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December 11th, 2012 at 12:31:41 PM permalink
Staying at Red Rock for the first time this Saturday night before moving to the Cosmo Sunday for a short Vegas/ Lake Havasu trip. What can I expect on a Saturday night this time of year with crowds and table limits? Also type of players I would see here from an experience level say compared to CZR strip properties? I like to play $15 to $25 at a table with 1-2 other players at most. What are the chances of that?

Thanks for all feedback.
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Red Rock should absolutely fill your needs. I wouldn't worry. It may be a little more crowded than you want, but at a $25 table, one or two others is about right.
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You will have a hard time with 1-2 player tables at Red Rock on a Saturday. You may have to settle for $25 DD in high limit. All BJ tables and most of the carnival tables will be busy and if they are not they will after you sit there a while.
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BJ is tiered with a $5 always, mostly $10s, and at least one $15 and one $25 on the main floor. There is always one $25 in the HLR; same rules as the main floor game.
Craps is always $5 on at least one table. The other one will be $10. UTH has two tables at $5 24/7. All the other carny games are $5.
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