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When playing blackjack, if I have a winning session, I will tip based on:

dollars won X hours played X zero = tip $$

If I have a losing session, it goes like this:

dollars lost X hours played X zero = tip $$

I use my smart phone to perform the necessary calculations. So far, the result always comes up $0.
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KeyserSore, I think you are over tipping. Lol
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That's why they call them smart phones, KeyserSoze. You must be as popular at the tables as I am.

My wife and I stayed at a Boardwalk casino in AC this past weekend and I have a tipping story. On the first day the maid scooped four or five one dollar bills and some change that my wife left on the table next to the bed. I know that's where tips are left upon checkout but on the first day? On a very cluttered table? This maid does not strike me as a thief in any way. She must of thought it was a tip as evidenced by the extra everything that she replenished the room with.

No harm no foul as far as we're concerned but does anyone tip on the first day of a two stay without handing it to the maid directly and looking for something in return?
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Quote: 1BB

No harm no foul as far as we're concerned but does anyone tip on the first day of a two stay without handing it to the maid directly and looking for something in return?

While not common, I have read some people tip maids daily.

Obviously maids know it isn't your last night, but how common would it be for them to know it is your first night? I'm guessing they have this info, but just not sure they care.
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I always put up the "do not disturb sign" since I rarely need anything for a 5 night stay anyways. I leave a few bucks when I check out.

How anyone needs a new towel and beds made everyday is besides me. I guess being single for a long time made me not care too much about how messy I am.

I tend to avoid most tipping situations just because I don't like to not tip, but hate having to leave an amount just because I used a service.

I avoid strip clubs for this purpose as well. Actually only because I'm cheap and can look at naked ladies online anyway lol.
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I do tip on the first day of housekeeping, rather than the last. It gets me extra coffee, great towels, great service. I've never had a maid take random change from the room like that, however. I'm guessing it was an honest mistake. It may also have been the relief maid (the regular's day off), who wouldn't know how long you'd been staying to that point. I use the little pad of paper they put in the rooms, tuck the money in sideways, and write something like, "lots of coffee, please!" just to ask them for something and make it clear the money's for them, then place it on the foot of the bed or beside the sink. If it's a short stay, I'll tip for the whole stay up front, but even if I'm there longer than a few days, they seem to remember that I do tip, and I'll add to it here and there to keep the good service coming.

My tipping policy is completely affected by my past experience. I was a resort maid for a summer at 14. I bussed tables at 12, started serving at 16, worked 9 years as a waitress (through and several years past college). It's horrible work, and thank Whomever I don't still have to do it. The only other tipped profession for me was I dealt blackjack at 24, enjoyed that more, but still prefer jobs where I don't have to stand the whole shift. I might as well strap one of those famous machines on my back that pops a buck out every 5 minutes, and the nearest tip-taking employee can just reach over and grab it. So I guess I tip out of gratitude for the fortunes of life as much as for good service, but I do vary the tip to the good service.

A common "thank you" indication on a percentage tip used to be that you added a penny to the pile. That told the server you were tipping because they did a good job, not because it was written into the bill or for any other reason. More than one penny just meant nothing, because you were likely dumping the change out of your pocket. But the one-penny thing also, without having to discuss it, told the server that regardless of the size of the tip (which could be not as expected for any number of reasons), you had tipped as much as you would or could for good service. Of course, one penny without anything else was usually meant as an insult.
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Quote: beachbumbabs

Of course, one penny without anything else was usually meant as an insult.

It is insulting, but it also clearly points out to the server, or whoever you were supposed to tip, I didn't forget to tip you, I chose not to. If you leave nothing, I would assume most servers would think you forgot, unless you did it repetitively. I haven't done the penny thing although I have been tempted a few times. Worst tip I remember was when I was forgot for over 15 minutes after given the bill. I thought about dining and dashing but instead threw down a $20 for a bill that was like $19.32.
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It would actually make sense to tip on the first day so the maid might provide you better service. Ever think of that?

Edit: looks like beachbumbas said the same thing
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if you're cheap, don't need to come to a gaming forum and advertise it.
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I've never used valet parking, so I have no experience to fall back upon when asking: "When/how much do you tip for valet parking?"

"What, me worry?"

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