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This may have been posted previously. If so, sorry for the dupe. I'm not a big sports bettor, so don't think this will affect me. It seems like a pretty big price tag.


The massive casino chain Caesars Entertainment finished its $4 billion purchase of William Hill, the nation’s third-largest sportsbook, according to a joint April 22 announcement.

“We are thrilled to complete the acquisition of William Hill, combining two of the premier operations in the sports betting and iGaming industries under one roof,” Caesars Chief Executive Officer Tom Reeg said in an April 22 statement.
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Just what Caesars needs, more debt!
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Debt is good. The more debt you have, the more successful some people think you are. Who knew that paying Tuesday for a hamburger today was the better way to go.
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talk about being MRS OBVIOUS June Bokunewicz head of the Levenson Inst Of Gaming Hospitilization and tourism says the gaming industry must utilize BOTH online and in house betting options..NO WONDER SHE MAKES THE BIIIIGG BUCKS...

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