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Apr 15, 2023

BC - Press 'til U got no more!

What I Got Wrong about Craps - Color Up - YouTube
Press 'til U got no more: $220 in, $1K+ cash-out! - Greg Uloho
Bubble craps 3 printouts with power pressing. I refuse to lose horseshoe Indianapolis casino winning - YouTube
(Part 2) Bubble Craps 8s galore. $4000 flip for another profitable day horseshoe Indianapolis casino gambling - YouTube
THE BEST BUBBLE CRAPS. Came in with $1100 to try $220 5x & casino boss sat next to me to watch - YouTube

I tried something on WinCraps the next day and it started me right off with 5 point 7-outs in a row.
I tried something on Bubble Craps and I lost 10 points before winning the first one.

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Apr 06, 2023

PS5 & Pinball FX

I just got my new PS5 with the Blu Ray Player included so I can still go to Game Stop and shop for PS4 & PS5 games on discount, depending on how long Game Stop survives, which mightn't be long. I don't have a 4K TV nor Dolby 5.1 surround so I can't upgrade to all that just yet, if ever. I just spotted a NextGen 43" TV for $1200, yeah, not what I was thinking. I can't get over the air TV here anyway so what do I need NextGen TV for? Will cable go NextGen soon? What does that even mean?

Anyway, I was putting games on my wishlist since the size of them could fill up my 825 GB hard drive very quickly so I have to be very frugal about what games I get, plus they cost money. I came across Pinball FX. These are real and not so real games of pinball that seam like decent replicas, or better. I could only play a few games before my 1 day free pass expired. I had $20 in my PS3 wallet that I used to buy a 1 month pass at Pinball FX (for $14.99 + tax, or $100 for a year + tax) which will let me choose from dozens of machines to play (for free, ha ha). I've only played Attack From Mars and Funhouse so far. There have been grumblings online that the players don't like this subscription model and they can't bring the pinball games they've bought previously to the PS5 because there's a new engine powering the program. They also mentioned the flippers were OK but they could be better, there's a lag that could be a bit frustrating for pro players on real tables. Zen studios makes this game, and players feel they'll stick with what they've got rather than upgrade for use on a PS5.
I'm getting a little carpal tunnel pain from flipping the flippers on the joystick, but I managed to get to 2.9 million points on Funhouse in a few tries. Maybe it's early but that's a Top 500 score. I think they just introduced it in the past month.

Pinball FX FAQ Zen Studios
Pinball FX Review (PS5) | Push Square
Pinball FX Review (PS5) - Is It Worth Playing? - PlayStation LifeStyle
The Over-Monetized Pinball FX Reboot is Now on PS5 | by Alex Rowe | Mar, 2023 | Medium


smoothgrh Apr 07, 2023

I got most of the Bally/Williams pinball games from Pinball Arcade, back when they had the rights to the games.

I haven't looked at Pinball FX, but I hope it's just the game, and not all kinds of graphic elements on "goal completed" and points counting up. I don't like all those distractions (can't hear no buzzers and bells). Maybe you can turn those off?

Subscriptions suck. Let me just buy the game and keep it forever!

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Feb 18, 2023

Las Vegas Lady - 1975 w/ Stella Stevens

Las Vegas Lady (1975) - Stella Stevens, Stuart Whitman, George DiCenzo - YouTube


smoothgrh Jul 17, 2023

Thanks for making me aware of the existence of this movie!

I watched the first 10 minutes  another Vegas movie with a Vegas neon montage (a la "Viva Las Vegas") and one set at Circus Circus! A good closeup of the Bally 800 series of slots! As a slot machine hobbyist, I'm annoyed when movies/television show pachinko machines instead of real slots.

I wonder if kids in the early '70s really did walk around with balloons on sticks.

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Feb 17, 2023

LA-Vegas Movie: Corvette Summer (1978)

Annie Potts and Mark Hamill chase down a stolen Corvette Stingray on the seedy side of Las Vegas. Danny Bonaduce of course lost the car in the first place!
Movie Classic 70's Adventure Comedy - Corvette Summer (1978) - Retrospective - YouTube

People also ask
What is the seedy part of Las Vegas?
Naked City
It is widely considered to be one of the roughest parts of Las Vegas. Due to a high unemployment rate, low-income housing, and its proximity to the Strip, Naked City is extremely dangerous to visitors. The crimes reported in Naked City are enough to make the residents stay inside during both day and night. Dec 10, 2020

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Feb 08, 2023