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Top 10 reasons to visit The Mirage in Las Vegas.

10. The history
Built by developer Steve Wynn, the property’s original cost was $565 million. One of Wynn’s reasons for bringing The Mirage to reality was to host boxing matches to compete with Caesars Palace next door.

9. 1 OAK Nightclub
The 16,000-square-foot nightclub has two rooms, each complemented with a full-service bar and a DJ booth.

8. Secret garden and dolphin habitat
When people think of white tigers in Las Vegas, they usually put magicians with that thought. However, that isn’t the only chance for people to see such animals.

7. Rhumbar
Rhumbar is a great place for anyone who wants to enjoy a nice cigar and drink with a fun atmosphere.

6. Table minimums
When players go into a casino, the first thing that many look at is the buy-in at a table. More experienced players may be more willing to go higher on the table minimums, but beginners will be looking to sit down at lower tables such as a $5 or $10 table.

5. The location
One of the more underrated attributes of The Mirage is its location on The Strip. The resort sits next to Caesars Palace and across the street from The Venetian Las Vegas, two of the most commonly known resorts in Las Vegas.

4. Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steakhouse
If you want a steak dinner at the Mirage, Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steakhouse is the place to eat.

3. Bare pool lounge
Guests have a chance to unwind and relax even further at the bare pool lounge at The Mirage.

2. Sportsbook
With the World Series underway, the NFL season reaching its halfway point, and the NBA and NHL seasons recently beginning, it's tough not to end up watching or placing a bet on a game in Las Vegas.

1. The volcano show
If you are going to be stopping by The Mirage, let alone staying there, seeing the volcano is a must.
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11. They filmed a lot of Vegas Vacation at the Mirage.
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Just visiting there is a sort of thrill as the first casino to open with a 'nut' of one million dollars. He had to make a million to pay for opening and on day one he hit three million. That was a real gamble.
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The Mirage is great! It has a local feel to it. I was there a few weeks ago playing in their Invitational VIP poolside poker tournament. It is my favorite annual trip. Craps tables are always open. Sportsbook is awesome to watch games at. Convenient location on the strip. And I always have that some kush has feeling of Vegas vacation when I'm Walking the Floor. I rate that just behind Bellagio and wind for my liking...
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I remember my first time there feeling the heat from the volcano show and absolutely loving it. Truly a one of a kind experience.
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After reading your points, even i have the urge to go and visit mirage very soon. Specially liked the mention of Secret garden and dolphin habitat. Thanks for the great Information..

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12. Cirque BEATLES LOVE Show
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13. There's a pretty impressive 20,000 gallon saltwater aquarium behind the check-in counters.
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