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Jul 31, 2017

Yayyy. I doubled my money tonight

OK. This is not a serious post.

The last few month have seen my lifetime bankroll slaughtered, because I've been playing totally recreationally, but at rather higher stakes than I should. I do still have a comfortable life-time profit, but decided that I should tone back my recreational gambling.

So it was that I went to my local Bricks and Mortar tonight for the first time in a couple of months. My wallet had £100 and I took along a £1000 wad just in case the dealer got sloppy in my favour. Playing at this time in the evening (5pm) they put the rookie dealers on BlackJack.

So I ordered a snack and bought in with £50 at the £3 table.. . . . Actually at the only table. There was just one roulette wheel rolling and one BJ table on.

Played between 3 and 10 a hand, usually 5, expecting to lose that 50 before my food arrived. Bobbled about between about 30 and 75 and food arrived just as I found myself back at 50, so stopped briefly to eat.

Resumed, and ground my pile of chips up to £98, then to £101, but played on at £5 for a while to change out a few 1s that I'd accumulated. Stumbled back down to about £50.

Then the decisive hand of the night came up. There is always one:-

£10 wagered, get 66 v 5
Split, giving me £20 out there, get a 6 and a 5. Decided to stand the 6-6 (scaredy cat) and double the 6-5. So I have £30 out. Got a 4 on the 6-5

(If I'd resplit those 6's I'd have found myself doubling a 6-4 for another £10 and this would have been at least a +/- £50 proposition)

Dealer bust. whoop whoop +£30 rather than -£30

Played on another 30 minutes or so trying to grind back to £100. Eventually made it and coloured up my stack of £5s into one £100 chip.

Went to the cage with my one pathetic chip, cashed out and went home.

So, I'd doubled my single £50 buy in and had pretty much 3 hours amusement and two free coffees. Result!

$:o) Last of the high rollers!

Now compare and contrast with some of the other guys at the table playing all sorts of side bets and £25 wagers. I never saw them cash out anything.

Only two dealer errors of the night, he tried to take my £10 wager on a push and he paid out on another £5 push. I pulled him up on one and forgave the other.

One thing worthy of note. Three times the dealer tried to tell me that I was wrong to stand soft 19 against a ten. I won two of them and lost the third which I would have lost either way.


LostWages Jul 31, 2017

I continue to enjoy all your blog entries, OD! Keep 'em coming!

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Apr 10, 2017

A Ploppy Freeroll Trip

OK. The Freeroll was mine: The ploppy was me. Here is the story, with a twist in the tail.

It all started when I received an email on Friday evening.

Subject: Important Information about [redacted]Casinos.com
You may have experienced some problems when trying to play at [redacted]Casinos.com recently. Wed like to apologise and let you know that weve added £20 to your cash balance as a gesture of goodwill.

Erm. Thanks. I hadn't noticed the problems as the account was pretty much dormant.

So, I logged in, and sure enough, I had £20 of cash credit, which I could just draw out and spend on a bottle of JD, if the mood took me.

But it was Friday night and I was just finishing a JD, so I figured what the heck. Fired up RNG blackjack with table min of £1

Played silly little 1,2,3,3,3 progressive for a while, never going below the initial £20 until I reached £50 balance. Had easily an hour of silly fun and here I was with £50 of free money. What the heck!

Went on a 10% per bet spree, wagering 10% of my rounded down bankroll on each hand. So, started at £5 per hand. I was bobbing around between about £30 at £3 per hand and £75 at £7 per hand. After about another 30 minutes, I was at £90 and so I switched back to a 1,2,3,3,3 progressive. Bingo! I stumbled up to £100.50

Now, I'd had nearly 2 hours of free play and I had £100.50 of free money. I was already visualising what I would treat myself to as I put in the cash-out request.

So far so good.

But Saturday night, I got bored, so step forth Mr Ploppy :o)

Cancelled the pending withdrawal and started playing again with 2,4,6,6 progressive.

