Posted by OnceDear
Nov 25, 2018

Black(jack) Friday Fun

Had a spectacular Black Friday and Saturday with a 100% deposit match promo.

Popped in 600 just after midnight Friday morning and had it matched up to 1200. Cool.

Proceeded to play like a lunatic and by the time I went to bed at 2:30am I'd lost over 600 of it and still had >14,000 wagering requirement ahead of me. DAMN!

Stupid Stupid OnceDear!

I didn't sleep well and resigned myself to losing the other 600 before any chance of achieving those wagering requirements. DAMN!

Friday am, stumbled out of bed at 8 and started grinding away at trivial min bets: Might as well get some gameplay in.
Phew. by the early hours of Saturday morning, I'd not only ground through the wagering requirements, but I also had a residual balance >1000 for which I've put in my withdrawal request. Lot's and lots of good variance.

Now I just have to hope that the funds arrive some time in the next week or so.
Was OnceDear a lucky tit? Well, it looks that way, but let's wait and see if they give me my money, or tell me to 'go away in short sharp jerky motions'.


odiousgambit Nov 27, 2018

>100% deposit match promo

goes to show that +EV moves are still 'gambling' as the chance for failure did loom

>I just have to hope that the funds arrive some time in the next week or so

that's the part I can not accept. I'm still a hold-out when it comes to online gambling

OnceDear Nov 27, 2018

Thanks ODG,

I was unreasonably reckless at the start of play. I COULD have met the wagering requirements with negligible risk and virtually guaranteed a modest profit ( subject to them letting me get away with stuff ) but instead I threw down some big wagers to try to save time and be greedy* and just ran bad for a what was only a few minutes. I cursed myself as I went to bed having thrown away my advantage.

To be left with a big wagering requirement just to get my own money back was a dumb position to put myself in and I knew it.

On the next morning, I played pretty minimalist and had a long session of steady good fortune. To cash out at all was very lucky, but to cash out a big profit was icing on the cake. There is a bit more to this, which I'll share by PM.

You are not wrong to be wary of gambling online, but it's a case of estimating and mitigating the risks of default.

OnceDear Nov 27, 2018

Well, I'd rather expected that the online casino MIGHT cry 'bonus abuse' and withhold my money.

But no. The profit from my Black Friday adventure just hit my bank account.


Posted by OnceDear
Sep 06, 2018

Withdrawal Rejected

Dang Nabbit!

I play most of my BlackJack online and because I'm in the UK and online gambling is quite legal and unrestricted, I've been happily using PayPal as the means of depositing to and withdrawing from my Casino account. It's pretty much the main use for that Paypal account, which I historically used for trading on eBay.
Typical month would see 10 or so deposits and 10 or so withdrawals as I try to maintain a modest balance on both. Transactions typically £50 to £1,000 in either direction and from time to time, I move funds to or from my bank account from Paypal... All pretty straightforward.

Until tonight!!!!

This month, I've been exploiting some pretty good offers and that has meant ramping up my wagering, and correspondingly ramping up my PayPal transactions.
And tonight, for the first time ever, my online casino account 'Transaction log' shows 'Withdrawal - Failed' followed almost immediately by 'Withdrawal - Rejected'

So, I contacted the Casino live chat and was told ( paraphrasing ) 'Oh yes - that happens a lot and is to do with money laundering legislation. You'll need to contact PayPal'. I asked if I could withdraw any other way and was told 'Funds have to be returned to the same account that they came from... Money laundering yada yada'

Needless to say PayPal don't have live chat help and are only open office hours. Feeling a bit pissed off, especially as PayPal were only too happy to let me make two payments to my casino totalling £800, this very day.

Groan... updates to follow after I ring PayPal tomorrow morning!.


OnceDear Sep 07, 2018


Rang Paypal. Advisor said that there is no problem with my account and no log of an incoming transaction having been attempted or being rejected. I'm inclined to believe them and suspect he problem was at the casino. sending end, of the transaction. Have attempted to withdraw similar amount, spread over 2 smaller transactions. They are currently marked as pending and should arrive by tomorrow, on past form. Just in case PayPal are going to start messing me about, have pulled all my cash credit from there.

Meanwhile... caning the free play that the casino are falling over themselves to give me lately.

