by Michael Shackleford • Oct. 24, 2013

Peccole Ranch is a neighborhood in west Last Vegas, bordered by the streets of Sahara to the south, Hualapai to the west, Charleston to the north, and Fort Apache to the east. Meandering through the neighborhood is a pleasant network of walking trails, including an 18-hole disk golf course.

Unlike the other trails I've covered, the Peccole Ranch trails don't have a beginning and end; rather, they are a network of trails. The combined length of the trails is 2.9 miles.

This network of trails is mainly used by pedestrians who live in the area. As someone who lived in Peccole Ranch for seven years, you tend to see the same faces over and over after a while. There are some joggers and kids riding bikes and skateboards. I don't recommend it for serious biking, as the path is very curvy with lots of walkers and runners.


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The map above shows the sections with the disk golf course in green, while the other trails are in red.


Basket of hole #1. Tee #2 is behind it.


Most holes have a map where the tee is. Some are missing them. May those who steal these signs rot in hell.


Hole #2 basket. The tee to hole #3 is up the hill a bit, behind where I took the photo. Tee #3 is to the left, kind of by that picnic table.


Apple Drive underpass.


Basket #3.


I think this is tee #14, just through the Apple Drive tunnel.


Red Hills Road underpass. Highly susceptible to flooding when it rains.


There is a playground to the right. Past that, on the right, is Piggott Elementary School.


Disk golf course rules. The main one to know is that the course is supposed to be for residents only.

My first house in Las Vegas was in Peccole Ranch. I've played disk golf there many times and lost many disks in the process. If your accuracy is horrible, like mine, bring the crappy disks you don't mind losing, with plenty of extras. Almost every hole is on a narrow fairway with people's fenced yards on both sides.

The course is supposed to be for residents only. I'm not saying to ignore this rule, but if you do, please be respectful of the fact that the course is on private property. Be discreet and courteous. Don't leave beer bottles and cigarette butts all over the place. There are kids who live here, so mind your language. If there are pedestrians in your shot, politely and patiently wait for them to pass.

As a disk golfer myself, please don't give the rest of us a bad reputation.

Course Directions

  • Hole #1 is off Apple Drive, near the traffic circle with Red Hills Drive.
  • Hole #2 is right after it.
  • The hole #3 tee is near the hole #2 basket, up the hill. The basket is to the left on the intersecting path (see map above).
  • The next five holes or so go down this path.
  • At some point they go back the other direction, down the same path.
  • Keep going in this direction, through the Apple Drive underpass.
  • Follow these hole until you get to Charleston Blvd. Then turn right. You'll have to walk along Charleston for about 600 feet.
  • Eventually another path will appear to the right. The last few holes are along this path, which crosses Winning Colors Drive at one point.
  • To get back to hole #1, turn right on Red Hills Drive, which is just past hole #18.

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