Stumbled up to £120 and realised that I was being a completely degenerate knob. Requested cash-out again, this time for £120.

Still, I was feeling pretty happy. I had £120 of money on its way to my bank and was heart set on a little personal treat.

Sunday morning, step forth Oncedear the complete knob-head. I wonder if £150 would be achievable from that £120, so sure enough, I again cancelled the pending withdrawal.

What a stupid, stupid thing to do!!!

Gravity prevailed.


FFS I'd blown it all. This didn't feel like £20 of free money squandered. It felt like, and was indeed, a nice £120 treat flushed down the pan. I was angry with myself.


and then the insanity struck.

Freeroll be damned. I would chuck £50 of my own money in, which I did.
Flush: Bye bye my own £50.


But now comes the twist. The sickening twist.
I had £150 sat in my PayPal account that wasn't earmarked for anything. Lets see if I can use that to at least win my own £50 that I'd squandered. Transferred to my casino account.

Remember now, I'd taken £20 freeroll up to £120, then lost it, then dumped £50 of my own money and was now dumping another £150 of my own money.

This was all really rather stupid.

But good fortune prevailed for a little while, and soon I had turned my none-freeroll losses round: Balance reached the £200 that I had 'invested'

The only sensible thing to do now was to cash out and lick my wounds.
Did I hell. I played on. Doing a 5,10,15,15, 15 progressive.

Now here is the twist.
220 ( Yayy I was back to that free £20 situation)
300 ( Yayy I was back to being £100 up )
OMG. I was now back to being £120 up on the weekend. Requested cash-out.
I'm damned well going to put £200 back in my bank account and I'm spending that £120 on something of an undeserved treat.
But being £120 up on my own seed money was nowhere near as sweet as when I was first up £120 on my freeroll.

Oncedear, once again a lucky tit. A bigger tit than usual, and luckier than I deserved.


OnceDear Apr 10, 2017

Stoopid: Stoopid: Stoopid

That odd £20 was bugging me.

Added 20 back to bankroll.

Just wagered it back up to £151.50

I need to chillax about that odd £1.50 and increase the extent to which I'm going to treat myself.

I know this is all strictly low rolling, but £250 worth of profit and having enjoyed hours of play sort of brightens the start of the week.

Not missing my days of playing 100s per hand. There's much pleasure in playing and winning with beer money amounts.

OnceDear Apr 12, 2017


£151.50 !!!

How can I sleep with a balance like that.

Popped the £151.50 back to the online casino account and wagered it up to £200 dead before withdrawing that.

So my profit for the week £300

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Jan 29, 2017

Outed Myself As A Counter

Silly anecdote:-

Recent session playing £5 per hand blackjack. 4 players at the table. CSM game with discard tray going up to about 2 decks.

A round came out with NO HIGH CARDS! No Tens or aces.

We all looked at each-other amazed and amused and I mumbled "Wow! after that hand . . . " as I pushed a massive £10 into the circle! Dealer says "Ah. A card counter eh?". I reply, "Yeah. As if that works :o)"

We both grinned.

Fact is, I'm known as a steady BS player, but at the stakes I play, I'm convinced they don't care one jot.

Still, I've taken the sum total of £870 from them over 15 sessions and 6 months.

Just luck and occasional recklessness: Not by counting.


odiousgambit Feb 01, 2017

and there's the comps too

OnceDear Feb 01, 2017

Indeed. A modest £73 from this place.

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Jan 16, 2017

Three Hours Of Fun

That's what I just had. Three hours of really amusing Blackjack, and it didn't break the bank.

I don't get to the casino so often nowadays, but today I was in the mood. Local Grosvenor £3 min table. got there at 5pm only one other player at first.

I'd got £400 in my pocket and had decided that £200 was expendable.

Bought in for £50 in £5s. Started playing £5 a hand. OnceDear <> High Roller !

