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March 20th, 2012 at 6:12:28 PM permalink
so i was playing 10play JoB video poker and only getting like $2 in comps after some play. i was like WTF?!
turns out they nerfed the comps.

10play JoB: 0.135% comp rate :o :(
nsud: .25%

comp $ cannot be cashed. it can be used at the gift shop or room charges.

While i'm at it, Here's the current club tiers
classic: 0-14999 tier points
premium: 15k - 39999
elite: 40k-69999
ultra: 70k+

how points are calc
slots: $5 cycled thru machine= 1point
vp: $10 cycled thru machine = 1 point
table games: $1 of EP = 5 tier points. (no ideas what EP is. just read it in the brochure.)

also, i've read that it's better to have higher avg points per day than total points. (but the material was dated in 2009.)
ie: your first 2 days you rack up 200 points. avg = 100pt/day
on your 3rd day you are busy seeing shows and doing other stuff. you only rack up 25 points.

now 225/3 = 75pts/day
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March 20th, 2012 at 7:11:52 PM permalink
Thanks for the tip! I know not to expect anything from the LVH or ACH from now on.
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