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Oct 27, 2013

Claiming Copyright!

Craps at the Greenbrier [WV] recently has been my only gambling lately; Harrington, Del, with what that casino was comping me, had me going once a month, but after moving to our new home that option is no longer practical. I am still not sure I would want to do Charles Town WV, not exactly close and not exactly trying hard enough to earn anybody's action. It thus has been May since I did any gambling.

My old gambling problem has returned: I don't gamble enough!

So I put in some time at the G. and got 3 Craps sessions in; also a short BJ session. I was eager to try something. I just recently picked up some advice and it finally sank in that the "flying V" was not what I thought. I had noticed that set got some discussion, but when I looked up what it was about on some other website, the page failed to indicate much of interest. To my embarrassment, I also have to admit I failed to notice on any of my own investigation to find any similarly theoretically effective set assuming the shooter can keep the dice on axis for any percentage of the time greater than random. On the other hand, the Wizard also does not cover this set with his WoO page. I thank again the person here who clued me in; I'm guessing though he wants no citation.

The Flying V is a quick way of setting the dice with the assurance that the shooter will *not* have the same pair on the axis. Checking this out as I was advised, I found this does mean less 7s as a percentage should the shooter be able in fact to pull off an on-axis throw. "Correlation" effect can be random.

Further investigation showed that keeping both dice with 3-4 on axis in a throw increases the number of 7s and Yo's assuming "correlation" is random. As can be seen, the 5 and 6 both stay possible should the dice stay on axis. This "Yo Set" has got to be the set for the Come-out. I can't find squat on it on the internet and hereby copyright it! Anytime you talk about the Yo Set you must give me some dap! [vbg]

After this investigation I was good to go! At this point I should point out I absolutely have had no evidence before that I have been able to influence the dice! And you will be thrilled to hear that this time around I was clearly one of the worst shooters at the table!

In defense of my attempts, the table was plenty occupied and sometimes quite crowded, automatically meaning insufficient data on my own throws. Furthermore, I have no skill at doing what I am attempting to do, which is to lean out over Stick [being next to him] as much as possible and throw the dice gently, having them land and hit the back wall below the pyramids with as little energy as possible. I failed at this most of the time, and when I could do it, it was hard to claim good results. However, whenever I *knew* I had a bad throw when I released, it was 7-out!

The gambling was fun though, by the time it was all said and done I was only down approximately what I had left in tips. Can't beat that for cheap entertainment, which, friends and neighbors, is all it is to me.

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May 06, 2013

Hello World, Goodbye Harrington?

Hello World, Goodbye Columbus Harrington!

I guess I was surprised in the first place that Harrington DE got much of my action. I mean, the place is OK, very nice people there; the games are competitive in terms of rules too, such as 10x Craps odds. But the trip is just a bit too far, a "bridge too far" too as you have to cross the Bay Bridge and risk nightmarish backups. So, I expected the occasional trip maybe, when I knew the bridge would be OK. But then they started sending some fairly nice offers, offers that clearly would on average cost them with a player like me [the average player maybe not]. But I couldnt say no to the offers, modest in some terms, generous though compared to what my play should earn. I did go and It was fun.

Last trip was a repeat of the coupons doing fairly well, the Craps sessions not so much. I have to say overall the Craps table got the best of me - the variance was unkind. I sort of hate the idea of saying goodbye as I think I could at least pull up even with these offerings continuing.

Now though, I am going to be moving. It'll be closer to The Greenbrier in WV, but that is not the place to do regular gambling trips. Folks, it looks like I am going to be checking out Charles Town WV once in a while. It'll be a similar trip to what I was doing to go to Harrington, but without the bridge! Alas, all previous experience with the place has not been good. I'd even say it might be Hello World, Goodbye Gambling Much ... except I think we all know the siren call will probably prevail!

We shall see what we shall see. I'll miss those trips to the H.


Mission146 May 06, 2013

I hope you have a good move and enjoy your new town. Wheeling Island Racetrack and Casino only offers 2x Odds, but if you'll ever be in Northern WV, shoot me a PM and I'll check my schedule.