VCUSkyhawk Sep 07, 2018

It really irks me when companies pull the "blame the other guy" routine. When that happens I do a three way (not the good kind) and make them talk to get me a resolution. Hope you get your cash.

OnceDear Sep 07, 2018

Quote: VCUSkyhawk

It really irks me when companies pull the "blame the other guy" routine.

Yes. it pisses me off too. I have some knowledge of these payment gateway systems and I'm quite convinced it's the casino's fault. In similar situations, I just consider who has the primary business relationship and who is just a third party contractor. In this case. I have a relationship with the casino and PayPal is just a contractor that the casino happens to use as a third party supplier. So, regardless of who caused the problem, I would demand that the casino chase their own contractor ( Paypal ) and get it sorted. It's a bit more complex in that Paypal have a relationship with me too, but the problem is not between me and them in any case.

So far, the replacement withdrawals are showing as 'pending'. The one that bounced, did so immediately and conspicuously, so I'm hopeful the funds are now flowing my way.

The Casino have been flawless in terms of service for a few years, so I'll count this as strike one. They won't be trusted with as much of my money in future.

OnceDear Sep 08, 2018

Funds came through OK on the retry.

So I accept that this was a transient system fault. I do think it was at the casino end and I was disappointed that they tried to blame PayPal.

Forgiven this time.

odiousgambit Sep 09, 2018

another online gambling story to horrify me - and this in the [comparatively speaking] paradise for gambling of the UK

I think this sort of thing bothers me more than the average guy

how does one go about laundering money this way anyway? I mean really. Usually today it involves having cash earned illegally on hand and you need to make it look legitimate. Seems to me Paypal would be getting the money after it was already laundered, unavoidably so, or what am I missing?

OnceDear Sep 09, 2018

This was just a glitch in a £600 withdrawal. My take-away lesson is to only maintain a modest balance and not the rent money. It hasn't put me off the gaf or off online gambling in general.

Money laundering regs are a bit absurd. Basically the government insisting that there is always a 'know your customer' obligation for transactions over a few £K Having the ability to pretty much anonymously move funds from person a to person b with no audit trail seems to be what the Gov are concerned about. It's all pretty dumb and 'big brother ish' if you ask me.

FleaStiff Sep 13, 2018

I don't know if it was the casino blaming PayPal. It was probably the casino clerk simply blaming the outsider since otherwise he might have to actually figure out what was wrong and perhaps even rectify it himself.

I would never process transactions in the same amount, only similar amounts but never the same. You want to be able to differentiate transactions without worrying about the time of the transaction. So if someone puts 100 into my paypal account, I will withdraw 102 or the like.

Recently, everything got screwed up for me with my bank and Amazon.

I noticed that my bank account was processing this weird amount relating to an Amazon charge. What struck me as significant was not just that I didn't recognize the amount as a recent purchase but that the bank indicated the transaction was "processing" for hours and hours and hours. This meant that I could make no electronic inquiries about it during that time. After twenty or thirty cell phone minutes were wasted, I finally told the fraud division at the bank to cancel the transaction that had been "processing" for about twelve hours.

It turns out that it was my Amazon annual charge and they had failed to email me a reminder that it would be going thru my account as they would normally do three days before bank submittal. So now I can't watch Amazon videos, order from Amazon Prime or Amazon, see my orders list, or do anything.

I should have just let the darn thing be "processing" as long as the bank wanted to process it.

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Jun 24, 2018

Confessions of a Ploppy

It's been overdue for a while.... And I've alluded to it before....

Oncedear is not always a lucky tit !
OnceDear LOSES ! Big and too often.
You see, OnceDear is usually a recreational player with no advantage.

There. i said it.
As Odiousgambit recently noted...
Quote: odiousgambit

suspicious about how your sagas always get you back to even, but glad you did.

Well, my sessions and adventures absolutely do not 'always get me back to even'
The fact is, the sessions where I end up even, or better than even, are amusing to write up. It's selective reporting of the most obvious kind and I just don't write up the sessions where I lose my shirt. And there have been some doozies.

So here, laid bare is the big picture in two charts: The first chart shows the rapid ascent of what I consider my lifetime bankroll, over the period Jan 2014 to Sept 2015: It was a glorious time...

