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Mar 09, 2022

Norma Geli - Las Vegas Videos

The cost of living in Las Vegas may never be the same - KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

$6,400 rent raise? Las Vegas landlord says it's their right to name price - FOX5 Las Vegas

Norma Geli (videos)
74.6K subscribers
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"Uber/Lyft strike on 3/17/22. Drivers need a fuel surcharge added to each ride. Uber non-responsive..."

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Mar 08, 2022

Slots Too Tight To Mention - Mystic Lake

Trip Advisor comment section on Mystic Lake Casino in Minnesota.
Are the slots really at 82% payback? Are the slots mysteriously tighter at higher denoms?
There's only Black Jack tables, and they charge 25 cents a hand at the $1 table?
Are people not getting paid their big jackpots because one person hit the Spin button and the other hit the Collect button?
Oh, the COVID restrictions and the no alcohol policy!

Remind me again why the biggest casino in the state, presumably, has the worst reviews...

Pressyourluck wrote: June 2020
What is sorely lacking is a REASONABLE gaming experience. I am a Celebrity member (the highest level) and play the slots mostly. I like to play for the fun of it, the challenge and I know full well that the house has the advantage. One should expect to lose routinely, win occasionally, maybe break even and every once-in-a something of substance. That's what happens at every other casino on planet earth.....except Little Six and Mystic. The slots are so disproportionately advantageous to the house that it's literally not possible to have a reasonable gaming experience. It's a regular occurrence to put several hundred dollars in a machine and either not ever trigger a feature or a bonus (which is what the slots are now designed to enhance the experience), or if you do finally trigger one, the win is insulting. There is no advantage betting bigger amounts, no machine denominations that are better than others and there are obvious and frequent casino-wide system shut-downs where no matter what you do, no matter how many different machines you play, you keep spinning and spinning and get NOTHING. People on the floor have said that it used to be much easier to win, but this has all changed (going back well before Covid hit). I believe there is manipulation via the use of the players card as well. How could there not be? There is a magnetic stripe on a card that you insert into a computer - they can manipulate however they want. Below this review they will claim they are rigorously regulated by the gaming commission. If that is true, either the gaming commission is turning their heads and doing nothing or there is a fine that is paid that is less than what the casino would pay out in a normal reasonable gaming scenario.

jameswW6741PS wrote: Reviewed July 29, 2017
Already Know What The Response Will Be
We live near-by this casino. As far as size and appearance it is by far the best in the area. If you dig a little bit deeper it isn't all that great. The slots are beyond tight. The bonuses are non-existent. Drinks are hyper expensive. Buffet is average at best and for the money not a good value. Employees are generally rude or disinterested. They have no customer service skills. The fact of the matter is Mystic is the only game in town so they don't have to care. I can tell u that it's nowhere near as busy as it used to be. Locals are fed up with the place. I know in advance that the response from them to this review will include comments about them being the mid-west's premiere gaming destination and how they are known for their compliance to the gaming regulations. Great they basically own the gaming commission and besides one other casino about 60 miles from the metro area they are the only destination.
My biggest gripe with the place isn't that you lose because all casinos it works that way . It's actually that it's no fun. You just flush your money away and head home smelling like smoke. There's no action, no atmosphere. You want fun that involves gambling for a weekend? Spend a couple of hundred extra for a plane ticket and head to Vegas. Seriously the hotel isn't much cheaper then Vegas. The drinks are way more and at the rate you lose at Mystic the extra expense for the airline ticket you'd still end up way ahead. Bottom line, it's a total money grab with no customer service because there doesn't need to be.

Minnybill wrote: Reviewed July 18, 2016
If you smoke and love to lose money, this is your place. Of course no different than any other Minnesota casino. This one though has the most money to do something about it and they don't. How do the Vegas hotels do it? I hate coming here but my wife loves it. Oh get this, a $10 minimum blackjack table has a max of $199. $500 would be normal. As long as the tribes have no competition they can run tight slots, have lousy table game rules and allow the smoke to soak into you within seconds of approaching the front door.

SlotPlayer777 wrote: Reviewed December 14, 2015
Treated Horribly
Played high limit slots for hours on Saturday 12th into Sunday 13th
While sitting and waiting for $1,300.00 payout, that took over
15 minutes, I was told by a slot host to not watch other players
play, minutes later security came over and wanted to know what
I was doing and asked me to not sit and watch other players playing the slot machines. After losing over $3,000.00 you'd think they'd
treat you with a little respect
If I return I'll be sure to bring my blindfold but after being treated
like a pariah I doubt I'll ever return
Mermaid machine at the entrance to high limits took $1,200.00
no bonus no line pay

Nanders wrote: Reviewed November 22, 2014
Mystic Showroom
We went to Last Comic Standing in the Mystic Showroom. The seating was comfy with lots of leg room and the comics were fantastic. However, the venue is not set up for this kind of show. If you plan to drink or go to the washroom, plan to spend a lot of time in long lines. There were only 2 men's stalls and 3 women's stalls. I have never seen a line that long for a men's washroom anywhere. We had a 20 minute intermission which I spent in the beer line. Other than that it was a great time.

