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Quote: vegas

Wallmart got my respect when Hurricane Katrina destroyed the south coast. NO other organization stepped forward like Wallmart.

Sure there was good publicity for the chain but it was well earned and they showed they really cared for the people.

Of course Walmart helped! Those poor folks in Naw'lins are Walmart's base! You didn't see Tiffany and Rolex stepping in to help!
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Quote: EvenBob

Thats right, I love Walmart. And not only because they
have the best ammo prices.

Two weeks ago, when it was 104 here, the crappy
Fridgidaire air conditioner in the bedroom went out.
It was a whole 2 years old. There wasn't another
one for sale in the county, so I looked at Walmart's
page and they sell them online, free shipping if its
over $45. They had a GE, same model I have in my
office, on sale for $78. WTF? So I ordered it and 2
days later it was on my porch. Shipped free. Works
great, twice the cold air as the one that broke.

So I'm looking around the Walmart site, and holy
crap, they sell everything under the sun, stuff you
can't even get in their stores, and most of it is free
shipping over $45. I buy a lot of animal food every
month and cat litter. Walmart is always almost out
of 13oz food cans every time I go, its very depressing.

So I order 96 cans, 4 big bags of dry food, and a
big bag of litter. Two days later its all on my porch,
175 pounds of product shipped free. I felt light
headed. No trips to the store and lugging all this
stuff around. No more wrestling and carrying heavy
bags of litter. Its like a weight has been lifted.

How can they do this, ship 175 pounds for free? I'm
at a loss.. I used to ship with FedeX, which is how
this came. I checked the FedEx site and ground
shipping is $321 for this much weight.

Replace "Walmart" with "Amazon" in this post and almost everything holds true, except the shipping is free over $25 :)

Seriously, when I worked there it was tough trying to get people to understand that Amazon was about more than just books these days, so I always tried to describe Amazon as the "Walmart of the internet, you can get anything there." Of course not mentioning that Walmart has their own website...

Not trying to push an agenda as I no longer work for Amazon or hold any stock or anything, just pointing it out. I'm sure some things are cheaper on each site. Also on Amazon they have a lot of 3rd party sellers which come with their own shipping rates; I don't believe Walmart has 3rd party sellers (correct me if I'm wrong).
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Given a choice of Amazon or W-Mart, I'd rather work for the latter. Amazon warehouse-picker anyone?
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Quote: AcesAndEights

I don't believe Walmart has 3rd party sellers (correct me if I'm wrong).

They may not have had in the past, but when I purchased my last computer from them, the whole process went third party seller even though I got it from a Walmart site. Also, I had one other item, same thing, though I ended up returning it to the seller.

I've purchased about 3 other things online from them besides that, and they came from Walmart though.
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I finally ordered something that was broken when I
got it from Walmart. I called them, got a very nice
lady, and she refunded me the money immediately
and said I have 60 days to return it and they pay
the shipping.

I love Walmart.
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Quote: Mission146

It really depends on the cashier. The policy at Wal-Mart (at one point) was just to take the customer's word for it. It didn't take that long for the AS's (Advantage Shoppers!) to exploit that to the extent that WalMart got rid of it. I am not an advantage shopper to that extent, just for the record.

Some WalMart's still allow this, but in a limited fashion. One employee that I spoke with told me that the higher level cashiers are informed that if the match amount the customer mentions "seems" legitimate, to go ahead and do it. I really couldn't get much more out of him on the subject. Would love to talk to a manager to see what the official policies are. I'm not a shopper at WalMart, other than once a year to use up a gift card I receive regularly at Christmas. However, at Target, I have seen cashiers approve a matched price based upon a customer's say so.
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I just order a 6 deck card shoe from Came with a discard tray and 6 decks of cards. 14.95. I didn't expect much but it is made better than I though it would be.
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Quote: pacomartin

Nancy Walton Laurie is the daughter of "Bud" Walton, not of "Sam" Walton. She is only worth $2.6 billion, a fraction of what her four cousins are worth.

Since September 2007, Nancy Walton has lived in Henderson. She is the second youngest of the 6 members of the Forbes 400 who lives in Nevada.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Residence Source
8 Sheldon Adelson $21.5B, 78 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos
130 Steve Wynn $2.8B, 69 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, hotels
139 Nancy Walton Laurie $2.7B, 60 Henderson, Nevada Wal-Mart
166 Phillip Ruffin $2.4B, 76 Las Vegas, Nevada casinos, real estate
263 Elaine Wynn $1.7B, 68 Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels
355 Frank Fertitta III $1.25B, 50 Las Vegas, Nevada Casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship

I wouldn't be surprised if they just live there on paper because of no state income tax. Many people do that to save bucks.
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Yes, Walmart can do anything. Dog and cat boarding is coming shortly to the stores, followed by their "get two heart surgeries for the price of one" program. The women wearing spandex are HOT!
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I started this thread a year and a half ago and
I still love Walmart. They dropped the amount
you have to buy from $50 to $35 to get free
shipping. Ordered all my pet supplies for the
month on Monday and they were on my deck this
afternoon. Brings tears to my eyes.

The nice thing about spending $40 on pet food is,
I can order a bunch of other stuff, like canned
goods and bulk paper towels, anything, and it's
shipped free with the pet food. I even ordered
a CO2 pistol for my brother for Xmas.

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