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Dec 28, 2022

Hard Rock Expansion in LV, Expensive Weekend in Vegas


Hard Rock Las Vegas Full Details & Renderings! Goodbye to Mirage & The Volcano. What Is Changing?! - Miles to Memories Vegas - YouTube

Vegas is EXPENSIVE these days! How much does it cost for a weekend? September 2022 Trip VLOG - Show Me Vegas - YouTube

Without comped rooms, it would be much more expensive, or hot.

Why we won’t be back to Aria any time soon! YIKES! - Show Me Vegas - YouTube

Has ARIA in Las Vegas Really Gone Downhill? 🤔 Let's Find Out! - Travel Ruby - YouTube

If I need top tier on the Player's Card to get room deals, I'd better be ready with outrageous betting to get to the top tier.

For contrast, checking out the newest Cash Jordan NYC apartment rental video. It could even make my run-down apartment price for $5,000 a month.
Living Inside New York’s WORST Apartment… - YouTube

I Stayed in the Cheapest Room at RESORTS WORLD in Las Vegas.. 🍒 - Travel Ruby - YouTube
A weekday room rate of $85/night plus a $45 resort fee makes it $130/night plus taxes. Comped rooms may still cost $45/night.

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Dec 10, 2022

Secret Spy Glasses That See Everything

Secret Spy Glasses That See Everything via @YouTube
I just watched "They Live" (1988) last month.
THEY LIVE Clip - Obey (1988) - YouTube


OnceDear Dec 11, 2022

I bet a few monitors got destroyed by folks who tried that.

It does work, but the technique for removing the layer is weakly demonstrated. Scratches are inevitable.

This reminds me of a cheap pair of polarised sunglasses I had in the 70s. They had been polarized the wrong way 90 degrees out. Instead of removing glare from roads and swimming pools etc, the rendered them much worse. Looking at an LCD watch through them rendered it a black unreadable screen. And of course, they were useless for driving in because of the polarising stress marks in the windscreen.

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Nov 24, 2022

RoR Bankrolls

"There is an "Eternal" calculator here."

For Black Jack:
I put in -0.005, with a standard deviation of 1.15, and a bankroll of 25, and got a risk of ruin of 1.2.
I raised my bankroll to 250, and got a risk of ruin of 6.6
I raised my bankroll to 500, and got a risk of ruin of 43.8
I raised my bankroll to 750, and got a risk of ruin of 290.3
I raised my bankroll to 1000, and got a risk of ruin of 1,922.4
I raised my bankroll to 1250, and got a risk of ruin of 12,729.5
I raised my bankroll to 2500, and got a risk of ruin of 162 million.

Just multiply each 250 increment RoR by 6.636 to get to the next result.

For a typical BJ game with a flat-betting player, the Standard Deviation (SD) is 1.15 units per round. The actual value varies a bit with different sets of rules, but 1.15 is a pretty fair average value. The SD varies TREMENDOUSLY if the player varies his bet (as card counters do, for instance). - Sep 29, 2014

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Nov 24, 2022

What info is on a slot ticket?

Ask the Slot Expert: What information is on a slot ticket?

Edited for extreme brevity. Click the link for the article.:
The crucial part in ticket cheating is getting a valid ticket ID. But it's not hard to get a valid ticket ID. Put $1 in a machine, hit cash out and — voila — you have a valid ticket ID. Now, scan the ticket and use your Photoshop skills to turn that $1 ticket into a $1,000 ticket. You can't redeem your fraudulent ticket at a redemption machine because it retrieves the value of the ticket from the ticket database. You have to redeem your ticket at the cage or with a slot floorperson, but that's risky now because their procedure is to scan the ticket, verify that the system says the ticket can be redeemed, and check the value on the ticket with the value from the ticket database displayed on their screen. The value from the database is the official value of the ticket.

The ticket database stores all of the data printed on a ticket — date and time issued, amount, machine, ID — and, in many cases, the players card number if there is a players card in the reader when the ticket is issued. When you're leaving a machine, always cash out before removing your players card. When a ticket is redeemed, the date, time and location of redemption are captured in the ticket database.

If the player used a players card when the ticket was printed, the database connects the player with the ticket. If the player did not use a players card, the casino may review machine and ticket records and surveillance footage for high-value tickets. If a ticket is so mangled that it can't be read, the casino can find the correct amount using players club, machine and ticket database records. If someone turns in a ticket, it's easy to figure out whom it belongs to if a players club number is attached to it. If not, the casino is back to reviewing database records to try to determine the owner. That's a lot of work, so casinos do it for high-value tickets only.

All of the issuance and redemption data is in the ticket database. One company has developed software that can track the money on a ticket through all of the tickets in its lineage all the way back to the original machine.
I've noticed a flash from the machine when I cash out vouchers from a slot machine. Maybe I had removed my player's card before hitting cash-out and that's why. They seem to be taking flash pictures of people doing cash-outs from the machine itself, but maybe not all cash-outs. Cash-outs for abandoned <$1 amounts are also snapshotted.
I tried to insert a 1999 $100 bill into a slot machine and it got stuck. The slot attendant came around and opened the machine to retrieve the stuck bill. He couldn't get the machine to accept it either. We tried a newer $100 bill and that worked. So I had to go to the cage and exchange the old $100 bill for the new $100 bill.

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Nov 09, 2022

The Piggy Grand Jackpot!

THE BIGGEST LAS VEGAS GRAND JACKPOT EVER!!!!! - Oct 4, 2022 - Lady Luck HQ - 275K subscribers - YouTube
Piggy Bankin' slot machine: get 6 Piggies or 3 Banks to get Bonus Rounds. The Grand Jackpot reset to $125,000.

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