After very few minutes and a few good doubles and splits, I was at £100, never actually having gone below £40. Too soon to go home. Target set at £150 :o)

So, I started to play silly beggars, doing a 5, 10, 15, 15 progressive. After a total of about 20 mins, I was at £150, so I excused myself while I had a bar snack.

Because I left my chips at the table, and maybe because there were few staff on, they left me 'on the screen' as though I was still playing, this clocking up points. Yayyy.

After my food, I was almost tempted to buy some more chips to ensure that I really was still getting points, but it would have looked a bit odd.

So, back to it: £5, £10, £15, £20, £20 progressive, I ebbed and flowed my way through 3 dealers and still sat at about £160 in chips.
Then a nice newbie dealer came on and I soon found myself with £187.50 in chips. What to do? Should I Marty for the £200?

Nooooo. Been there done that. I wanted a bit of time in play, so no Marty tonight.

I was having fun, so I stuck with a mix of £5, £10 and occasionally £15 bets in no particular pattern.

Could I reach the magical £200? Could I hell! I could not get that extra £12.50 to save my life. But I was ticking over OK.

Then. Another dealer. As it happened, the last one for me tonight.
He was just having golden luck. I just kept getting hands to split and resplit and double and at £10 to £20 a hand, he was slaughtering me with his 21s and Blackjacks.
I stumbled down back to my original £50. Dammit. ( OK. £52.50 if we are going to be pedantic)
Kept playing at £10 a hand.
And there I was. With just £22.50 in chips where once was £187.50 What a darned fool. But I had enjoyed the ebb and flow and had way over two hours of fun behind me.
So I went all in with that last $20 ( held back the £2.50 if you must have all the details :o)
Blackjack. Yayyyy. I had my £50 starting roll back.
In with £25. Win.
Another Win.
Hells teeth, I'd turned that sniveling £22.50 into £102.50 and was 100% up on the session. Shall I go home?
Then, I can only describe the rest of the play as nuts. Fueled by Adrenalin and free caffeine, I was like a man possessed. Even the dealer seemed to be having a sugar rush.

£25 a hand straight betting. This is me in high-roller mode!
Bankroll=£127.50 (that pesky £2.50)

Phone rang. It was the wife wondering where I was. Rejected the call.
Rejected the call again. Not like me :o)

FFS. Surely not.
Went back to £5, £10, £15 progressive.
and there I was. . . £202.50
Handed the £2.50 over as a tip ( Last of the big spenders :o)
Cashed out my £200 for a net profit of £150 on the session. All that on just a single £50 buy-in.

I never expected that. Well, at least not when I was down to that last £22.50.

Dealer errors? Only caught two that affected me, one where he tried to pick up my £20 on a hand that I'd won. And one where the newbie dealer asked me if I wanted to take more cards after splitting aces. She had to confirm with the supervisor when I pointed out that I was not allowed to do that.

Card counting. . . I practiced a bit it was a 6 deck CSM with a discard tray that got emptied at about 75 cards, so not worth the effort. True count never reached 2 in any case, but it was OK to practice.

But tonight was the very essence of what I think it should be like. Playtime was value for money. Food was value for money. Banter with dealers and players was ongoing and friendly. And I came out far enough ahead to afford another session next time the mood takes me.

Oncedear = A lucky Tit once more.

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Dec 05, 2016

100% Risk Of Ruin !

Tonight's visit to the casino, I had the pleasure to be entertained by a LUZER of the highest order. I'll call him Mr Pink after his tie. Mr Pink seemed to have the sole objective of going home broke. He was a spectacular success.

But I'm still trying to fathom out what goes on inside the head of guys like Mr Pink. I doubt he's a member here.

Scenario: Provincial UK casino with one £3min blackjack table open. Mr Pink at seat 3, some young fella at seat 5 playing minimum and I buy in for £50 in 5s and sit at seat 1. A high roller here is usually the guy that bets £25 a hand. Sometimes me. :o)

As I join, Mr Pink has just gone all in with about £100 and is being paid a Blackjack. I say Hi and congratulate him on his timely win. He mumbles something about being 4 grand down tonight.

