Posted by OnceDear
Apr 17, 2021

My Freeplay Trip Report

Last of the high rollers !!! A trip report worthy of Nathan!

Today I logged onto my online casino and found a random £100 of slots freeplay, on selected slots 30x wagering requirements. BORING. I don't care much for slots. I wasn't expecting to cash anything out from that.

So I selected a game. 'Rainbow Riches' and let it auto-spin a while at £2..... Very soon, I hit a £400 win, and when my balance reached £500 I switched to £5 per spin.

I left it running in the background as I got on with some chores. At one point, I looked in and had a '15 free spins' round... Which won more and more andstill more free spins. In fact that round gave 60 free spins which seriously boosted my balance to up over £1,800.

I checked remaining WR and had about £2200 to go. So I cranked it up to £10 a spin and let it get on with it. I expected to maybe cash out at least about £500. As it transpired I reached the end of Wagering requirements with a balance of just over £1,350. With hindsight, it had been a bit harsh on me in that I'd lost about about £450 from coin in of that approx £2200 It seems that game gives most of the returns in 'big wins' and I had few or no big wins in that final phase.

Now, feeling flush with free cash, I messed about with RNG blackjack for a while, and though I ebbed and flowed ( mostly ebbed) I finally cashed out proper my final balance of £1050, for no particular reason. KerChing!

Oh hum. Roll on next freeplay bonus.


odiousgambit Apr 17, 2021

>Roll on next freeplay bonus.

I guess so!

vegas Apr 23, 2021

Interesting and makes you feel great when you win off of free money. I am in Canada and they always limit our bets to just 5 dollars max bet while on a bonus or free spins.

Thanks for the report.

Wellbush Apr 28, 2021

And here in Australia, online gambling is banned! Ya need to go to a B&M casino to play. Not kidding!

OnceDear Apr 28, 2021

Really Wellbush? I know of Online gaffs that not only accept Australian members, but take addresses and let you play in AUD using AU IP addresses. So to what extent is it illegal? Illegal to offer, or illegal to play?

Wellbush May 02, 2021

Illegal to play

Posted by OnceDear
Apr 02, 2021

I Lost £35k in 30 mins

And I really don't care.

Sort of a shortest ever trip report.

Recall a few weeks back I was in an online roulette tournament during which I turned £10,000 buy in to £20,100 over 3 hours.
That got me a tournament prize, but I subsequently discovered that I could use my bankroll to play online live dealer Blackjack.
And so it was, that over the course of the week, I took my £20,100 balance down to about £350 and then back up to £25,000. Quite a roller coaster!
And so today, with aggressive wagering of about £1,000 to £5,000 per hand, I got my bankroll/balance to over £35K.
Not bad when it had been as low as £350 or so.
Anyhow, tonight, over the course of about 30 minutes, I lost the lot. It was fun and had one amusing consequence.....
..... While at the live player table, I won two lucky Easter draws worth a total of £40. I asked the promo host to assign them to another player ID at the table. A min better :) Made his day. After all, I could not withdraw those bonuses, no more than I could withdraw my balance when it had been £35K
Glad it was only pretend money I lost. I.e. the proceeds of my £10k Pretend money buy-in from the tourney.


odiousgambit Apr 03, 2021

whew! [not that I was really worried]

Posted by OnceDear
Apr 02, 2021

77 Winning Sessions :o)

Well. It's true. And the truth shall set you free.

Previous blog posts had showed a couple of periods where my bankroll had ascended in roughly straight lines over 45 (now 47) consecutive winning sessions, and later over 32 (now 33) consecutive winning sessions. For those periods of play, I'd been shaping the chart by deliberately 'Hitting and running' for about £50 per session and had been progressively chasing losses with some increasing buy-ins and increasing wagers. As I call it, 'Martingale at the Buy-in level'
I acknowledged all along that these were truthful reports, but selectively reported.
So, in the interests of full disclosure, I'll now show what has hitherto been too boring to show.
Between those monster winning streaks, there was a period of less steady progress. A dreadful downward period During that intermediate period, I'd been less focussed on shaping the chart with progressively bigger buy-ins and loss chasing. But there wasn't actually much difference in my level or style of play. I'd tended to cap my buy-ins to £250 during that time and did not tend to be as aggressive in playing catch up. Two typical bad streaks were when I went
-100,-250,-250,-250,-250,-250,-100 Buy-ins
Before a modest winning session
and another time...
-100, -100, -150, -250,-250 Buy-ins
32.26 Cashout (some lose change from slots)
-75, -125, -250,-250 Buy-ins
400.60 Cashout

Anyhow. Here's the chart showing how the three 'periods of play' fit together.

The observant will note that the y axis has different values to the previous chart. That's not a lie, it was just a bit of rebasing of the starting value to make the chart look nice. This chart shows what I consider to be my 'lifetime' gambling bankroll, which is still ahead overall. But then again, 'Lifetime bankroll' is with the benefit of some AP exploits.


OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

Looking back, I know that although 'hit and run' means nothing and 'sessions' mean nothing, it occurs to me that there is something still weird about those two successes. I'll analyse at wager level, what went on in the intermediate session, where I seem to recall I was throwing down more bets of >£50 rather than grinding away with 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.

It might just be, and I don't rule out, there's possibility an anomaly in the RNG Blackjack that I was playing. Almost like it gave a different house edge at different playing levels, such that it was baiting me with generosity at the lower wager level and then whacking me when I ramped up. Such behaviour would be outrageous and surely outside of regulated acceptability. If true, it COULD maybe be exploitable??? Inviting AP's to PM me if they care to analyse and comment further.

OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

OMFG. I think I've spotted it. During my winning sessions, I was ALMOST exclusively playing a certain RNG blackjack at my favourite online casino. But for the losing period of play, I was mostly playing a different variant at two of my other casinos. It looks to be that the bulk of lost money was at my second and third choice casinos.

Belay that. It was all the same casino, but maybe a different game variant.

Preceding the first uptrend WAS a different casino.

Definitely time to investigate further!!!!!

odiousgambit Apr 02, 2021

when the wizard was testing betting systems, making videos, it is true that the charts would often look like this, with stretches where the trend was consistently up or down. We have to figure there was no RNG manip in those

it is definitely something that hits you: surely there is a way to discern where the trend is going! but no one can do it.

OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

The shape of the chart 'Ramp and plummet' for the first and third segments was pretty much under my control, though when a plummet would occur was and always would be a mystery.

For the middle section, I was not particularly adhering to any system, hence the more random walk. It's just a bit anomalous that I escaped the plummeting and just had the random downtrend when not bothering.

Marty Ramp and Plummet charts.


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Mar 26, 2021

Online Roulette Tournament

Just a little note about an online casino free Roulette Tournament which I was invited to this week.

This promotion was from a UK mainstream online casino. It seems it was by invitation only to some regular customers, particularly it's 'Black Card' qualified members.
It had a cash prize of £1,500 and 14 further prizes of £100 to £1000 in free play for the players who ended the session with the top 15 bankrolls. Players were given a 'pretend' balance of £10,000 to play with. Not withdrawable, of course.
Promo Rules and Prizes
There was supposed to be a live leader board and two of the live online roulette tables were open for play.
At the same time as we tournament players were competing with our pretend money, there were real players with their real balance, also playing those tables. I guess we looked like high rollers to them.
Now. There was one big issue: The live leader board did not exist! A call to live help confirmed that they had messed up. So, we unknown number of tournament contestants were flying a bit blind as we could not know our ranking. We could see the top wins as they were being reported for each spin, we could not see what wagers were being placed. The tourney was over 3 hours.
Anyway, by using the chat feature, a few of us discussed trying to form our own rough idea of a leader board. From the win reports by spin, I figured that maybe 3 of us were picking up spin prizes of as high as £60,000 and that there were about 30-50 of us competing. I resolved to have fun and aspire to a minor prize of maybe 100 or £150 of free play. To do that, I estimated that I just needed to play through once and end the session with my £10k intact. As I messed about with £100 to £800 progressive wagers, I managed to get to £20,100 balance. There were still a few players picking up £40k wins, so I did not aspire to win first prize. So there I was. at the end of 3 hours with £20,100 of pretend balance. Results were to be announced next day.
Now here's where something funny happened: Using the casino 'lobby feature' I found I could take my bankroll to a live dealer BlackJack game, with a couple of pleasant dealers. So I whacked out some £5000 max bets and a few £500-$2000 marty bets. I played into the night, ebbing and flowing to end again with about £20k. Went to bed.
Next Day, I logged into the tourney page again and again went to the BJ table. I had hours of fun and chat with the dealers. At one time, i put down 4 consecutive £5,000 bets and lost them all, bringing my balance to about £300. Oh hum. I played on, messing with all sorts of BJ and roulette wagers and would you believe, I got back to £20,000. I even played worst strategy variations and still won. LOL. If only I could cash out. That £300 to £20,000 climb was the stuff of legends. It was funny chatting to simultaneous real money players who thought they were in the presence of a true high roller.
Meanwhile, I received notification that I had indeed won a prize of £150 free play meaning I must have been in the top 10. YAYYY.
I can report that I met the onerous wagering requirements to actually cash out £151 of real money!!!! Result. Many hours of fun and £151 cash prize. And I still have that £20,000 of pretend bankroll that I can take back to the roulette and blackjack tables to mess about with.
Next Time, I do so hope they have a leaderboard. It would make for a whole different experience. Actually, I hope the next invitation tourney is BlackJack.


odiousgambit Mar 26, 2021

Interesting. No leader board ? what a hoot!

