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Sometimes if it seems too good to be true, you're bipolar.
Looks like sh!t just got imaginary!
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ZK has already said that the title is tongue in cheek. I might bet $20 with him or something just for fun.

I don't put much stock in handicapping of this sort, from most people. But it doesn't hurt to keep it filed away when line shopping. Maybe you can find this play with effectively no juice, or just slightly +ev.

The NBA should follow the model used by most fantasy sports leagues, where the bottom level teams are rewarded for winning. Like, the 4th worst team gets the most ping pong balls, the 3rd worst gets the second most, etc. The stretch run would be exciting for fans of those teams, especially when there is a can't miss star to be had with the first pick, like James or Greg Odin. It would be a lot like the relegation battle in soccer.
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Greg Oden huh? Lol thanks for the chuckle.
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