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Apr 23, 2013


Blogpost just for the record:

Last gambling activity 4/17/13 Harrington DE with the coupons and free chow, see other posts. BTW this same deal came in the mail so it is on for May as well. A repeat of last trip, lucky with the coupons but not so much with the craps so wound up down a bit.

Most interesting event: while playing the Free Ace, which won for $100, I naturally decided to play out the shoe. At one point the guy at 3rd base repeats about 3 times "that's a King under that 5" [dealer had a 5]. Such information did not affect my hand, but I didn't know whether to believe him or not, he was kind of goofy. Sure enough it was a King. The guy stayed a bit longer than my 'play out the shoe' but I noticed him leave soon too. So, here was a guy in a sweet situation who didn't know to keep it to himself and profit. Observing, there seemed to be quite a few new BJ dealers from things that were going on. The pit boss had fires to put out all over the place and had to help certain dealers do the payoffs right if something got complicated.

I was silently critical of the guy who didn't know to keep his mouth shut, but after thinking about it later, nor did I note who the dealer was or try to stick around and see if I could get into a good situation myself. Paigowdan must be proud of me, I can honestly say I had little taste for pursuing it. I think it can be said, though, that I have largely gotten to dislike BJ and that was a bigger influence than anything else. And, just for the record, my luck in double-downs continues to stink. [g]

PS: heading to the H tomorrow 5/1/13. Definitely feel like it's going to be at least one session of darkside 10x odds. Might be busy, if so that will give me a handle on how many are there 'cuz of similar comps.

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Apr 18, 2013

Diabolical Dastardly Darkside Dunk Defeats Dazzling Deal

Happened again.

I can't seem to learn my lesson with the e-craps at Md Live. Wednesday I am checking out the early morning scene. Craps tables look like they are going to be available 24/7 at the joint but for now at least minimums are a killer. I was expecting that, so sought out the e-craps instead, might as well play a bit. Sure enough $5 minimum is available. I always play the darkside with the e-craps since there is a certain degree of privacy and I like the idea there should be fewer losing streaks on darkly winning your points. But the 3 or so times I've been there and let the dice "roll" enough times to win or lose a bit of money it has gone the same way, disaster! I am totally snakebit now!

It was typical on how the darkside gets me there. The history on 7 shows fewer 7s than average [which I trust since it is auto-posted]. First thing that happens is 7-winner [darkside loser] grrrrr. Then I'm winning the next couple of bets, 7-out [darkside winners with odds]. The next point is a 6 and I make a DC bet and another point is to be resolved. This is supposed to be a nice situation! Why not another DC? As long as points are to be resolved, it's just loading up the gun with bets that I am now favored to win! Sure enough I've got about 5 going, I've loaded a dazzling deal! It's noticeable now, though, that the machine can't seem to roll a 7. I lay off any more betting for a bit, but after a couple of my bets get knocked off, I do the DC again and replace one or two. But that 7 won't come! The history is now showing it's the longest roll in the history [ although pretty sure that is a very limited history... still!] Diabolically each and every bet gets knocked off as I watch, now too miffed to replace them. To add insult to injury, a 6 is finally rolled to lose the line bet too. All my bets are gone! I am down $150 in no time flat.

The most perverse thing? The history shows only three 7s were rolled and of course one of them was 7-winner taking out one of my line bets!

I can't seem to learn my lesson with the e-craps at Md Live Lesson learned. No more perverse e-craps at Md Live.


teddys Apr 18, 2013

Heh. I guess that's called "losing." :) Seriously, better luck.

Zcore13 Apr 18, 2013

I'm pretty sure someone else at the machine was influencing the e-dice. You have to know who you're e-playing against. :)


100xOdds Apr 19, 2013

stop looking at the stats board! it'll drive u crazy.

i learned. i even made a thread about it: http://wizardofvegas.com/forum/gambling/craps/13070-i-gotta-ignore-the-stats-board/

i'm up a little since Md Live opened and play twice a month on avg. I only play e-Craps and mostly Dark.

sorry to hear about your luck :(

AcesAndEights Apr 21, 2013

Nothing worse than sitting there, looking at a big stack of chips on various DC numbers, and knowing that you have the best of it, while slowly but surely each one of them is picked off...

odiousgambit Apr 22, 2013

Something to be said about 'not playing scared' but my heart just isn't in with e-craps.