OnceDear Mar 26, 2021

Yes. Lack of leaderboard meant a lot of guesswork and even a bit of teamwork. But I managed to get in the top ten.

With a leader board I might have been more aggressive in chasing the top prize. As it happened, the prizes for 2 - 15 were more valuable than stated in the rules because of a casino anomaly $:o)

Posted by OnceDear
Mar 22, 2021

Now 32 More Winning Sessions

I thought I'd report my recent amusement at an online casino over the last month or so.
This reports my success at having roughly one winning session per day and no losing sessions at all. Most days I elected to win £50, though there were a few where I took more or settled for less.

This is similar, but not as extreme as where I previously reported 45 consecutive winning sessions.

Of course, these were low stakes, but it's real money won with no editing out of uncomfortable details.....

Now, most days I bought in for £100 and tried to win my way up to £150. When that worked, I ended the session and cashed out.
On the occasions where I lost that £100, I'd buy in for another £250 and play on until I'd got £400 and then I'd cash out. Had it happened that I'd lost that second buy in, I'd have bought in for an additional £250 and played on until I could cash out £650 for my £50 session profit.

There were a few incidental bonuses and wagers for small change, hence cashouts were sometimes not whole pounds.

Underlying game was an RNG Atlantic City Blackjack variant. No card counting, typically playing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 progression.
No Player advantage.

Here's the table of buy-ins (shown as negative numbers) and cashouts.
DateCash-out (Buy-in)Bankroll

Here's the bankroll chart where you will see I turned £600 into £2051... to be updated ...to... £2816.97


OnceDear Mar 22, 2021

Pressed on with another £250 deposit and £351 withdrawal to bring me to 18 winning sessions.

Now, I've tripled my 600 bankroll. Expect another session...

OnceDear Mar 22, 2021


Couldn't resist. Deposited another £250 and cashed out £354 to bring me to 19 consecutive winning sessions. Will I go for 20?


OnceDear Mar 22, 2021

Well. It would have been rude not to...

Deposited another £150 and played it up to £200.50 for a twentieth consecutive winning session and a profit of >£1400

Peanuts, but several hours of fun online.

Definitely taking a break from Blackjack. UK lockdown ends soon, so funds set aside for summer fun.

odiousgambit Mar 26, 2021

yep, here we go again!

OnceDear Mar 26, 2021

Onwards and upwards to 23 consecutive winning sessions, including one freeroll with my roulette tourney winnings.

Seems inevitable I'll try to reach 25.

Of course, this is true, but selective reporting.

OnceDear Mar 26, 2021

Well, I made it to 25 sessions. But it was harem scarem with the last one which required a follow up buy-in of 250 so that I could split AND double a hand of £25. Fortunately won both hands. I would have hated to have to have done a follow up buy-in just to try to get the 25

Will update chart later.

Will NOT be doing this again for a while.

What you dont see before this graph was the absolute carnage of many big losing sessions.

OnceDear Mar 28, 2021

And there it ended! Session 26 was a bust!

Bought in 100: Lost it

Bought in 250: Lost it

Bought in 250: Lost it.

That was the only session that required the third buy in and I just refuse to do another.

Fun over for a net profit of £1100. It had been £1700

OnceDear Mar 28, 2021

What a ploppy!

So, for the first time in this exercise, I'd lost two buy-ins totalling £350 and then lost the third of £250 bringing a lost buy-in of £600

Only a complete fool would buy in another £500 for a total of £1100.

I Did.

Ebbed and flowed, down as low as about 300 until I cashed out..... £1150.50

So, technically 26 winning sessions. Chart to be updated later.

But really, it was abject stupidity and the FACT that if you put a big enough bankroll at risk, then you'll probably make £50 a few times.

It's no big deal. Not a winning proposition and just a bit of fun.....

And still i don't wish to chart the dreadful losses that preceded these few sessions, nor those which will likely follow them.

OnceDear Mar 31, 2021

After a brief rest.... Some more sessions, bringing me to 32 Consecutive winning sessions.

odiousgambit Apr 01, 2021

that is a steady 'averaged' line there my friend

OnceDear Apr 02, 2021

"Steady averaged line" Hmmmm. This chart epitomises martingale. It just doesn't yet show the eventual oblivion.

When I needed 4 progressively higher buy-ins to recover that £1150, I knew I was in real jeopardy. If that one had gone bad (at a > 50% probability) I'd have had to throw another £1000 down wiping out the whole exercise. I make no bones about it that this is basically martingale at the session level. A dumb but fun way to lose money.

I might complete the picture a bit by showing the bankroll's dreadful death spiral preceding session 1.

As I said, this is an illustration of selective reporting..

ps. did another session last night. 100 to 143 then the website failed so I cashed out early.