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Nov 04, 2019

Why Did Casino Control Commissioners Avoid Stripping Trump Of Casino Licenses?

The 5 People Who Could Have Stopped Trump - POLITICO Magazine

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Oct 14, 2019

Spreadsheets for gambling, Part 1

Just some random videos I ran across last night. I don't have the focus right now to figure out order or extent. Not sure I have focus to do spreadsheets either. There's a learning curve here, and there's an RNG at the push of a button.

Craps Odds Bet Strategy, Zero House Edge: Part 3, Laying the Odds on Don't Pass - YouTube

Craps Pass Bet With Max Odds Sim, Near-Zero House Edge - YouTube

Craps Pass Bet With Odds Strategy Simulation, Setup in Excel Spreadsheet - YouTube

Why You Need a $10,000 Bankroll to Win $10/hour Card Counting Blackjack - YouTube

Kelly Criterion: Huge Bankroll Needed for Blackjack Card Counting - YouTube

Craps Field Bet Payoff Odds Strategy and Simulator - YouTube

Running vs True Count, % Advantage Six Decks, 3:2 6:5 - YouTube

Gambling Winning and Losing Streaks and the Standard Deviation, Part 1 - YouTube

Gambling Streaks and the Standard Deviation, Part 2: Unfair Games - YouTube

Gambling Streaks and the Standard Deviation, Part 3: Uneven Payoff Games - YouTube

Gambling Streaks and the Standard Deviation, Part 4: Blackjack Card Counting - YouTube

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Oct 12, 2019

The Best Way to Get and Use Casino Credit

The Best Way to Get and Use Casino Credit


Helen Oct 22, 2019

oh no never had casino credit

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Oct 08, 2019


Interview with a Slot Manager - 1999


smoothgrh Oct 09, 2019

"A change person's main function is to provide our casino guests with change service without having to leave the machine." F.

"Wheel of Fortune is the most popular right now." I threw several $20s in quarters in them back in the day—no luck with 93.5% payback!

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Sep 15, 2019

NCC Gaming, VisuaLimits, Play+, Square’s Cash app, The VL-Eye

From the thread: Playing For Comps, page 11

NCC Gaming is our cloud based FCRA compliant end-to-end marker management solution for online application hosting, credit acceptance, underwriting, maintenance, marker issuance, deposit and collection.

I wound up googling VisuaLimits casino table limit signage, so had to change my googling to NCC Gaming. Signs are lit nowadays.

The VL‐Focus® brings Play+ to your gaming tables. Cashless transactions are here and with the VL‐Focus® your guests can transfer funds from their Play+ account directly to the gaming table.

GN - Look no further than our Play+ Account* -
LOL, I could play on their app if I can find Wi-Fi at the Delaware Water Gap, after a 4 hour car ride.

Square’s Cash app now supports direct deposits for your paycheck

Ohhhh -
The VL-Eye is a unique piece of hardware. The VL-Eye adds visual appeal through a double side LCD tower. The LCD’s work in conjunction with the VL-Focus or VL-Pro to provide your guests with information related to game type, limit, smoking status, reserved status, and progressive details from afar. Your guests can spot the game of their choice with a glance through your casino.

The VL-Eye wasn’t designed for style alone. The system is embedded with three cameras and an embedded, software controlled lighting system. The cameras, in conjunction with the VL-Focus or VL-Pro, provide you with complete coverage of your gaming table.

While the coverage is an ideal method for surveillance to view every angle of the table through the IP cameras, the real purpose is to bring “Slot Data” to table games. Through software we are able to gather data on your players. We acquire average bet, using chip recognition, for your main wagers and side wagers and pair this data with facial recognition technology. This association provides you with the most effective method of ratings ever provided at gaming tables. You now know your most valuable players and your supervisors can focus customer service.

Though Facial Recognition and game play data the VL-Eye provides you with an effective AML solution. The automated system allow for tracking across all of your gaming tables. In addition to AML, you no longer need to worry about getting beat by a known cheat. The system is designed to inform you of those players at your gaming tables that you would prefer not be there.

AML Compliance (Anti-money laundering)
Facial Recognition provides you with the gateway to enhanced, simplified AML. Assigning a buy-in to a face means that face will be tracked across the casino floor and each further buy-in will be appended. Your staff can drop the outdated, antiquated way tracking is currently performed.