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Feb 12, 2022

When the bank bounces instead of your check.

California man deposits $33K check in BofA account, never sees it again as branch closes - YouTube

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Feb 08, 2022

What's Vegas like in 2022?- Yellow Productions

1 hour rundown. Most places abandoned during Omicron version 1.
Caesars has the crowd.

I just got back from Las Vegas! What's Vegas like in 2022? - YouTube - Yellow Productions - Jan 3, 2022


Mary0393 May 30, 2022

I was in Vegas for 4 days back in July and went back for a couple days before Thanksgiving . Both times were weekday visits and I was surprised by the size of the crowds. People everywhere. On my most recent trip, I went out to SW Steakhouse on a Monday night for dinner and I expected it to be quiet - it's Monday night. It was insane and I was really glad I had reservations.

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Jan 23, 2022

The IRS has a 6 month backlog, but they want your selfie & credit report.

The IRS has a 6 month backlog, but they want your selfie & credit report.


odiousgambit Jan 24, 2022

well this got my attention

I do not have an IRS online account or expect to need one, yet this is concerning if the sheeple show they will generally accept this if it expands. I do have a Social Security online account and simply won't have it anymore if they want to get shitty with this sort of stuff ...

less frantic info here:

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Jan 22, 2022

Random Casino Vlog Watching Night (Poker)- 1-22-2022

Random Casino Vlog Watching Night (Poker)- 1-22-2022:
Inside the 4 QUEENS! (the most underrated hotel and casino in Las Vegas!) - Pompsie

HOW TO not WIN $1,000,000 at the World Series of Poker - Jeff Boski

HOW to BEAT low stakes poker! TIPS for WINNING at $1/2!! // Poker Vlog #78 - Lex O Poker

PLAYING the biggest GAME in the City and I keep getting ACES!! // Poker Vlog #81 - Lex O Poker

Vegas UPSWING continues! CRUSHING $5/10 for $500/hour!! // Poker Vlog #80 - Lex O Poker

1996 World Series Of Poker Adventure Deluxe For PC - pokernewsdotcom

#600 Casino in the Middle of Nowhere: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Longstreet - Wonderhussy Adventures


smoothgrh Feb 06, 2022

Re: 1996 World Series Of Poker Adventure Deluxe For PC - pokernewsdotcom

OMG, this is the game that I want Mission146 to review!

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Nov 29, 2021

PL w/ 1X Odds, 2x 1/2 bet Comes w/ 3X Odds

Played some WinCraps and was on a losing streak so I started betting $1,000 on the PL to catch up, but the losing streak intensified. I was down $20K, down to $80K, from $100K, when I thought I'd try a new strategy. I'd bet $500 on the PL, $500 odds, $250 on each of 2 Come bets with $750 odds. I won to $128K within 400 rolls (+$48K). I didn't have more than $3,000 on the table at anytime. I started replacing won Come bets with $1000 Buy bets on the 5, 9 or $990 PB 6, 8. I'd place a different number if a Come bet moved into the PB that just won. If a 4, 10 Come bet won, I'd take the bet down and make it an inside number Buy/PB.
I took a break, then hoped to continue the winning streak, but the early 7-outs just didn't stop and I lost $30K. So eventually I got back to $102K then changed my game. I'd bet $30 + $30 odds on the PL, & $15 + $45 on the 2 Comes. I had to lower my bets to $20 + $20 odds on the PL, & $10 + $30 odds on the 2 Comes when my balance fell below $101,800. When I got to above $102,700, I raised my bets to $40 + $40 odds on the PL, & $20 + $60 odds on the 2 Comes. My good luck continues and I'm about to start betting $60 + $60 odds on the PL, & $30 + $90 odds on the 2 Comes for getting above $103,900.
I've been rolling the dice in WinCraps another 500+ rolls and I'm up to nearly $113,500 (+$11.5K). I'm trying to make a change that if a Come bet with odds wins, I'll split it into two PB/Buy bets. If I have a $90 Come + $270 Odds, the total bet is $360, so I'll split that into $180 on two inside numbers. So if I win both Come bets, I'll have 4 numbers covered with them as PB/Buy bets plus the PL with odds. If a come bet without odds wins, I'll just rack it and rebet. I'll Buy the 4 or 10 if the PL point is an inside number, and move it to the inside if the PL point becomes a 4 or 10.
Since I'm so far ahead, I could split the $13.5K into three $4K buy-ins and collect a heavy advantage.
Another 500+ rolls and I'm up to $127.7K (+$25.7K), and I'm betting $300 + $300 odds on the PL, and $150 + $450 odds on each of 2 Come bets, and $300 on PB/Buy bets after Come w/ odds wins. I'm more than halfway to $300K (+$200K) on a $2K Max Table.
A serious losing streak brought me back to $116K (+$14K), and now would be a good time to divvy that up into four $4K buy-ins.
I was reading something somewhere else and a suggestion was made to not put odds on the numbers until all 3 bets have been established. The early 7-outs are contagious. If a Come-out 7 knocks out all my Come bets, don't add odds until they are both up again. If I already have 2 place bets up, add odds on the PL. This may limit the downside slide a bit, but it also limits my upside when I make 3 PL points and 4 Come bets before I get my odds up.
I lowered my betting as if I had a $4K buy-in at $116K (lose my session at $112K). I've won to $122K, so I'd be cashing out about $10K at the cage about now.
Next night I buy-in a $2K session and it lasted me over 2 hours on WinCraps. I had a bit of beginner's luck and got to $1500 ahead, but the doom scroll of bad luck entered the chat and it was PL knocking my Come bets off either by 7-winners or replacements, just getting my PB/Buy bets up and getting a 7-out, or getting point 7-outs many times in a row like tourists were throwing the dice, and far too few times of hitting my PB/Buy bets 5+ times after getting them set up, but the PL with odds was making a strong showing.
12-14-21: I had a 48 roll hand and was betting $60 on the PL with 1X Odds & $30 on 2 Comes with $90 Odds, and converting each won Come with Odds bet into 2 PB/Buy bets. I won $2,310. I don't think running a progression on the PB's is all that productive. It's better to raise bets when a session balance is reached, and lower it when that balance is breached going down. My buy-in would be $5,400 for this session, and this hand brought me to $230 above $5,400 but I didn't get around to raising my bets to $90 + $90 & $45 + $135 with $90 PB/Buy bets.
I had two turns in a row that totaled 81 rolls. The first hand was 44 rolls and I won $2,173 at the $90 bet level and brought me above $8,100 where I raise my bets. The second hand was 37 rolls that won $2,648 at the $120 bet level and brought me to $11.1K which is a little short of where I raise my bets to the $180 level. Seven 7-outs later in 39 rolls and I've fallen below $8,100 and I have to lower my bet level to $90.
Bubble Craps has a $195 PL/Come bet limit and 2X Odds. For 3X Odds, just add an extra PB/Buy bet. Vouchers will spit out on wins that take you over $3K. I did see one player on YouTube playing Bubble Craps and he had over $20K on the machine, so there are exceptions.


