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February 18th, 2011 at 5:21:41 AM permalink
Are there any good "locals" strip clubs around the vegas area? I have heard that S. Rhino and Sapphires are two of the best, but I've also heard that it costs an arm and a leg just to get in, plus drinks are expensive, so is there any "locals" places that are a little cheaper, but still has some decent looking ladies?
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It was $30-35 to get it when I was there last. I've read that locals get in free at a lot of places, but I'm assuming you have to show a Nevada drivers license to get that deal. Drinks at S. Rhino weren't any more expensive than other strip clubs I've been too.

You may want to check Tuscl.com for reviews of strip clubs in the area. It'll give you some fairly honest opinions of the clubs by previous patrons.
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I went to Chicas Bonitas on North Las Vegas Blvd (across from Jerry's Nugget) last March. During the day it was free to get in and 5 dollar pitchers of Bud Lite draft. Premium tequila was around 5-8 bucks depending on brand. Don't know what you define as 'decent looking ladies' so this may not fit your tastes. I had a great time. I plan on going again during my April trip.

Vinnie Paul is a minority owner in the Chicas Bonitas chain, so there is lots of Pantera memorabilia too if you're into that.

There is another club about a block north that I hear may be more what you're looking for. I forget the name, though. They're both just north of Tonopah Ave.
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A lot of that $30 entrance fee goes to kickback for the cab driver so see if you can work out something with him before he takes you. Even if you do have to pay an extra $30, it's worth it if you're going somewhere like the S Rhino. The dances on the floor are $20 each, the same as pretty much anywhere, but the women are awesome and there are a lot of them. The best club I've ever been! It's worth the price just to go in and watch all of them.
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February 18th, 2011 at 8:11:08 PM permalink
My favorite is Talk of the Town, a few blocks north of the Stratosphere. $10 lap dances and a very relaxed atmosphere. No booze though, as it's a nude club.
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January 27th, 2014 at 8:23:16 AM permalink
Does anyone know of an off-strip pole dance type of bar in Vegas? No lap dances and booming music with a cover. Just a good looking girl or two, dancing, tipping and drinking. Not a dive but a little raw that caters to a white clientele?
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Quote: Greasyjohn

Does anyone know of an off-strip pole dance type of bar in Vegas? No lap dances and booming music with a cover. Just a good looking girl or two, dancing, tipping and drinking. Not a dive but a little raw that caters to a white clientele?

I've only been to a couple clubs in Vegas, but I would be surprised if any places had NO lap dances, seems like a big part of the dancers' incomes come from that.
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Reviews particularly of the smaller clubs are rare. Vegas Made Easy has a very good article but its a bit old. I don't even know if The Library is still open these days but it was always considered one of the better local clubs.
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I've been in four Vegas strip joints. I remember Cheetah's, Sapphire, and Glitter Gulch. There was one other one I can't remember the name of. I was drunk and handed the bartender a hundred dollar bill to get 100 dollar bills. I went up to the meat rack and grabbed a seat. I was planning on giving the dollar bills one at a time to the strippers. I layed the bills down on the counter in front of me. The stripper quickly reached down and grabbed the whole stack.

At Glitter Gulch a lap dance in the back cost $100. You got a nice little rub down when the stripper sat in your lap and grinded away. It is almost as good as sex. But I heard they passed a law where the stripper has to stay six inches away from the customer.
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