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Quote: Gialmere

Speaking of T-shirts, is there one with a Wizard of Odds logo for sale somewhere? And what would happen if I wore one at a blackjack table while staring intently at the played cards, mumbling numbers, and wildly varying my bets?

As for Baccarat, I've always wanted to play Chemin de Fer in a casino (as opposed to a home game). Hope springs eternal.

I was at The Wild West one day about ten years ago when a guy wearing a polo shirt that said Blackbelt in Blackjack sat down at the table. I was doing a bit of casual counting but saw this guy start going from $5-$25 every few hands. Whenever he raised, I'd follow. He got annoyed and left. Boo hoo. If he wasn't wearing the shirt, I wouldn't have paid any attention to him. The dealer certainly didn't.

I'd buy a WOV shirt.
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Quote: FatGeezus

One more bit of advice. I can't take credit for this because I read it in a book. Gambling in the casino is like going to war. Think of your chips as soldiers. Now look at your soldiers and look at how many soldiers the dealer has. You may win a battle now and then but you will never win the War!

Good Luck

Good analogy for martingalers. You only stand a chance of bankrupting the house if your bankroll outguns theirs. And if it does, why mess about gambling.
If you are enjoying the game, you're already winning.
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Baccarat is good for people like me. They encourage counting! They give you the paper and pencils for it and everything.

So with side bets that are vulnerable to counting, I can actually count them, and donít have to worry about my brain to do it.

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