Well, I lost my spot about 50+ pages into the comments section and it's obvious the slots are too tight in so many comments. I can't really speak for the live entertainment here, but a few did. Gamblers are advised to check out Treasure Island Casino in Welch, MN and the Grand Casino in Hinckley, MN, and just avoid the Mystic Lake Casino.

Treasure Island Casino reviews include too tight slots, but more reviews are about the concert experiences which can be utter nightmares ranging from overpriced water and beer, to bad seating, to expensive tickets, to rude staff, to drunk & disorderly concert goers, the list goes on.

Grand Casino Hinckley has an age old problem:
"If they're going going put you in a room they haven't updated since 1990, it would be nice to be charged 1990 prices. These are $40 rooms they charge $100 for. Dirty. Smelly. Loud. Gross. Ish. Yuk. This place is a DUMP and needs a total remodel! It's 2021! Get some WiFi that works at least!"

MysticLakeSucks wrote: July 2018 - about Grand Casino Hinckley
Hotel Casino from Hell!!! Will never return!!!
We just back for the worst casino trip we have ever had. First of all we could not even check into the room until one hour after check in time and only after begging for a room. The room we got was filthy, the carpet was extremely stained, and on a hot day the room AC did not work! The toilet ran non-stop. We asked for a room change and they said they couldn't because they were full. We actually left the hotel at 11 pm and drove the long drive home we were so mad - too hot to sleep.

Regarding casino play, it was NON-EXISTENT!!!! Me and wife wife lost $700 playing the penny slots in a short period of time. This wasn't a one time bad luck loss, this is the way it is consistently now at Grand Casino properties. The Stories diner service was so poor I walked out and had to eat at their crappy cafe with long lines. This is casino has gone so far down hill in the last couple years that we no longer EVER have fun. I destroyed my players card and had them remove us from any future mailings. After 20 plus years of being repeat customers they lost us for good. We will never set foot in a Grand Casino property again.

Let me mention that the Mille Lacs property is just as bad - we were just there and it was pretty much the same story. These casinos no longer provides ANY entertainment value and just want to fleece you as fast as they can. I do not know how the state even lets them stay in business. You can tell they are in a death spiral and no longer care about providing a fun or sanitary experience. Hopefully the next recession will put them under and the state of Minnesota will allow private/state run casinos. Rot in hell Grand Casino and good riddance - the end of your greedy empire in near!

Signed - former customers

mayerspl wrote: Jan. 2018 - about Grand Casino Hinckley
Going down hill
We have never seen the machines so tight. If you are a high roller you get special invites and can usually win at the slots. If you are an average Joe good luck at getting anything. Contrary to their claims it is evident that the machines are controlled for certain users. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric that the casino cannot control payouts. Just not true. Hinckley at one time had the best buffet in the region. Not any more. Poor set up, poor selection and extremely poor quality. Unfortunately Grand Casino Hinckley is going down hill.

lOserville wrote: Oct. 2017
You'll be told your gambling is over, but for no reason. Have a few drinks, win, and you'll be done and escorted out.
You can't smoke and aren't supposed to drink. You can't indulge yourself on the casino floor even if you stay at the hotel. All in all, a big thumbs down. Vegas knows how to let people have a good time without being their Indian mother. GCH does not.

wiiufan16 wrote: Sept. 2016
One of the worst casinos I have ever been to
Upon arrival my room was not ready, even though I had booked a week in advance. Any other hotel I have stayed in has never had a 2 hour wait to get in a room. The next problem I encountered was the arrogant bartenders, I had a shot and was cut off right afterward. I have never been in a casino and been cut off due to one drink. This is the most crappy casino I have ever been to. I will absolutely never return, on top of the horribly rude customer service, you win nothing.

Vicki69072 wrote: Aug 2016
Leave the kids with a sitter unless you want to pay $7.50 per hour/per kid
We hadn't been to the casino for many years and obviously kids cannot be in a casino, and the casino website said they had child care (it's similar to a McDonalds Playland). We were not expecting to have to pay $7.50/hour per child - the website didn't mention that! We thought they would have complementary child care so that parents would spend while in the casino. We ended up leaving without playing at all since we were not willing to spend $15/hour (2 kids) just for the child care.

Cassjp wrote: May 2016
Horrible Customer Service
My husband, me and another couple attended the Joan Jett and Heart concert here last night. The concert at the amphitheatre was great! But after the concert we went into the casino and experienced horrible treatment from the bartenders and staff. The staff could definitely use further training on how to treat their patrons!