The second chart extends up to the current day and shows in glorious technicolor how quickly my bankroll has tumbled with a few bad sessions.
TLDR version... I won £6,000... Lost my way down to £1200 or so... Won my way back to about £17500 (or so)... And then lost my way down to £2567.31 which is where I stand right now. I'm still in pocket, but the trend is not my friend.

I expect to have depleted my bankroll entirely, some time this year, at which point I'll replenish it from my savings and pension lump sum.
Charts are of buy-in / cash-out points only and do not show the actual high point which was transient and over £18,000. My bankroll is a tally of those buy-ins/cash outs and the actual funds are not ring-fenced.

Chart one. The ascent.

Chart two. How the mighty are fallen.

So, Odious. You are forgiven for being cynical. Am I forgiven for only blogging my good sessions?


odiousgambit Jun 24, 2018

>Am I forgiven for only blogging my good sessions?


and shame on me. I'm sure it is pure envy as my lifetime losses are in the negative column. Not too bad though, my main problem is I tip [see how the need to defend oneself pops up!] I've been think ing about blogging about my lifetime results. But it's harder when it is overall negative vis a vis your lifetime 'still up'

there I go again!

100xOdds Jun 24, 2018

i started keeping track of my wins and loses (poker, vp, craps) for the past 4 years.

went up to +$17k then tumbled down to +$5k, then last year hit $10k worth of w2-g in $1 vp in 1 day!

im now at +$18k.

OnceDear Jun 24, 2018

The great thing that I remain conscious of is that this entire bankroll started out at £100 buy in and I've had 4 1/2 years fun with it and I'm not done yet. I did once say that I'd quit completely if it went this bad, so I won't predict what I do when it's completely depleted. Probably lob in a fresh 10k.

LOL @ w2gs. We don't have to worry about tax on winnings here. It would be a b1tch to calculate and pay tax on each upswing and not get to reclaim it.

gamerfreak Jun 29, 2018

What game do you normally play?

Posted by OnceDear
Jun 21, 2018

Todays MicroTrip Report

I know. This is extremely small time, but today I had a short session online ( about 45 minutes ) . Reporting it here amuses me.

Short version:-
Starting balance Zero
Awarded £2 Free slots play: Did not lose $:o) : Cashed out £50

Well, that didn't take long to read. Here's the TLDR version.

So, my online casino granted me ten free spins at 20p a spin. They are running this same spectacular promo for 4 days.

I played my 10 spins and had 2 wins, including a 'Big Win' leaving me with a massive bankroll of £3.22
Off to RNG Blackjack to see what I could make of my new found wealth.

Starting Freeroll for Slots£2.00
Starting Bankroll for Blackjack£3.22
Number of Wagers91
Average Wager1.89
Highest Wager ( after double)£8.00
Lowest Bankroll£0.22
Ending Bankroll£50.22

if only I'd been playing £50 per hand like i was earlier in the week!!!
This is what seems to happen far more often than I expect, when playing at super low stakes at this game. Refreshes my suspicion that it's teasing me.

[footnote]Later, I pushed on to £75... But crashed and burned and didn't make it to £100 :o| Oh hum. It was fun while it lasted.[/footnote]


odiousgambit Jun 22, 2018

>my suspicion that it's teasing me.

If I ever run into a game that teases me with money, I'd allow myself to be teased fairly indefinitely. In other words, if these places will 'let you win' at small bets but not at larger bets, haven't you cracked the secret? I understand playing all day just to make enough money to buy a small bag of peanuts would get old, but this seems to be more than that.

OnceDear Jun 22, 2018

I've got to pull the data together to show what happened when I tried to plod on towards £100 and ended up losing the lot.

Will update the chart soon.

OnceDear Jun 23, 2018

So... There was the reasonably successful freeroll. I'd turned £2 into £50 and took a pause,

Here's what happened next...

I thought I'd try to grind that £50 up to £100. Big silly mistake.Succesfully ground it up to £73...

... Then lost the bloody lot. Oh-hum: It was a freeroll to start with.

But what the heck: Buy in for £100 to see what I could do.

Lost the bloody lot.

Buy in for £200 to chase back that £100

Lost the bloody lot.

