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Quote: ChumpChange

Should I get my 2nd COVID booster next month or get a Monkeypox vaccine next month?
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If you've had chickenpox already then it is my understanding that you're immune to monkeypox.

The following is from this source monkeypox transmission article

While it is still early and much is not known, almost all the African cases were detected in sexual health clinics in men who have sex with men and were seeking health services related to that.

Airborne transmission has not yet been confirmed. (Can anyone confirm this?)

Rats can carry the monkey pox virus, and are believed to transmit it to humans when they are eaten by humans (more relevant to Africa, than to the U.S., I hope)
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June 11th, 2022 at 7:34:50 PM permalink
Britain has listed #monkeypox on its list of “AIRBORNE HIGH CONSEQUENCE INFECTIOUS DISEASE”” that can spread through the air.

I got my 2nd COVID booster at Rite Aid today. The pharmacist is unaware of new variants of COVID vaccines or new vaccines for Monkeypox. I just had some free time at the store getting some ear drops, and I rarely visit the store.

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