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All of you can go back and forth circling around the same garbage. The point is, tipping needs to be abolished, but you know what tipping isn't even the problem to the bigger problem in this world, which no one seems to bat an eye to. Not many people can think this critically, but that's why im here. The main problem in this world is 'money' in general. Why is there even a monetary system in place? Why can't everything just be free and everyone looks out for each other? Every single thing in the world becomes free: food, services, drinks, bills, cars, insurance, houses, EVERYTHING. What difference would it make?

The current system in place just cancels itself out with the re-distribution of money in society. You build me a house, but then waste money on food, services, bills, cars, etc. throughout the year just giving back what you made by building a house so on and so forth. Do you guys realize this whole system with money, all it does is divide, control, and create immoral, unethical people who lie, steal, and do everything for a buck, basically selling their soul just to keep their job or to make some money. All this creates is a world that is a disgrace to live on.

For example, just look at the casino industry, one of the most disgusting, immoral, unethical scum on the face of the earth, as well as the state courts that back them up because they're too scared to lose the tax revenue from these casinos. All of them selling their soul for a dollar. And you want to know what's worse? The pit managers and security guards who simply follow any orders from their higher-ups no matter if the order is immoral and unethical just to keep their jobs. They have no problem lying straight to your face asking for ID, lying, and threatening you, etc when they damn well know I haven't done anything wrong and that I don't have to show anything to them. These people don't give a damn about lying straight to your face and being as immoral and unethical as possible just to keep their little garbage job.

That's what happens when money is involved, all it does is create an immoral, divided, pathetic society cause everyone is too busy chasing the inflationary paper in their wallet and will do whatever it takes to get it and waste their whole life chasing it because they need it to live on, rinse and repeat to the next generation. Everyone is being strung by this illusion of paper, which in reality has no value at all, but forget about that for a second, let's not digress, because the whole point is that there doesn't need to be any monetary system in place at all because all it does as I've said before is destroy humanity to act disorderly, immoral, and unethical.
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Any private business open to the PUBLIC (ie. droned out casinos) cannot have a criminal trespass enforced against an individual without GOOD CAUSE (Disruptive or Disorderly conduct). You will never go to prison for being thrown out of a casino for legal advantage play and then returning because it's simply unconstitutional 'as applied' to the individual. 'As applied' constitutional issues must FIRST be raised in DISTRICT COURT (trial court) to have it thrown out. You CANNOT raise it on APPEAL This is the best kept secret in the world of casinos not just in Vegas but everywhere in the country. Thank me later.
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Quote: Mission146

Well, you have separation of church and state, or should. In retrospect, I have no problem whatsoever with the church taking in the money tax free because taxes have already been paid on that money, and it is not technically required and is being given of one's own volition...though no good/service is being sold.

Technically wages aren't income either, and shouldn't be taxed. I gave a piece of my life for a paycheck, and it should belong to me, It's my life right, or is it?

I remember WJC stating Americans, if all taxes were included were paying north of 80% in tax. I believe the church cut a deal with the pols when writing the Constitution, that the church would exchange all their support for ratification, if it was written in that the church would always be tax exempt. These same controllers have been hand in hand for eternity. Splitting up the tax pie, like the 5 family's of organized crime. It's always about the money. The rich have been able to buy their way out of military service, the same way xtions have been able to buy their way out of purgatory. Same same, the only difference is who's collecting the vig.

The Catholic church is bigger than Exxon. Other xtion churches have stock in Lockead and General Dynamics, while we are fighting handfuls of foreign wars. Some god advocate needs to splain that. Hypocrites all, IMO. Either that or legendary double speak.


I guess churches are theoretically non-profit. I have to believe income tax (and other associated payroll taxes) must be paid on any monies paid directly to clergy as a salary, or am I mistaken?

Dunno, I think the priests get free indulgences? Makes me ill that they are still considered xtion, after getting busted nearly weekly, damaging children. The pope dude just had to give one of his first apology's after bashing victims in Peru.


I'm not entirely sure that I agree with that because SSI/SSD reflects money that has been paid directly into that system for that reason.

The SSI lockbox was looted long ago and put in the general fund. The only place the funds collected by uncle Sam are separated, is in the hearts/ minds of the working class. "Taxes are for the little people" Leona Helmsley. : )


It just seems to me like two totally different things. SSI/SSD are theoretically supposed to be completely self-contained systems, whereas welfare isn't.

They both come from the same place, Control + print. 46% of every dollar the gov spends now is borrowed. Forty six cents of every dollar the gov spends, is borrowed @ interest. Those that will be saddled with the debt may not have been born yet. Should put an apology in a time capsule. : )
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Quote: Mission146

What dislike?

Dislike + assumptions:

Quote: Mission146

The church wouldn't have called anyone had they not been called out.

Quote: Mission146

I refuse to believe that they didn't know that there was no tip because they would know how much the order is and how much they gave the guy. They'd want the receipt. Thus, they fully well knew there was no tip. If they wanted to rectify that, they could have easily done so that day.

Did you read the article? It said they were having a big conference that day. I don't think it's unreasonable for them to have called a day or two later to make Yoder "whole".

Quote: article

“That night, we had a volunteer go to the restaurant and pick up the order since we were having a big conference. He probably didn’t know to tip since it was a rush of the moment thing,” said Lonsberry.

Quote: Mission146

I'm just saying this behavior coming from a church doesn't surprise me.

So you don't have a dislike towards Christians or republicans, yet...this?

If someone stole a car or shot someone or was dealing drugs, found out the guy was black, what would someone think about me if I said, "Yeah, not surprised the guy was black."

Or if the article was about a Jewish man not tipping, if I said, "Not surprised he's a Jew."

Or if there was an article about a Mexican guy who got fired because he was sleeping and being lazy on the job, "Not surprised he's Mexican."

