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Feb 09, 2014

Secret to Craps Success Discovered

My trip to Biloxi got the Kibosh put on it, as we were trying to get to New Orleans from the Florida panhandle the same day and were jumpy about the weather - prior days there had been freezing rain and unreliable forecasts. But I managed to make a few statements about my plans getting screwed, just for the record, you know.

Once in New Orleans it came to my attention that Harrah's has a casino there. Sure enough we had wandered near it at some point and the wife, not wanting me to be able to build up too much leverage on the matter I think [g], suggested I get my fix. A little snake-bit about her own gambling recently, she instead was going to hit a museum exhibit I had little interest in and then come get me, making my session a bit of a teaser, but I was taking what I could get.

I managed to get a spot at the only $10 Craps table; all tables offer 10x odds. That can take me out of my comfort zone most days; I decided I would be comfortable with full 5x if I didn't add much Come betting. I didn't like my position at this full table and sure enough my own rolling sucked. It had come around back to the only shooter that seemed to be able to make some of his points when my wife gave my arm a tug. OK, time to go, but I explained to her I had unresolved bets including one place bet. At this point, with me needing to get bets resolved, the shooter goes on a tear. He even hit my Come bet numbers, something that makes a difference! Several were 4 or 10, which paid $100 to my $50 odds bets. I had all my bets except the place bet [a number that didnt roll again unless it was 'off'] resolved at a couple of points, but since all were not resolved I just kept betting line bets with odds until he would 7-out. Actually, I had forgotten I could pick up the place bet, not surprising when there is the excitement of the shooter who can't roll a 7-out.

Eventually the hand is over, of course, but after tips I was up $718, very good for a non-presser like me. Fellows, I have discovered the Secret to Craps Success! Have a spouse waiting impatiently for you to leave the Craps table!


PS: I can't give you a good review, since my visit was brief. They have a big poker area roped off, tons of slots of course, and a respectable assortment of various other table games. For BJ I saw a few one deck games that paid 6:5. I'm sure they had other BJ varieties, but just didn't investigate, and made only mental notes about other games that fail me now.


1BB Feb 09, 2014

The blackjack on the main floor is 8 deck H17 and no surrender with 70% pen, nothing to write home about and nothing that I would play. There are better games in the area but you can easily walk to Harrah's from the French Quarter.

odiousgambit Feb 10, 2014

>you can easily walk to Harrah's from the French Quarter

That was nice. And it's kind of a nice place. I thought the 10x craps was a sign they were making some effort

Rereading this, it failed to convey very well that I was trying to get to where I could color up. The shooter just kept on with his terrific hand, making my wife wait of course; it probably seemed to her I was stalling. I became convinced that tension was our secret weapon [g]

hook3670 Feb 10, 2014

They have the friendliest dealers and bosses at any casino I have been to. I have been to Harrahs New Orleans many times. It is the only casino where on two different occasions a dealer has had the table laughing so hard people were falling out of their chairs including my wife and I.

RaleighCraps Feb 10, 2014

Excellent OG!

glad to see the craps gods have started smiling on our forum members. My destiny is coming soon too.

1BB Feb 13, 2014

It's a very nice casino. The entrances are set up so that everyone must pass by a security guard who will greet you and check you out.

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Dec 04, 2013

Math During Sleep

I am definitely someone who has his unconscious mind working on all kinds of bullshit. Sometimes the truth of some event that happened decades ago will come to me, perhaps something about it I was trying to deny or suppress and that got hashed out; or perhaps due to being older and wiser the truth comes to me. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with this.

Or sometimes it's less profound. Like what came to me last night.

I had been ticked at myself for being unable to figure out how fast the lady was falling when someone tried to catch her. See the post in this thread,


Now, this same thread earlier led to the Wizard working out some Calculus in an "ask the Wizard"


And, I can tell you that one of the things I believe about Calculus is that in itself, it is not difficult [but see the PS below]; I realized this after reading or hearing someone say what makes Calculus difficult is the Algebra. In fact after hearing this it struck me that typically a math course shoots past the simple applications right away. In fact, working out answers to 'falling object' questions is a good example of simple application.

So I knew that knowing that gravity makes an object on earth fall at a rate of 32.1740 feet per second squared should tell a person quickly how fast they were falling after so many feet or so many seconds. The give-away is that this can be expressed also as 32.174 ft per second, per second. But I was stumped right away knowing that I had to solve for 45 feet, and I didn't know how many seconds. I was really pissed because I *used* to be able to do this! I pondered and pondered, sometimes on paper. I was determined *not* to look at the "ask the W" until I figured this out.

Last night, waking me up, it came to me. [it was slightly wrong, corrected now I hope]. Here is math from someone limited; I take a verbal approach to math, alas.

