Posted by FinsRule
Apr 09, 2010

Saddest / Most pathetic thing I've seen in a casino

Not sure which one wins as being more sad/pathetic:

1. Old lady playing 1 hand, 1 cent video poker.

2. When the slot machines went down at Lumiere Place for 2-3 hours, and people kept trying them every 30 seconds to see if they would work. And, they would have this angry look when the button didn't work. Really made me think about how I never want to be like that ever.

I have to vote for #2 being worse, but 1 cent video poker is pretty bad too.


PapaChubby Apr 09, 2010

Was the lady playing video poker getting free drinks? That may have been one shrewd old broad!

appistappis Apr 13, 2010

I'm a dealer. Last year dealing bj in our high limit room this asian lady who kept betting one or two hundred each hand kept crying out "oh my god, now I'm down 4 thousand"......"oh my god, now I'm down 46 hundred" ....this went on for a while until she had only a hundred dollar bill left.....she said she need it for a cab ride home, she lived 70 miles away. She called a host over and asked if she could get a limo home comped.

He said he would check and be back in a few she was waiting she twisted and fussed in her chair....finally not getting an answer she bet her last hundred and lost still not knowing if she had a ride home.

pacomartin Apr 16, 2010

It's the electric grid that scares me.

Posted by FinsRule
Apr 08, 2010

Given free money - What to do?

I was watching some Derby prep race this past weekend. One "lucky" patron, was given $10,000 to make a bet with. The rules were not completely shown, but I'm pretty sure she had to bet $1000 on a horse to win. She bet the favorite.

The favorite comes in 3rd, she gets nothing. Then, I started thinking about optimal strategy. It reminded me of how we would give my niece $2 each race to make a bet. Every race she would pick the favorite to show. She won 8 out of 10 races, giving her around $22. When I tried to make her use her winnings to make the bet, she said that wasn't fair.

I guess the point is, when you're given free money that you have to gamble, you probably want to make the choice that gives you the best chance of getting something, which is betting on the favorite.

During the Derby, someone will be getting $100,000 to make a bet with. I'm guessing the post-time favorite will be getting the action, but I will be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't happen!!!

Ok, so this brings me to my next point. As I mentioned in my last post, Lumiere Place will give me $10 (At least between 4/15 - 4/30) whenever the Cardinals win a home game. It's $10 freeplay, and my goal is to convert the $10 into actual cash, so I can use it to either buy something or play poker with.

My feeling is that the best way to convert it into the most cash possible is to play 100 play Jacks or Better video poker - 1c a hand. I play 10 hands, and whatever money I end up with after 10 hands, is the cash I get.

Any responses are welcome. Thanks for reading!


teddys Apr 09, 2010

You're on the right track. Your best bet would be to play the 100-play JOB one hand, 5c a hand. That way you won't get shorted if you hit a royal. You will average about $9.80 or so for every $10 of free play.

Nareed Apr 09, 2010

Isn't full pay deuces wild a better option?

FinsRule Apr 09, 2010

Haha, full pay. HAHAHAHA. Ok, actually I play Bonus with my 100 play, 1 cent because the pay table is better than Jacks. I don't do 100 play, x5 because then it gives me only 2 hands, and although my overall expected return is higher, i'm pretty sure my guarantee is more by doing x1.

Posted by FinsRule
Apr 08, 2010

Casino Promotion - Too good to be true?

I was going to talk about this great promotion going on at Lumiere Place in St. Louis.

The promotion I received in the mail said that everytime the Cardinals win, everyone gets $10 free play the next day. $10 doesn't sound like a lot, but I work less than a mile from the casino, and have plenty of time to grab the $10 during lunch.

I looked up the promotion online to see the details. Now, the promotion starts 4/15 and is good for a limited time.

So, they send out an appealing promotion, and they change it.

My next post will talk about how to gamble the $10 to get the most actual cash from it.

Posted by FinsRule
Mar 30, 2010

Hockey - Not Gambling or Vegas related

I love spending money. But I hate spending more than I have to. Today the wife was out of town, so I decided to go to the Blackhawks @ Blues game. I'm a huge Blues fan.

I had already sold my pair of season tickets for $60 (because the wife was out of town).

So what I do when I want to go to a game by myself is, show up at 7:20 (puck drops at 7:05), and bring only a 20 dollar bill. I go to the scalpers and say "I have $20, I want the best seat you have" Usually they start out offering me a crappy seat, but eventually one of them will give me a ticket I'm interested in.

Today, it was Row 1, directly to the goalies left. A $247 seat for $20! And, it came with all you can drink and eat. As you can tell by the rambling nature of the post, I took advantage.

Basically, my point is, that there are ways to get a lot, without spending a lot.


boymimbo Mar 31, 2010

Try doing that here in Toronto... where people will spend a lot more to see the 2nd worst team in the N H of L.

Posted by FinsRule
Mar 24, 2010

Resort Fees

I'm staying at the Mirage for my Vegas trip in May. I got a great rate, $44 a night. I don't gamble for high stakes, so I'll definitely take Mirage for $44.

However, the resort fee at Mirage is $15, plus tax. That means that the resort fee is 1/3 the cost of the room. That is crazy.

Even crazier is the offer they sent for $22 any night in November and December. But that means that the resort fee of $15 is almost 70% of the room rate!!!!

I understand MGM Mirage wanting to make more money. But it's an insult that they don't think I'm capable of adding a resort fee to their rates, and comparing it to Harrah's properties rates that don't have that. Regardless, my point is that there should be a cap.

As President of Gambling/Travel, I would make it a law that resort fees can not be more than 10% of the rate of the room. That is all.


slyther Mar 30, 2010

Resort Fees suck. I absolutely factor them in when choosing where to stay.

Wizard Apr 08, 2010

There is a full list of resort fees at

pacomartin Apr 16, 2010

Still a pretty good price for a room at the Mirage.