Double Double Aces and Faces is essentially Double Double Bonus Poker with different cards that fall under special four of a kinds. Double Double Bonus special quads are 2's, 3's, and 4's. In Double Double Aces and Faces, the special quads are jacks, queens, and kings. The game may be found on some Game King machines in Las Vegas.

How to Play Wizard of Vegas Double Double Aces and Faces

A hand of Double Double Aces and Faces starts by making a bet. Choosing "Bet One" will raise the bet one coin per click. Once the number of coins desired is displayed, clicking "Deal" will start the game. Choosing "Bet Max" will wager five coins and the hand will begin immediately. Betting five coins will increase the return on a royal flush.

The game will deal five cards once the bet is placed. Click on the cards that you prefer to hold. A card held in error may be fixed by unclicking it. There are also keyboard shortcuts available by choosing C, V, B, N, and M, which correspond to cards from left to right. Once the proper cards are held, click "Draw" to see the replacements. The hand will then be graded.

Click "Rebet" to wager the same amount on the next hand. The cards will be automatically dealt when using this button.

Wizard of Vegas Double Double Aces and Faces Features

Help - Displays the rules of Double Double Aces and Faces. It also shows all of the keyboard functions that may be used in the game.

More Games - Returns to the main menu of our full slate of free video poker games.

Speeds - Toggles the game speed between four settings.

Stats - Displays the number hands played, coins wagered, coins won, and total player return as a percentage of credits wagered. These stats are compiled for a session and may be reset by refreshing the page.

Edit Paytable - The "Edit Paytable" link is at the top of the screen above the game. All hand payouts may be changed within this link.

The balance of the game may be reset to 1,000 credits by reloading the page.

Double Double Aces and Faces Paytable

The payouts below are displayed for one coin wagered. Multiply the number of coins wagered by the payouts below to determine the actual pay.

  • Royal flush: 800 (250 for bets fewer than five coins)
  • Straight flush: 50
  • Four of a kind aces with jack, queen, or king kicker: 400
  • Four of a king jacks, queens, or kings with a jack, queen, king, or ace kicker: 160
  • Four aces: 160
  • Four jacks, queens, or kings: 80
  • Four 2's, 3's, or 4's: 50
  • Full house: 9
  • Flush: 6
  • Straight: 4
  • Three of a kind: 3
  • Two pair: 1
  • Pair of jacks or better: 1