Buy in for £500 to chase back that £300

Nearly lost the bloody lot: Lost £200 of that buy in and started to feel depressed.

Clawed, Gnawed and Ground my way back to recover that £800 worth of buy in + £1.50 profit. Time to rest.

It was a doubled up £70 wager that turned me round at the low point

OnceDear Jun 23, 2018

OK. We resume the story...

I find myself having an online balance of £801.50, having just bought in 3 times and damned near losing £800. But clawing back my buy in was no compensation for the original £50 that I'd lost

The universe owed me £50 and I was going to fight for it. That £800 was my ammunition. So, back to the game. And it very nearly went tit-sup again. Certainly became another exercise in chasing losses.

I managed to turn that £801.50 into a pathetic £178 before beating the universe into submission and grinding my way to £852.50

Don't try this at home. It's how dumb ass degenerate gamblers spend their time.

Note the classic 'ramp and plummet' pattern to the chart. It was a consequence of generally playing 5,10,15,20,25 progressive..

odiousgambit Jun 24, 2018

I try hard to not be cynical but in spite of it wind up being suspicious about how your sagas always get you back to even, but glad you did

odiousgambit Jun 24, 2018

Sorry for the cynicism. So by way of atonement,

FleaStiff Jul 20, 2018

Is this software supplied by the casino?

OnceDear Aug 06, 2018

Quote: FleaStiff

Is this software supplied by the casino?

Sorry Fleastiff? What software? The charts are my excel record into which I pasted game log from the casino.

Posted by OnceDear
Jun 19, 2018

OOps I did it again

On 18th of this month, I described, in my blog, how I played like a knob...

... As per my usual Modus Operandi,
I'd bought in for a small amount: £65. Lost that,
bought in for £100. Lost that,,
bought in for £200. Lost that.
bought in for £750 and somehow clawed back the losses plus a modest profit.

Well, a leopard cant change its spots...

So, tonight, fuelled by Jack Daniels, I went online and credited my account with the arbitrary amount of £85

Buy-in £85. Bye Bye £85. £85 down. Damn and blast it.
Buy-in £200. Bye Bye £200. £85 + £200 = £285 down. Damn and blast it.
Buy-in £285. Bye Bye £285. £85 + £200 + £285= £570 down. Damn and blast it.
Buy-in £750. Well, it could have been Bye Bye £750 putting me down £1320 for the evening.

But I clawed it up to £1500 Cashed out.

Don't ask me how I did it. Blame reckless gambling and JD

So I end the evening -85-200-285-750+1500 = £180 in profit.

Well. I couldn't let it lie £180 profit was a stupid amount
So, I reversed the withdrawal, Clawed my way up to £1570 ad cashed out again to give me an evening profit of £250

It could have been oh, so different !!!!


odiousgambit Jun 20, 2018

well, we can't call it 'hit and run' but your gambling style does seem like a version of 'quit when you [finally] are ahead'

VCUSkyhawk Jun 20, 2018

This right here is exactly why I will never touch online gambling again. Too easy for addictive behavior. When I go to Vegas I bring a set amount of cash and lock my CCs in the hotel safe. I dont know how much of these funds are very disposable, but perhaps you should consider deleting your online account and only do brick and mortar casinos to reign in that behavior.

OnceDear Jun 20, 2018

Thanks for the comments guys, and for caring about my 'addiction'

No. It's not hit and run. It's abject stupidity.

I quit ( rest ) when I'm ahead by a few tens or hundreds of £££

Fortunately, I'm sane enough to also quit ( pause ) when the losses exceed my predefined spending.

So it was, March/April where I had a bunch of back to back lost buy-ins that came in at a couple of thousand quid. When I returned to the game, this month, it was not with the intention of chasing losses from those sessions, and it's extremely lucky I didn't, or I would have needed to buy in to the tune of >£10k, just to have a half decent chance.

Now, to set your mind at ease, all this spending is and always has been well within my affordable entertainment budget.

There is, some risk, which I've mentioned in private to a few folks. I will be coming into a lot of money soon. It could potentially burn a hole in my pocket and I COULD go crazy.

I'm taking steps to restrict my chance of going rogue, including placing limits on my account and putting the funds out of easy reach... A bit like having a gun in the home and a family history of irrational behavior.