You have to ask, what computation of the formula results in 45 feet? G= the rate, S = time in seconds.

G/2 * S^2 = feet! As finally remembered, you have to take the average speed, not final speed, to calculate distance traveled. Solve for 45 feet.

32.174/2 * S^2 = 45


16.087 * S^2 = 45

S = sqrt(45/16.087)= 1.6725100110476963

double check, 16.087 *1.6725100110476963^2 = 45 , it checks

OK, what I am really after is final velocity of that person after 45 feet of fall

after 1.67 seconds at 32.174 feet per second per second = 53.73 feet per second final velocity.

At this point I have some rules of thumb about ft or yds per second so I can relate to the speed in miles per hour. Roughly 54 feet per second which is 18 yards per second,

roughly 36 miles per hour.

Let's double-check this too; "per second per second" is naturally confusing, but if speed is indicated differently, it clears up. It's about 22 miles per hour per second; that is less confusing. 1.67 * 22 = 36.74 mph approx. I think we're good (but watch somebody correct me again [g])

No, I ain't catching that woman!



G * X^2 = feet! So simple. Solve for 45 feet.

[the above statement is in error, correct formula is G/2*X^2=45]

[I got roughly 26 miles per hour, but the distance allowed a much higher final velocity]



I went to Wikipedia etc. and found no evidence whatsoever that Calculus isn't damn tough. Somebody makes it hard with algebra? Dunno. Maybe I have to take it back, nothing I look at resembles the Calculus for beginners I remember.

And check this out, I put a formula into an online calculator but then realized I had jumped the gun. Curious, I clicked on the "eguals" button anyway. Look at this weird stuff that came up. Is there not something perverse about where the math guys always want to go? You tell me!


PapaChubby Dec 04, 2013

Unfortunately, the real equation is G * X^2 / 2 = feet. That's the problem with unit manipulation. It's easy to miss constants. Otherwise, I think everything you did should work out ok.

odiousgambit Dec 04, 2013

I walked away and realized it was wrong ... couldn't get back to the keyboard

What do they call it in calculus? the first derivative? somesuch.

In plain terms, the object starts it's descent at zero miles per hour, thus you can't use the final velocity like it was in effect all along. Divide by 2 and you have the average velocity.

I am going to attempt to fix this.

PapaChubby Dec 04, 2013

Exactly right. Acceleration is constant, velocity is linearly increasing, position can be obtained from average velocity, which is (zero plus final velocity)/2.

odiousgambit Dec 05, 2013

corrected now I think

Face Dec 06, 2013

Ain't catching her?

The mind is funny. I doubt you'd even have a chance to think, should that happen in your presense. It's a reaction, just like the old thread about the hot air balloon and if you'd let go. No time to ponder, to time to compute. Just "do or do not".

But put into persepective, even a goon can hit 20mph on skates. Some of the real speedsters can hit 35mph, no problem. I'm sure I personally could crack 30. Just about every check you see in hockey is a worse hit than that little woman would put on you.

Just wanted to add some perspective, in case it rains women aorund you in the future. You might save someone's life and suffer little more than the pain of a check.

odiousgambit Dec 06, 2013

>Ain't catching her?

I feel shame now

OK, at 45 feet I try to save her, but at 55 feet no way! [solve for final velocity for me btw][g]

Face Dec 06, 2013

No shame, just perspective. You see someone fall on someone else from height, and it looks kind of devastating. But then you realize the forces involved are more common than you might intuit, forces which you see over and over and over again on any given Sunday. When it comes to possibly saving someone's life...wouldn't you do it now, knowing it's no worse than Face losing control and running into you on the ice?

As for the math...how about "no"? =D AZD will become a bleeding heart before I understand anything above 8th grade math.

onenickelmiracle Dec 17, 2013

What I find hilarious about dreams is if you directly question the people in your dreams about the facts of your dreams, they change the subject hoping you'll forget your objections and normally they're right.

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Oct 27, 2013

Claiming Copyright!

Craps at the Greenbrier [WV] recently has been my only gambling lately; Harrington, Del, with what that casino was comping me, had me going once a month, but after moving to our new home that option is no longer practical. I am still not sure I would want to do Charles Town WV, not exactly close and not exactly trying hard enough to earn anybody's action. It thus has been May since I did any gambling.

My old gambling problem has returned: I don't gamble enough!

So I put in some time at the G. and got 3 Craps sessions in; also a short BJ session. I was eager to try something. I just recently picked up some advice and it finally sank in that the "flying V" was not what I thought. I had noticed that set got some discussion, but when I looked up what it was about on some other website, the page failed to indicate much of interest. To my embarrassment, I also have to admit I failed to notice on any of my own investigation to find any similarly theoretically effective set assuming the shooter can keep the dice on axis for any percentage of the time greater than random. On the other hand, the Wizard also does not cover this set with his WoO page. I thank again the person here who clued me in; I'm guessing though he wants no citation.

