM permalink
His first mistake was not hiding the cash in pill bottles right Bob?
100% risk of ruin
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I think you need to add "OF MY OWN MAKING" to the title of your AP NIGHTMARE novel.
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This story is beyond belief, not in the that it happened because stuff like this does all the time. But I canít understand why you are sharing this with everyone unless there is a big reveal coming at the end.

I remember your hustler stories about Sands and the buses back in the day. All were true accounts of how it happened before the bust, the bus company name, the towns involved, etc. I never doubted you were telling truth but you also said you have wrote fictional screenplays back on the day.

If this one wasnít so sad, it might make a good one.

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