AcesAndEights Apr 22, 2013

I can't stand e-craps...nothing about heart, I just don't enjoy it as much. I understand if you like the low limits and exact payouts on smaller bets, but that's never an issue for me. I just love the social interaction at the table, whether I'm playing light side or dark...if light side, all the general shit-shooting with other players and dealers, sharing in the joy of a big win, or commiserating about a loss. If dark side, the subtlety of not celebrating and trying to nonchalantly pick up a big stack of chips after the shooter set up about 4 numbers and then hit the big red...

Anyway, none of that at an e-craps table. I guess the celebrating together part maybe, but it's much subdued in my experience.

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Mar 21, 2013

Harrington Cools But Stays Fun

Finally made it to Harrington DE this Tuesday, a week later than planned due to car problems. So I had a bill to pay, time to play some craps! [g]

Harrington has found a way to get me there "and I can't say no" by sending me each month $30 in match play coupons, a free ace coupon playable up to $100, and $50 to spend on food. Plus free breakfast buffet certain days. The value is way more than my play generates in theoretical losses, even including the tipping it's quite a bit more. So if this continues I'll find a day to go to Harrington as long as I live somewhat close.

This time around my luck was the complete opposite of last time, when the coupons bombed but my luck generally was very good. This time the free ace caught a king for a $100 win and 2 out of 3 match play coupons won at the craps line [didn't play odds on those]. I played through one shoe at BJ; I managed to sit down at a $25 table. A lower limit table was possibly available but I was getting frustrated, having sat down at what looked like a BJ table that instead was not BJ but "Ace King Blackjack", whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, and was told I couldn't play the free ace there. The sign just showed the letters A and K and the word Blackjack. Grrrr. So by the time I found somewhere I could play it it was just time to play. After playing through the 8 deck shoe I left exactly $100 up, from the free ace. The shoe gave me a couple of other Blackjacks but my doubling down is cursed, doomed when I do it, and I lost a couple of those to give the BJ wins back. It's just not my game, certainly not for $25 minimum and the lousy luck with doubling I've had.

The first session at Craps was $5 min, 3x4x5x, the whole 2.5 hours or so. This was through the lunch hour and I had expected $10 min. Aside from a few brief shining moments, though, the house was scooping it all up. Towards the end we went through about 8 shooters who couldnt make a point. I colored up $300 down, which I was happy about actually, imagining I must be down almost $500. The $5 min, plus the coupon wins, must have saved the session from total disaster.

After taking some breaks reading some mags and going through the BJ diversion [which actually occurred between craps sessions] it was time for another session. Much of this session was played $10 on the line and I went 4x odds much of that time. Actually the table was still $5 min when I started but I misunderstood a comment. Luckily the table was hot for a while and I clawed back a chunk of my money. Soon enough though nobody could make enough of their points to keep us above water and I was giving it back. A lady showed up at that point and spanked the dice good [why is it always a woman?] and we got it back and then some. The table then turned $10 min and I waited for the dice to come back to her, but the cubes were ready and weren't to be pushed around this time. At that point it was time to color up again, I had bet pretty heavy with her, piling up my come bets and odds as is my M.O. I was up about $150 for the session, left a tip, and found myself down $75 for the day, including tips. Not bad, no complaints.

All in all a lot of fun and I ate free of cost [just tips]. We'll have to see what the H. has to offer for April. Could be once winter is over, the nice offers will end. I could tell a lot of people had the food comps and were there with gaming coupons, every once in a while there would be a big line various places. I waited those out, might have been buses unloading [plenty of old folks].

PS: just confirmed today, 3-26-13, same deal is in the works for April. I was thinking, if someone told me this stuff, I'd figure they were just getting regular comps in line with their action. Full of it, in other words.


bigfoot66 Mar 24, 2013

It sounds like you only got paid even money for your blackjack with the free Ace coupon?

odiousgambit Mar 25, 2013

>you only got paid even money for your blackjack with the free Ace coupon?

Correct. Apparently that is to be expected. One of the best coupons you can get, if only a guy had a pocketful!