The Flying V is a quick way of setting the dice with the assurance that the shooter will *not* have the same pair on the axis. Checking this out as I was advised, I found this does mean less 7s as a percentage should the shooter be able in fact to pull off an on-axis throw. "Correlation" effect can be random.

Further investigation showed that keeping both dice with 3-4 on axis in a throw increases the number of 7s and Yo's assuming "correlation" is random. As can be seen, the 5 and 6 both stay possible should the dice stay on axis. This "Yo Set" has got to be the set for the Come-out. I can't find squat on it on the internet and hereby copyright it! Anytime you talk about the Yo Set you must give me some dap! [vbg]

After this investigation I was good to go! At this point I should point out I absolutely have had no evidence before that I have been able to influence the dice! And you will be thrilled to hear that this time around I was clearly one of the worst shooters at the table!

In defense of my attempts, the table was plenty occupied and sometimes quite crowded, automatically meaning insufficient data on my own throws. Furthermore, I have no skill at doing what I am attempting to do, which is to lean out over Stick [being next to him] as much as possible and throw the dice gently, having them land and hit the back wall below the pyramids with as little energy as possible. I failed at this most of the time, and when I could do it, it was hard to claim good results. However, whenever I *knew* I had a bad throw when I released, it was 7-out!

The gambling was fun though, by the time it was all said and done I was only down approximately what I had left in tips. Can't beat that for cheap entertainment, which, friends and neighbors, is all it is to me.

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May 06, 2013

Hello World, Goodbye Harrington?

Hello World, Goodbye Columbus Harrington!

I guess I was surprised in the first place that Harrington DE got much of my action. I mean, the place is OK, very nice people there; the games are competitive in terms of rules too, such as 10x Craps odds. But the trip is just a bit too far, a "bridge too far" too as you have to cross the Bay Bridge and risk nightmarish backups. So, I expected the occasional trip maybe, when I knew the bridge would be OK. But then they started sending some fairly nice offers, offers that clearly would on average cost them with a player like me [the average player maybe not]. But I couldnt say no to the offers, modest in some terms, generous though compared to what my play should earn. I did go and It was fun.

Last trip was a repeat of the coupons doing fairly well, the Craps sessions not so much. I have to say overall the Craps table got the best of me - the variance was unkind. I sort of hate the idea of saying goodbye as I think I could at least pull up even with these offerings continuing.

Now though, I am going to be moving. It'll be closer to The Greenbrier in WV, but that is not the place to do regular gambling trips. Folks, it looks like I am going to be checking out Charles Town WV once in a while. It'll be a similar trip to what I was doing to go to Harrington, but without the bridge! Alas, all previous experience with the place has not been good. I'd even say it might be Hello World, Goodbye Gambling Much ... except I think we all know the siren call will probably prevail!

We shall see what we shall see. I'll miss those trips to the H.


Mission146 May 06, 2013

I hope you have a good move and enjoy your new town. Wheeling Island Racetrack and Casino only offers 2x Odds, but if you'll ever be in Northern WV, shoot me a PM and I'll check my schedule.

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Apr 23, 2013


Blogpost just for the record:

Last gambling activity 4/17/13 Harrington DE with the coupons and free chow, see other posts. BTW this same deal came in the mail so it is on for May as well. A repeat of last trip, lucky with the coupons but not so much with the craps so wound up down a bit.

Most interesting event: while playing the Free Ace, which won for $100, I naturally decided to play out the shoe. At one point the guy at 3rd base repeats about 3 times "that's a King under that 5" [dealer had a 5]. Such information did not affect my hand, but I didn't know whether to believe him or not, he was kind of goofy. Sure enough it was a King. The guy stayed a bit longer than my 'play out the shoe' but I noticed him leave soon too. So, here was a guy in a sweet situation who didn't know to keep it to himself and profit. Observing, there seemed to be quite a few new BJ dealers from things that were going on. The pit boss had fires to put out all over the place and had to help certain dealers do the payoffs right if something got complicated.

I was silently critical of the guy who didn't know to keep his mouth shut, but after thinking about it later, nor did I note who the dealer was or try to stick around and see if I could get into a good situation myself. Paigowdan must be proud of me, I can honestly say I had little taste for pursuing it. I think it can be said, though, that I have largely gotten to dislike BJ and that was a bigger influence than anything else. And, just for the record, my luck in double-downs continues to stink. [g]

PS: heading to the H tomorrow 5/1/13. Definitely feel like it's going to be at least one session of darkside 10x odds. Might be busy, if so that will give me a handle on how many are there 'cuz of similar comps.