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​​Roulette for Social Distance.

Roulette-18® 輪盤十八 ©2012 House-Edge 5.26%. Perfect-Solution for (COVID-19) Social-Distance.
* GLI Approved:
* THE FIRST Roulette for Social-Distance!
* THE FIRST 19-Numbers (0 to 18) Roulette!

* FREE-Play ​​Roulette-18® HTML on Mobile or PC:

The Question is, can you find any more ADVANTAGES (or DISADVANTAGES) for Casinos besides the ones that are listed below?
P.S. ALL Comments are Welcome (Good or Bad)

ADVANTAGES for Casinos:
1. With a House-Edge of 5.26% (Double the Single-Zero Roulette House-Edge, which is 2.70%) so even with less Players you will still get the same income.

2. Players can Easily reach all the numbers (0 to 18) as the numbers are not far from ALL Players.

3. Faster-game and Easy to hit, as there is less number to bet therefore making the game Faster and Easy to hit.

4. Price of the Roulette-18® Wheel is the same as a Double-Zero (00) Roulette-Wheel.

5. FREE-Trial is available with ABBIATI's Roulette-18® Wheel and Layout for a limited-time.

* VIDEO-Xtra: Roulette-18® Table at ICE-2020 in ABBIATI Booth:

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