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Quote: Paradigm

I definitely need to go back and identify all the members that lambasted Wiz for being such a bad business person........wonder what percentage of them have ever sold any business asset for six figures, let alone seven?

Yeah, I wonder if we can get our donations back, with interest? :)

Just kidding, of course. Congratulations, Michael!
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Quote: aceofspades

Hey BBB are you staying on as a mod?

Quote: GWAE

Bbb did the mods know about the sale. Just curious if he informed you all or was this thread news to you as well.

Respectfully, I am going to defer these type questions to Mike for now. Thanks.
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Jeez, the hoopla over this sale is ridiculous. It was a nice place to talk to a lot of educated gambling people. Case closed.

It's good to see a guy who was on the balls of his ass to the point of having to embarrass himself, finally gets to fall into a pile of shit. (or cash)

God bless him and his family. It's probably sad for him that he has to stay on board for awhile. I'm sure he had enough of this gambling nonsense by now anyhow. It's good to know someone in the virtual sense that hit the lottery.

Run - Mike - Run
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My first reaction was the story is in or something.

It seems legitimate. How can I tell? The Amazon link is gone.

Congrats Mike! Good for you.

But doesn't that tropical island you're on have Internet? Talk to us! ;)
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Quote: terapined

Alot of responses and questions.
I see the Wiz is on the site right now.
Probabbly reading this thread, I am hoping for a post from the Wiz.
(Or he left his browser open on this site and not at his computer)

Wow, looks like the Wiz was at his computer reading this thread with all the questions.
No response - huge dissapointment.
No response does not bode well due to the questions regarding privacy.
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Quote: mcallister3200

Surprised I have not seen it here yet, but according to an article on, our humble leader Mr. Shackleford has sold the wizard of odds and WoV websites to but will stay on as a staff writer. Congratulations Michael, you have definitely put an immeasurable amount of hard work into your sites over the years and the entire gambling community from recreational players to ap owe you thanks, and deserve every dollar. I hope not much changes although I'm sure there will be more advertising.

I bet the overly fancy typeface at WOO changes.

Any plans for a One Spin at Roulette? If so, I recommend Seven Red.

I hope all that Green Inkers remain but if new powers that be dictate otherwise, thank you for your time and efforts.

I hope we all stay and continue to contribute our various views and news items.
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September 19th, 2014 at 1:04:25 PM permalink
Congrats to the Wizard. This is fantastic.

Wizard convinced many of you to donate cash to him, then sold the site for millions.

That's damn funny.

Well played sir ! ! !
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Quote: AxiomOfChoice

Mike said that he and the admins don't read them, not that they can't.

Of course they can be read. They are stored in plaintext in a fucking database. You don't need a "smart web designer", you just need someone with access to the database and some kind of a basic clue about which end of a computer is up.

In any system where you can recover your password, it's not possible to make them unreadable. In a system where you can't recover a forgotten password, it's possible, but a pain in the ass.


A forum I used to post on (it's gone now), there was a controversy where a member sent PMs to other members, exposing corruption amongst the forum staff (admins). The admins deleted the PM from people's inboxes. Long story short, they claimed they had no access to view change etc. private messages. With a bit of 'detective' work, I was able to gain access to the entire database and show the members what had actually happened, and in fact, all messages are stored in plain text.

My post twist post was meant to be humorous, though. But that isn't to say there isn't private information on here that I want exposed. My email address that's connected to MGM CET, STN, etc. properties -- it'd be pretty easy for them to figure out who I am. Others have messaged me and I've messaged others my cell #. And I'm sure some people have much more they don't want exposed.

But, I don't think Wizard sold information to casinos. But, who knows.
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September 19th, 2014 at 1:17:32 PM permalink
I hope that the Casino Chip of the Day thread that I started (4,646 posts and 688,217 views so far) helped to draw traffic to the site and thereby helped a little toward letting Mike make a few bucks from his efforts. However, considering some of the posts above, I'm not all that sure that I should continue with this stuff. I assume that all of the discussion items that I posted (as well as PMs sent and received) have been archived and will be in the hands of whoever owns the site. At least the photographic images I posted (both chips and scenic views) belong to me and have never been stored on this site. I don't know whether the images in the one review article I wrote are stored here now or not.
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September 19th, 2014 at 1:25:19 PM permalink
I didn't know, nor did i expect to be privy to business decisions. I volunteered out of appreciation, and that's where that ends. I expect a heads up as much as i expect a paycheck.

I assume I'll be nixed by our new overlord. Que sera sera. I had fun =)

A heartfelt congrats, Mike. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
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