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January 26th, 2021 at 7:02:37 PM permalink
Quote: lilredrooster


not able to get vaccinated today as indicated by email from my County and State
they both indicated it would happen today for my age group but that was false
they claim there is a shortage of doses - distribution and supply chain problems
well aware it's not just me but probably millions throughout the U.S. unable to proceed as planned


That sucks. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon. My parents (70+) got their first dose this past week. NV hasn't been very good with the vaccine rollout, but the wheels are in motion...
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Quote: gordonm888

Governors of NY State, California and Michigan all announcing that they will be ending the state-wide lock down orders even though positive tests/day are at a very high level.

Spokeslady for California governor was asked about releasing the California medical statistics that motivated the governor to end the lock-down. She basically replied that they will not be releasing the medical statistics because they don't think the public will understand them.

I guess that the threat of coronavirus must be over, eh? All those states acting in concert to relax the lockdowns. I would love to hear an explanation of this from billryan, darkoz or others.

I will speak to NYS as I live here

Firstly, you are correct that tests and deaths are rising in NYS.

However that's a kind of trees for the forest view

Here is a graph of deaths from covid in NYS

Notice there were about a thousand deaths per day at the beginning of the pandemic waaaay back in April and the sudden spike was followed by almost equally a drop in cases

Like from a thousand a day to three a day!!!!!

Anyone challenging the success of a lockdown has just to look at the success of NYS lockdown in reducing the death toll to see how well it worked

Here is a graph of Florida which didn't do a full lockdown

Ouch!! Just spikes all summer long. Sure they didn't climb as high as the initial NYS spike but NY has highly dense population areas.

Clearly lacking a proper lockdown caused Florida to not be able to get things under control.

Now NYS deaths are rising but that's exactly as expected due to the Flu and winter weather which historically is when second waves of virus get worse.

And how worse is it? At this time NYS only has 20% of the deaths we had back in the first major wave.

Overall NY is doing quite well. Truthfully if I didn't follow Coronavirus news I would assume it was all over. While we are all wearing masks and social distancing here still I haven't heard of anyone I know of dying in months from Coronavirus. Something that wasn't the case back in the Spring.

Finally there is one additional major difference between now and the Spring and summer and no it's not a different political leader.

It's spelled V-a-c-c-i-n-e!

The vaccine is being rolled out and while it's not a very good rollout right now, combined with the success NYS has had I think it's time to start reopening SMARTLY!

Funny how that part of the governor of NY decision to reopen is being ignored. He says we will open smartly. I.E. the full reopening will almost certainly come with continued mask mandates and other safety and cleanliness measures.

No one in NY believed this lockdown was forever. Surprised people outside NY thought so.
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Confirm please. All restrictions lifted in Iowa? Karens are howling!
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February 8th, 2021 at 6:41:26 AM permalink
I heard that there are still partial restrictions. Other states continue to quarantine
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