Posted by avaj
Aug 17, 2018

LCB Adopts a New Domain Name

Latest Casino Bonuses, one of Wizard of Vegas' sister sites and a very popular brand within the vast LCB Network, is going through a domain change which should be finished in the coming weeks of August 2018 - from .com to .org!

Founded in 2006, the portal has since become a trusted source of gambling-related information, a renowned casino affiliate and an important mediator bridging the gap between the player and the casino.

Domain Change

A decade of continuous successful presence in the iGaming industry has been a very productive period for the LCB brand.

In the beginning, there was only one website dedicated to no deposit bonuses, gaming reviews and forum discussions...

...today this is a massive family of websites, consisting of numerous popular destinations offering latest info and player-exclusive perks on online casino, bingo, poker, as well as land-based gambling industry.

Given that latestcasinobonuses.com is now a synonym for more than a dozen of sister websites all working towards the same goal: to bring more value to the player...

...switching to .org to mark the next step in the evolution of this dynamic organization is a logical step the brand has decided to take.

Latest Bingo Bonuses (LBB), Latest Poker Bonuses (LPB), Latest Sports Bonuses (LSB), Wizard of Odds, Games and Casino, Real Money Action, Key to Casino, Two Little Fleas, No Deposit Bingo, BJ21 and the rest of the gang are ALL gathered under the LCB label.

It is a well-known acronym that has been in use since the inception more than 10 years ago, and members should find the change easy to pick up and use in their daily online ventures.

On one hand:

The change is significant, but on the other...

Followers can rest assured that LCB they know and love remains the SAME:

A beacon of knowledge, protection and support faithfully serving the gaming community.


FleaStiff Aug 19, 2018

I always liked that Casino Directory and Casino News site since it had geographical as well as alphabetical entry points. I'm not sure but I think LCB just acquired those too.

two fleas? didn't even know it existed.

Zuga Aug 20, 2018

that is correct FleaStiff, we acquired WCD ( worldcasinodirectory ) year and half ago I believe. TwoLittleFleas.co.uk is a small UK based site , dedicated mostly to bingo .

FleaStiff Aug 21, 2018

>twolittlefleas...UK...mostly bingo.
Yes... its the name that I was intrigued by. Having been a pauper all my life 'fleastiff' is an appropriate name for me but I do not care for bingo. However, always fascinated how all those bingo players are at a plus one percent game most years and a minus one percent game only a few years.

As gambling changes and 'new blood' becomes even more vital, anyone influencing the gamblers or dabblers will gain a great effect on the market.

FleaStiff Sep 04, 2018

Originally, online gambling was a 'wild west' frontier situation involving vest-pocket jurisdictions, shadowy individuals and physical locations that were often unknown and unknowable.

Bonuses soon became a manner of competition amongst online casinos, sort of like odds and comps for physical casinos, and soon there developed a special vocabulary and accounting structure for what might be termed 'synthetic' bonuses that have a degree of being erasable credits rather than inviolate account balances.

No one really believes that it is possible for a player to deposit one penny and later withdraw a million dollars. It may be a player's dream but it is simply not going to happen because fine print will always impose common sense economics to these synthetic bonuses.

However, to the extend that casinos are willing to have such synthetic and perhaps ephemeral bonuses, it makes sense to grade the various casinos on their ability and desires to abide by the accounting entries.

Online casinos provide convenience, anonymity, etc. but for me 'the water is too deep and too murky'. However for those willing to plunge to the depths there appears to be gold down there.

Recent changes in US legislation and recent publicity about some massive wins makes both US online casinos and offshore online casinos of greater interest.

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