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Quote: Zcore13

I agree. now, I admit, AP is not illegal (in most cases), but to me most are bottom feeders. Bottom feeders are always affected when something changes above them.

It's in the abbreviation itself. Advantage: A condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position. No different than someone who incessantly scours coupons to get 95% of their grocery bill, or someone who stays all day at a buffet that doesn't post a time limit or someone who buys something and then returns it for a refund after using it, because they can.

All are taking advantage of a situation. Going out of their way to avoid being under the normal guidelines everyone else is using. In gamblingvit's AP. In most other situations it's just sad mostly.


then you keep using those coupons and I will keep getting 40% off my grocery bill. People like you who pay full price allow people like me to save money. For that I applaud you.
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Quote: GWAE

then you keep using those coupons and I will keep getting 40% off my grocery bill. People like you who pay full price allow people like me to save money. For that I applaud you.

Using some coupons is different than extreme couponers that get $200 worth of groceries for $15.

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Hasn't it been documented that some self-made millionaires became millionaires partly because of their cheapskate ways, including obsessive use of coupons?
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Quote: HugoSlavia

With your attitude it's stunning that you imagine yourself occupying the moral high ground. I think you've alluded to violence in all your posts ITT.

Anyone who uses violence to solve a non-violent problem is a scumbag.

LOL. When I need a tour of Disneyland, I'll look you up. Hugo, first of all, you don't get to define "nonviolent problem" unless you're God.

I don't have a moral compass on this. I already stated that. I don't know the origins of any of this. Maybe somebody has darkoz kidnapped somewhere and said, "Out this play or I'll make you eat broccoli."

On the face of it, I see no sane reason to do what darkoz did. In service of writing a book? Puh-leese. If you eliminate the top 30 or 40 selling books, do you have any idea how little "best-selling" authors make? In service of writing a book and then getting a film deal? Puh-leese again. About as likely as winning the lottery. So why? Funsies? Desperation?

When I need those Disneyland tickets, I'll look you up.
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I agree AP is not the greatest outcome in life. If I had a child, I would prefer they were a doctor or something for sure. But it's pretty good for many people.

Not everyone just inherits piles of money left and right, like Bill.

Not everyone winds up with a great job that they love.

Anyway, it is what it is. Maybe I'm a bottom feeder. Oh well. I'm pretty happy. I eat well and travel a lot, which is what I like to do.


Rig, you must be aware web sites like this make money by selling advertising that depends on 'traffic'? And your proposed boycott is a direct attack on the money making ability? And that these owners pay people like the Wiz based on their ability to make money? Do you care that you are actively trying to take food out of the mouths of the Wiz's family? I know you don't care. You do care that you perceive someone is trying to do that to you.

I think your boycott is like an ostrich hiding from the tiger by putting its head underground. This site will continue. Occasionally there will be a guy like Darkoz that breaks 'the code' that you APs live by. Funny how you didn't threaten to leave when Wiz exposed parlay card AP. Or ksdj exposed Lottery betting AP. Or a few others. I guess those are not plays that effect you, so you don't care. For all we know there is a guy who makes his entire living on lottery AP.

Anyway..... I think your presence here likely tempers what Darkoz and others put out there. I think you all leaving because of one rogue poster revealing one play that you didn't want him to is a -EV move by you.

I hope you reconsider. You are one of the most valuable posters here.

I appreciate it.

The parlay cards and the lotto are examples of useful info, help. I have shared info about sports myself.

The lotto play was like when a lot of us were sharing the free money to be made on Floyd v Connor. A particular market failure.

If you pay attention to that lotto thread and do some of your own thinking you'll learn a lot! That's why I was pointing it out to TDvegas as he insisted nobody posted good sports info and only Billy Walter's and ace rothstein made money off sports.

I've mentioned before, some great promos in the east coast books rn. But I'm not going to post a step by step guide on exactly how I and others play them because that might hasten their end.

I'm all for helping people out and sharpening them up.

I have learned a ton from people on this and other forums and try to pay it forward.

There is a clear difference between this and posting way too much info, and screwing people over just for ego and/or to be vindictive.

Nobody wins when everything is completely spelled out in public, other than the house.

My purpose in leaving the site is not to harm others but to protect myself and my peer group and friends. Mike has already said he is fine with it.
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January 13th, 2020 at 4:54:07 PM permalink
Thanks for the response, Rig. It seems like BBB has eliminated Darkoz, term to be determined. I hope the "unintended consequence" of him being suspended is you and PG and others staying. Can you imagine if just me and Bob are left?
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I havenít seen anyone put this out there yet so Iíll be the first to ask how president trump has anything to do with this considering he is fair game to blame stuff on. I demand action and response!
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Quote: heatmap

I havenít seen anyone put this out there yet so Iíll be the first to ask how president trump has anything to do with this considering he is fair game to blame stuff on. I demand action and response!

Perhaps you missed where political comments were banned from this forum months ago. You're not the first to get this "action and response" since, but the 3 day standard applies. See you then.
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This post shall refer to action taken against darkoz on the thread VBJ (NY AP MOVE) PT. 2, which has been closed. I'm addressing it here to give an opportunity for comment.

It is the opinion of forum moderators that the original post in that thread was made in the interests of revenge and escalating an already divisive topic discussed in this thread. Forum management continues to respect free speech, but we also oppose offering a platform for feuds. As often happens, we were faced with conflicting interests in this situation and chose what we feel is an intelligent middle ground.

Action taken against darkoz is as follows:

  • Suspension for three days for making false and insulting claims about a forum moderator.
  • May not create new threads for 3 months (to end 4/13/20) without prior moderator approval.
  • May not initiate discussion about any "plays" unless said play is already recently introduced by another forum member in good standing. Exceptions may be made with forum moderator permission. This rule to also have a 3-month term.

Forum moderators wish to state that this action is not taken out of backsliding in our respect of free speech or impede an exodus of members.
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DarkOz is a dead play, just ask the central servers.

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