But then I see how it probably happened. He continued to play like a complete and utter knob!

For each hand played he was, without fail, wagering all of the chips in front of him, split roughly 50:40 between the main bet and the 21+3 side bet with the odd £5 on the PP side bet.

At no time did he hold back chips in case of a need to double or split.

At no time did he in fact double or split!!!!! Never!!! He'd ignore BS and stand a 13 against a 10. He'd hit 19 ( and get a 2: jammy sod ) He was a complete ploppy, but a ploppy with money. And there was I playing £5 a hand in the seat before him, just hoping that one of my borderline plays like hit 16 v 10 would annoy him. Praying also that he'd get the odd pair of aces against 6, just to see how he played it.

Inevitably, every couple of hands he'd reach into his pocket to re-buy in for £200 to £300, which he would immediately slide into the circle and promptly lose..

And he wasn't even getting mediocre luck. LOL. never a winning side-bet and his 19s were getting trounced by dealer 20 or 21. I just kept ticking over my modest pile of ten £5 chips, ebbing and flowing.

Mr Pink was hemorrhaging Cash. He couldn't win a free coffee. Every time he had, say a 14 or 15 hand, he would gesture as though walking early from the table, but sometimes he would win and stay.

This went on maybe 15 minutes as I watched him throw away at least another £4K. until he finally bought in and instantly lost with what was clearly his last four hundred pounds. He just threw that down with a grumble of 'You might as well take it all"

I can only imagine that if he had a streak of good fortune or a few winning side-bets, he would have thrown those chips back onto the table as though insulted by the opportunity to win.

After he eventually stormed out, broke, A chat ensued at the table and it was confided that he'd just lost significantly more than he'd stated. Possibly about £10K

I played on for an hour or so and cashed out £10.50 up. Yayyyyy.

So, what madness is this. The guy did not seem to be having much fun. Winning ( what little he did ) did not seem to please him: Losing seemed to quite reasonably annoy him. But he just seemed to play to lose. Is the narcissism of being a high roller of so much value to such a guy. Was it maybe an expression of conspicuous wealth, in which case why grumble when he lost?

He didn't even seem drunk.


BleedingChipsSlowly Dec 07, 2016

Perhaps newly addicted and trying in vain to relive the thrill of an improbable miracle visited upon him.

onenickelmiracle Dec 16, 2016

They never listen, but neither do I when I think I'm right. Just can't hear those words, mental block.

Nathan Jan 31, 2017

This guy seems like a gambling addict. There are people who play to win and people who play to play. The people who play to win tend to know when to stop. If they win a $500 win on a $1 bet, they stop and go home. The people who play to play are the ones who keep playing back their wins and their bankroll like zombies. They feel compelled to play. This guy seems to be the latter.

OnceDear Feb 02, 2017

I partly agree with you Nathan, but not completely.

Yes. He sure sounds like an addict. Trying to get the buzz of winning, but having no clue of how to win. Rather sad and pathetic in my opinion. It didn't make him smile.

But you mention players who play to win and who know when to walk away with their profit, and here I'm totally at odds with you: If a player has a winning game, such as a card counter or other AP, then he is always playing to win and never walks away, except to take a rest, a meal, or some other fun pursuit.

One does not play to win, then win, then walk away at the clever time, because that is just playing to play and getting a bit of luck. The player who knows to walk away while ahead will simply walk back and play another day, having gained and learned nothing. Life is just one long session and the universe recognizes no session breaks.

The guy who walks away after a win is just a player who plays to play. . . And though there is nothing wrong with playing for fun, it's not a winning proposition financially.

The guy who wins and then ploughs it back immediately is not much different, he just wants to go broke sooner and get more (losing) games in today, rather than wait to lose another day.

Knowing to walk away with a profit is just about enjoying the feel good factor for a while. It's not smart in any other way.