Or an article about an Asian guy who invented some crazy computer thing or solved an insane math problem, "Not surprised he's Asian."

Or if a woman got in a car accident, "Not surprised it was a woman."

If I made one of those comments, do you think I'd have a dislike towards people in that group?

That's a rhetorical question.

Quote: Mission146

The church probably made it to go because they'd feel guilty about not tipping

Also, the church probably could have had something catered for that...but then they'd have to stiff the caterers on a tip face-to-face, now wouldn't they?

Quote: Mission146

Even if it had been delivered, the church wouldn't have tipped.

Quote: Mission146

Quote: AxelWolf

Quote: Joeman

Waitress ranted about being stiffed on Facebook and was subsequently fired.

As it should be(unless she was hot). Ranting about tips is not usually part of your job description.

I'd probably agree had it not been one of those oh so giving and charitable Houses of the Lord.

You're saying you'd probably agree with Axel that she should be fired had it not been a church that was involved? IOW she should not be fired because it was a church? Am I reading this correctly?????

Quote: Mission146

He probably went there with the exact amount, to the penny, in a tithing envelope. The church wouldn't have wanted to do anything had they not been called out.

Quote: Mission

I would say that pizza places and many Chinese places are different. At those places, it's sometimes not expected that someone will eat in. In other words, they're going to have to put the pizza in the box no matter what, they're not doing anything extra to do that and it's not taking them away from anything else. It's literally something that they have to do for every single pizza, take-out or delivery. I've went and picked up a few $50+ pizza orders, so I usually go ahead and tip on something that big.
Not tipping on a $735 order, though. Come on. Nobody can be that dense. Then they throw the kid who picked it up under the church bus! Totally uncool. If they wanted to resolve it, they could have done it that day. How could they not know he didn't end up tipping?

Quote: Mission146

I would like to think you would on a $735 order. If it's $50-$100, or whatever, I think people should tip a few bucks, but I'm not going to take a hard stand on it at all.

Why's it matter if it's a $50 meal or a $735 meal? If you don't believe they should be tipped for a $50 meal, why do you believe they should be tipped for a $735 meal?

Just save us the BS.
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Quote: ZenKinG

All of you can go back and forth circling around the same garbage. The point is, tipping needs to be abolished

I like the rest of your post, but the pros and cons of a money free society is a whole different discussion.

Abolishing tipping would require some sort of regulation law to be enacted, which if you cross reference those that hate tipping in this thread with the poltical thread .... not gonna happen.

What business owner is going to give up paying employees $3/hr and then be forced to raise prices on top of that? None. The competition would just undercut their prices and keep paying their employees pennies while passing that cost onto the consumer, who will keep going to that establishment for the “lower” food prices.

And what server is going to give up $400/night in tips in exchange for minimum wage?

I hate tipping as much as you, but trying to abolish it at this point is a fool’s errand. Everyone in our society wants every single cake they can get their hands on (and eat it too). And as a result, we end up with solutions that suck for everyone.
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The other thing (IMO) that would likely happen if tipping was removed and the cost was added to the customer is the restaurant would be taking more of that money and giving less to the employees.

Without making it overly complicated, say there is a restaurant that serves 100 people a night, each meal costs $100, and every person tips $20. There are 10 employees, so they each make $200 tips + $5/hour, for a total of $240/night, or $30/hour.

Now the restaurant wants to get rid of tipping, so now every meal costs $125 instead of the previous $120 (an increase of $5/meal). Now the employees are getting paid $25/hour, whereas in the past the employees were making $30/hour.

As a consumer, I don't want to pay more. I'm sure employees also don't want to get paid less.

Best case scenario is the restaurant increases prices directly proportional to what people would normally be tipping and they also increase the pay wages directly proportional to what employees were making before. So overall, there is no net change. Really? THAT's what you want? Employees would be getting paid the same amount and you'd be paying the same amount for the food.

Can someone give me a GOOD reason to get rid of tipping? I certainly hope people don't believe that all a restaurant has to do is increase the pay and prices of food wouldn't be increased as well.

Pay them a reasonable wage? If that's what you really want, then tip them more.
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Tipping should be abolished because it upsets ZK. Isn't that reason enough?
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If ZK was just in charge of everything life would be so much better. He knows what to do about everything. The only problem is that he is cursed.
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The problem of course with this world is that without motivation nobody would work. That means that there is no production, no agriculture, no food, and no life.

All societies from ground zero have had goals with motivation rewards and that motivation has always been reward based in the form of goods, services, or something you can exchange for what you want and/or need.

Today's motivations include "what makes you happy" mixed with financial incentives so that one can live. There are always jobs where almost no one is happy but it is balanced by financial incentives tied in to your skill level which are influenced by life decisions.

For example, if you are picking grapes in 110 degree heat in Southern California it is likely that your need for money >> your skill level << desirable job openings.

Capitalism works relatively well when there is a degree of socialism (it used to be corporate, now government) built in to take care of the sick and those born without pre-built advantages (parents that stay together, IQ, physical/mental ailments, etc). It also works well when Government is not corrupt and taking too much money out of the economy and making decisions that benefit the public.
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Mission I should point out that servers in Canada have to be paid the same minimum wage which is why I’ll never feel bad about a server who makes $11.15/hour getting stiffed.

Also since when are Canadians bad tippers? We have the same tipping standards in Canada as the USA.
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Quote: PokerGrinder

Mission I should point out that servers in Canada have to be paid the same minimum wage which is why I’ll never feel bad about a server who makes $11.15/hour getting stiffed.

Also since when are Canadians bad tippers? We have the same tipping standards in Canada as the USA.

According to my friend you guys have a bad rep. I know you do not personally fall into that category.
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