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I WAS ROBBED WHILE IN THE ROOM!!! They have still not explained or cooperated to help with an investigation!!! Here's the latest letter I sent to them...

CCMSI - Caesars Entertainment Incident DL20140545435
Las Vegas NV Metro Case LLV140318002623

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this in regards to a stay we had at the Quad Resort on 3-18-2014. Our locked room was entered that night while we slept. Suitcase and many other items were taken, all which can be replaced.

The real issue here is that someone must have had a Master key to get past the lock. This is a scary fact the more you think about it.

Security took a report, I filed a police report and they asked if there was any video surveillance. Well I called and have asked that 4 different times with no answer to this day. Do you really care about getting my stuff back?

I was sent a letter from CCMSI, called as requested to Barbara Humphries, I was told that an adjuster would call me within 48 hours. A week later I called back that they still hadn't called. Barbara said that rarely happens and that they would be in touch in a day or two. I did get a call finally and was asked the same questions as security had reported and was told they would send a letter in a week.

Well it had been at least a month so I called 4-30 to Barbara again, she forwarded the call and I left a message. As of 5-5 still no call back, so I left a message where we started with the Quad risk management and of course RT Germain passed it on to Michelle Stackland which has not gotten back to me. What's new...

You know the personal property that we lost is not the problem, it's the way you have gone about handling a bad situation. No explanations, no help, nothing but avoiding and passing the problem on.

I've been a Diamond card player at Harrah's for well over 10 years consecutively and will certainly not attempt to play at any affiliated place very much in the future. I deserve to know how they got in the room, was there video and what was done to try and mitigate the problem.

You have definitely lost a long time customer and I have already told friends and associates' what happen in Vegas and how it's been handled.

Obviously you don't care!

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It was probably the Onity hack:

Edit: I hear the Quad hasn't actually finished the hotel renovations yet, so it wouldn't surprise me if the door locks are very old.
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Bottom line is if you are a 10 year Diamond player you should have never been staying at the Quad to start with. That said no one deserves to be robbed. But I question again your story in that no one would help you. Do you have a host? Again most Diamond players do. Are you sure you shut your door 100 percent? But coming here trying bash CZR as a first post gives me suspicions. But if this actually happened to you as listed I can provide contacts who may be able to help at CZR properties. But be prepared to be called out if the facts don't match.
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I'm not too good with the quote function on this board, so I'll just post my thoughts for now?

1) First of all, let me say sorry about the incident.

2) Whenever I'm in a hotel, vegas or anywhere, I always have all the interior locks locked. Maybe you should start doing the same.

3) Personally, I'm not sure you "deserve" to know any of it, but I can certainly understand your wanting to know.

4) As far as asking about video.... um, it was Vegas! To my knowledge, unless you're in a public bathroom, or actually in your room, you can be pretty you're on video somewhere.

5) Last but not least, as far as you telling your friends and associates what happened.... thats pretty much why you're getting the response you're getting from them. What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas! j/k

6) On a personal note, you mentioned it was broken into while you slept in the room...I envy the fact that you appear to be a heavy sleeper; I wake up at about any noise.

Again, sorry about your loss and hope it gets resolved
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Probably the key hack thing or an employee. Even those room safes are susceptible to being opened.

Someone else on a forum complained about being robbed from their room safe and I think they still suffered a partial loss after the settlement.

I think the plan the casino uses is falsely assuring all will be made whole, making sure the police don't get involved, then rejection or low ball settlements once time has passed.
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Wow Boz. What kind of a prick reply is that? I'm sure he'll take you up on the contact help offer.
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Well lesson learned, unfortunately the hard way, to always use the extra locking mechanism. I'm referring to the one that prevents the door from being opened more than an inch or two and it latches from the inside.

So, a good reminder to all of us who may not be in the habit of doing that.
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Always use the door chain lock or bar latch while you're in a hotel room. This should go without saying. Even if you just don't want a surprise from housekeeping if your DND hanger fell off.

Obviously, these can be opened from the outside too:

But it's an extra step that might stop an unprepared burglar.

Never keep valuables in a hotel room when you're not there, either. How secure do you think the room safes are when they need to be opened (if left locked) every time the room is cleaned for the next guest?
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man i feel sorry for you

what a terrible feeling

id contact the nevada state attorney generals office, once they send a letter the casino will offer you money to shut you up

one time a night club pushed my ex GF and after ignoring me I sent a letter to NYS attorney general, next thing I knew they offered me cash


p.s. if you do goto the attorney general and get compensated by ceasars entertainment you may never be allowed back so think if its worth it
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One of the reviews on expedia (or one of those sites) had the same experience as this. If I ever stayed at the quad I'd put the dresser in front of the door.

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