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Jul 19, 2023


Now that we have just surpassed the 2023 Major League Baseball All-Star break, it is a good time to start looking at and analyzing the big - league ball clubs that have a shot of going all the way to the World Series this year as well as the teams that are most likely selling and packing it all in for the next MLB season.


Top Contenders to Win the 2023 MLB World Series

Atlanta Braves (61 - 29)

The Atlanta Braves have been scorching the big - leagues the last several weeks, and they presently hold the best record in the MLB as of now. With the exceptional play from their top stars such as Ronald Acuna Jr., Matt Olson, Max Fried, Austin Riley, and Ozzie Albies they look to capture the National League pennant once again this year.

Tampa Bay Rays (58 - 35)

The Tampa Bay Rays could not be stopped during the first month or so of the 2023 MLB season. Lately they have been getting beat up a little more than they would like, however they still represent the best record in the American League right now in arguably the toughest division in all of baseball. Look for them to ride the lighting bat and glove of Randy Arozarena deep into the 2023 MLB postseason. By the way, their pitching staff isn’t bad either.

Los Angeles Dodgers (52 - 38)

With the Los Angeles Dodgers star - studded roster they should be right up there atop of the National League standings, and they are not too far behind all of the top ball clubs in the NL right now. With the fantastic play of guys like Freddie Freeman, Mookie Betts, and J. D. Martinez as well as Clayton Kershaw on the mound they look tough to beat especially in a playoff series.

New York Yankees (49 - 43)

If there is ever a team to never count out it is the New York Yankees. Although their overall record so far this year isn’t mind blowing, they are struggling with injuries to some of their top players such as Aaron Judge who is expected to come back and lead the New York Yankees into a tight race for the title of the highly - competitive American League East. Watch for the N. Y. Yankees to have a strong finish to the 2023 MLB regular season as they look to head into postseason contention.

Houston Astros (50 - 41)

The defending World Series champions in the Houston Astros bring it day in and day out with their stacked line - up, speed, pitching, defense, and smart baseball competencies. Superstar infielders and outfielder like Kyle Tucker, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, etc. always come to play especially come October.

Other Possible Threats to go Deep in the 2023 MLB Postseason


Texas Rangers (53 - 39)

One this year’s biggest surprises from the first half of the 2023 MLB season have been the Texas Rangers. Presently sitting in third place in the tough and rugged American League, the Texas Rangers strut out big - league MLB All - Stars such as Nathan Eovaldi, Jonah Heim, Corey Seager, and Adolis Garcia. Watch out for the Texas Rangers this year as they play dangerously sneaky good baseball with a lot of their high - performing clutch athletes.

Philadelphia Phillies (48 - 42)

The Philadelphia Phillies definitely have the talent to go deep in the MLB playoffs as we all saw last year. They play in a division (National League East) that can be easily overlooked due to the success of the Atlanta Braves, but keep the Philadelphia Phillies led by Bryce Harper and company in mind for a possible wild card team if they can handle their business down the stretch this season.

Toronto Blue Jays (51 - 41)

As of now the Toronto Blue Jays have a 58 % chance of making the 2023 MLB playoffs, and I feel that those odds are very accurate. If the Toronto Blue Jays play their hearts out during the second half of this season, they have a very real chance of getting into the MLB postseason this year. They have a hard path there, but if Vlad Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette, and George Springer lead the way at the plate this could get very interesting during the final month of the 2023 MLB regular season in the American League East.

Arizona Diamondbacks (52 - 40)

The D - Backs have been another pleasant surprise so far this year. I haven’t watched many of their games this season to be honest, but their record speaks for itself. I doubt they make the playoffs this year, but you never know. Arizona has standout ball players like their rookie Corbin Carroll as well as Ketel Marte, Christian Walker, Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Geraldo Perdomo, and even the now 37 - year - old Evan Longoria who are all enjoying productive ball seasons out in the desert giving this Arizona Diamondbacks line - up plenty of depth all over the field and at the plate too.


Miami Marlins (53 - 40)

One of the most interesting stories of this 2023 Major League Baseball season has been the plate appearances of the Miami Marlins youngster, Luis Arraez, who is carrying a batting average of .380 as well as an on base percentage of .432 and OPS of .899 to go along with his astonishing 126 - hits with only 19 - strikeouts. While I truly believe the Miami Marlins will most likely miss the 2023 MLB postseason, I like what they are doing with so little down in Florida compared to a big market team like the New York Mets who spent absurd amounts of money on their roster but fail to live up to expectations so far this season.

Still Have a Chance

Baltimore Orioles (55 - 35), Cincinnati Reds (50 - 42), Milwaukee Brewers (50 - 42), San Francisco Giants (50 - 41), Minnesota Twins (45 - 46), Cleveland Guardians (45 - 45), Boston Red Sox (48 - 43), Seattle Mariners (45 - 44), Los Angeles Angels (45 - 46), San Diego Padres (43 - 47), Chicago Cubs (42 - 47), and the New York Mets (42 - 48).

No Chance

St. Louis Cardinals (38 - 52), Chicago White Sox (38 - 54), Pittsburgh Pirates (41 - 40), Detroit Tigers (39 - 50), Washington Nationals (36 - 54), Colorado Rockies (34 - 57), Kansas City Royals (26 - 65), and the Oakland Athletics (25 - 67).

The Most Likely 2023 World Series Matchups & Odds for those Matchups

Tampa Bay Rays - Atlanta Braves 14.8%

Texas Rangers - Atlanta Braves 12.7%

Tampa Bay Rays - Los Angeles Dodgers 7.8%

Texas Rangers - Los Angeles Dodgers 5.6%

Houston Astros - Atlanta Braves 5.0%

Baltimore Orioles - Atlanta Braves 3.3%

Minnesota Twins - Atlanta Braves 2.7%

Tampa Bay Rays - Arizona Diamondbacks 2.3%

Houston Astros - Los Angeles Dodgers 2.3%

Tampa Bay Rays - San Francisco Giants 2.2%

Toronto Blue Jays - Atlanta Braves 2.1%

Texas Rangers - Arizona Diamondbacks 2.0%

Texas Rangers - San Francisco Giants 1.7%

Baltimore Orioles - Los Angeles Dodgers 1.6%

Minnesota Twins - Los Angeles Dodgers 1.6%

New York Yankees - Atlanta Braves 1.4%

Tampa Bay Rays - Philadelphia Phillies 1.4%

Texas Rangers - Philadelphia Phillies 1.4%

Tampa Bay Rays - Cincinnati Reds 1.3%

Tampa Bay Rays - San Diego Padres 1.2%

Texas Rangers - Miami Marlins 1.2%

Toronto Blue Jays - Los Angeles Dodgers 1.1%

Tampa Bay Rays - Miami Marlins 1.1%

Tampa Bay Rays - Milwaukee Brewers 1.0%

Texas Rangers - Milwaukee Brewers 0.9%


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