Posted by FinsRule
Mar 22, 2010


I don't usually play craps.

I'm a low stakes gambler, and to play craps the right/fun way, you need a bigger bankroll then I'm comfortable with.

Anyway, there's an easy way to cut the house edge on craps.

Just go to a casino with a friend who likes craps, and play on his odds without making the pass line bet. That makes your house edge 0%. If you go to a casino with liberal odds, 10x, 50x, or 100x, I'm sure your friend won't mind.

If you don't have friends, a craps table / casinos is a fine place to meet one. Especially if you use bribery. I paid a guy sitting next to me at a VP machine $20 to get me 50 points for a free hotel stay at a casino by me. He was happy, I was happy. Of course, he lost like $100 getting me those points. But better him than me. Anyway, buying someone a couple of drinks should be payment enough to use someone's pass line bet.

And that's how you cut the edge on craps! (Maybe I should write a book)