OnceDear Nov 30, 2021

Does Wincraps make you do buy-ins to give you a session bankroll? If so, what buy-ins would you have had to have done to have played that live?


I can start WinCraps with most any buy-in, the default is lower and I've forgotten what it was, maybe $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000, but I set it for $100,000 so I could worry more about sticking around that figure when times get tough.

For the $3,000 max on the felt, a buy-in of $30K would be minimum for me, but I'd make it much higher, maybe in the $90K range.

If I'm gonna be betting on Bubble Craps with $2 + $2 Odds on the PL, and $1 + $2 odds + $1 PB on the point for 2 Come bets, the total on the felt would be $12 at one time. So my minimum buy-in would be $120, but I should plan on making the buy-in around $500 (with a different betting strategy that goes to higher bets) if I get ahead with beginner's luck.

If I'm at at a $10 table, I'd have $20 + $20 odds on the PL, and $10 + $30 odds on the 2 Come bets, the total on the felt would be $120 at one time. So my minimum buy-in would be $1200, but I should plan on making the buy-in around $4,000 (with a different betting strategy that goes to higher bets, and includes $30 on the PL where on the Bubble Craps it skips from $2 to $4 and excludes $3 on the PL because I can't bet $1.50 on the Come).

I've gotten from $102,000 to near $107,000 playing the table amounts on WinCraps last night, so that'd be equivalent to turning $200 into $1,000 on the Bubble Craps with a slightly different chart. The dice have to be with me for me to win. The local Bubble Craps has speeded up their dice shaker so it's not easier to lazily throw 7's on the Come-out all day, but it does seem much easier to inadvertently throw a 7-out. Other players are betting the Don'ts, even when they shoot. I can roll 21 times trying to hit my point of 4 and not hit it, so I can still get into Hot Shooter mode, usually at least once an hour if I'm shooting alone.

I've said many, many times before that WinCraps will put me on a winning streak so it can figure out my betting habits, then it will turn on me horrendously & never-endingly. Like I start betting Don't Pass, I win for awhile, then suddenly it's Hot Shooter time and I'm making 8 points and winning a dozen come-out bets. I don't trust WinCraps to be a harbinger of what I'll find on Bubble Craps or real tables, and I wouldn't trust online craps either. But I can cobble together some winning strategies that may work for a day on WinCraps before it goes utterly sour.

tuttigym Jan 23, 2022

Mr.CC: I have great respect for your math intellect and for the way you can communicate. Having said that, why do you play WinCraps at levels of wagers you would probably never approach in reality at the casinos? What is the benefit of the above sessions that could be of value to a player playing for real? If you were Jeff Bezos rich, would you play like that?

I, too, have WinCraps and play almost every day for "practice" using the basic default buy-in of $1,000. For me, it keeps it "real" and allows me to experiment with my strategies which I can carry over to the casino. Unlike many who use WinCraps "simulations," (millions of rolls/hands) to determine HA/HE which, IMO, cannot come close to reality, I use the game as a tool to prep me.


ChumpChange Jan 25, 2022

I start out at $100K because that's how far I've won up to previously on WinCraps. I've got a 2nd player on the machine that I ran up to over $575K (from over $1.3 million behind) in one session. I'll be taking my time trying to figure out how to play that going forward. I like to think there's a high limit room somewhere that can accept my big bets some time, if I ever get there. In the meantime I still do try to focus on turning $10K into $100K, but it'd be cool to go from $200K to $2 million or more.

tuttigym Jan 25, 2022

I am sorry I was not clear in my previous comment. Does your real play at the table in the casino mirror your WinCraps play?


ChumpChange Jan 30, 2022

I'm playing the home game until I can get a winning streak together at the casino and start using what I learned at home, in the casino. It helps to be prepared to win, and luck is what is needed for that to happen, in addition to systems/strategies that I know so well.

BTW, my local casino was closed for quite awhile during the pandemic and table games didn't return until people were vaccinated in the summer of 2021. Since Delta came around when the school year started last fall, it isn't safe to be out and about. In 2020, the governor locked down New York State for far less than what it's being open for now.