BirdB wrote: Sept. 2015
Horrible experience
We receive free room offers every month. For the last 6 months the offers never seem to be available in the casino hotel. This is false advertising. I have called over a month in advance only to be offered the "last"available free room which always seems to be the worst smoking room available at Northern Inn. You then have the option to wait and wait for the free "cheech and chong" smoke filled shuttle to give you a ride. That hotel is so dirty and nasty there are no words to explain. The free breakfast consists of stale doughnuts,toast and watered down coffee. The entire hotel smells like an ashtray. After monthly visits and thousaunds of dollars spent in the casino, they seem to be tighter than ever. This visit we spent well over 2500 dollars. We received a hand full of bonus games literally and won 3 dollars at most. Everyone we sat by seemed to have a similar experience. Yes you will lose at a casino but when several visits in a row result in the same experience, it is a con job on the casinos part. Comp dollars are nonexistent now along with grandplay. The free drinks in certain rooms are a joke. There is no schedule as to when they come aound to take your order and when they do dont expect your drink to arrive for at least a half hour. My family is done with Grand Casino. The amount of money we spend there will get us to Vegas with real free rooms and play time for our money. Heres some photos of the beautiful view from our stinky outdated room. Notice the bed almost touched the dirty floor. Dont bother asking for an extra pillow, the front desk people say there are none.

AdventurerMN wrote: Dec. 2014
Horrific - do not stay here! smells like an ashtray!
Reservation was screwed up and the front desk blamed it on the host and could do nothing to fix it. Lack of customer service and they really didn't seem to care. The two hosts who had set this up were not accessible so we got a "oh well" response. I was really surprised and it made me want to cancel one of our nights. Other customers commented to us by the elevator about how poor the service is at the hotel.

They were supposed to call when room was available - they did not.
Entire hotel smells like an ashtray including non-smoking suites.

I travel 60-80 nights a year and this is the by far the worst I have ever stayed in. Jacuzzi was dirty - especially the surrounding wall.

Tried calling front desk rang 18 times before someone picked up and she mumbled and transferred to front desk. She didn't even say hello.

SharonM wrote: March 2014
Go stay somewhere else!
We got kicked out of casino and still got charged for our room! The pit boss was a number 1 jerk who I hope got fired for the way he treated us! I will never go to this casino again and telling everyone about our experience. It was awful. Go stay somewhere else!
How Slot Machines Work - 2022 Update - Mar 9, 2022 - americancasinoguide - 163K subscribers - YouTube
This guy is making his debut appearance at the casino below. He says there's new & popular machines there and he plays them like he at least knows the theme songs to the ones he played. He really plays for the YouTube live stream & Facebook crowd. I did notice that later on in the video, he ran across a few machines that would dangle some kind of bonus if you reach certain win goals, but that bonus could disappear. So it keeps you glued to the machine in hopes of winning $500 while you lose $500, then the bonus goes away. I'd never play these machines unless I had some serious bankroll like this guy does.
2HRS of LIVE SLOTS in Minnesota 🎰 Grand Casino in Hinckley - Brian Christopher Slots - 497K subscribers - 657,766 views Streamed live on Jun 23, 2021 - YouTube


Dieter Mar 09, 2022

MN Gaming compacts:

A quick summary of my quick review:

(I only reviewed a few documents; standards may have been since amended)

80% minimum, 95% maximum on common slots

83% minimum, 98% maximum on video poker and video blackjack

75% minimum on video keno

And subjectively: most of the surrounding states average around 91%, and a lot of Minnesota players seem to prefer to head to the casinos across the borders (Danbury, Turtle Lake, Worth).

82% -- more than the least we could do!

ChumpChange Mar 10, 2022

Well now, it's just scary how VP & VBJ could have 83% payback!

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Feb 12, 2022

When the bank bounces instead of your check.

California man deposits $33K check in BofA account, never sees it again as branch closes - YouTube

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What's Vegas like in 2022?- Yellow Productions

1 hour rundown. Most places abandoned during Omicron version 1.
Caesars has the crowd.

I just got back from Las Vegas! What's Vegas like in 2022? - YouTube - Yellow Productions - Jan 3, 2022


Mary0393 May 30, 2022

I was in Vegas for 4 days back in July and went back for a couple days before Thanksgiving . Both times were weekday visits and I was surprised by the size of the crowds. People everywhere. On my most recent trip, I went out to SW Steakhouse on a Monday night for dinner and I expected it to be quiet - it's Monday night. It was insane and I was really glad I had reservations.

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Jan 23, 2022

The IRS has a 6 month backlog, but they want your selfie & credit report.

The IRS has a 6 month backlog, but they want your selfie & credit report.


odiousgambit Jan 24, 2022

well this got my attention

I do not have an IRS online account or expect to need one, yet this is concerning if the sheeple show they will generally accept this if it expands. I do have a Social Security online account and simply won't have it anymore if they want to get shitty with this sort of stuff ...

less frantic info here: