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Quote: wroberson

As far as I know there is no going back.

Assuming the guy is telling the facts, the big picture says that leaves the table a winner. I can't speak for what happened between sitting at the table and leaving, but once he leaves, a final result is found. There's is one predictable outcome when a player gambles. The gambler will leave the table at some point. I say if he leaves the table a winner most of the time in the past, the future results should be the same.

You can leave a winner 80% of the time with several systems, but still be a net loser : you risk $500 to win $50... your gonna have a bad time.
"Then you can admire the real gambler, who has neither eaten, slept, thought nor lived, he has so smarted under the scourge of his martingale, so suffered on the rack of his desire for a coup at trente-et-quarante" - Honore de Balzac, 1829
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Quote: gr8player

Good question, AxelWolf, good question.

I am, most probably, "barking up the wrong tree" in posting my Baccarat theories/plays within this forum.

As to this nonsensical "challenge"....that's all it is and all it ever could be...nonsense. My winning or losing a shoe or two will prove nothing, but would reveal much. Too much, IMHO.

Read the entire CHALLENGE 1) he wont revile your system if you don't want him to,he won't play it, he will only verify it, he will sigh a contract saying so.

2) It's not done over Just one shoe or 1 session. Your playing anyway why not make an extra 30k doing so?
>>>So Now whats your excuse?<<<

I doubt anyone could figure out your system from what I gathered you you don't use anything but hunches or what you believe are trends. you may use
self discipline so not to go crazy and start betting big if your losing. I believe you bet small when your losing and start betting more when your winning.
so when your losing you lose less and when you winning bet more. If your winning, I guess betting more don't affect you as much since your betting won money.If you go on a winning streak you probably stop when your up a predetermined amount or unit. When you betting small you don't lose as much.
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Can we really keep these inane threads to the BS subforum where they belong? You blather on about "bet selection" and "money management" - add 'em up and what do you get? A system! A system of adding up negative numbers and claiming some mysterious "player edge," just like every fabulist since Alexei Ivanovich.
The trick to poker is learning not to beat yourself up for your mistakes too much, and certainly not too little, but just the right amount.
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GR8 is pulling your string, either that or he is "gone", "mentally gone", as if that wasn't evident years ago, it certainly is now. This uncontrollable urge of seeking attention, he now feels the need to regurgitate/reproduce a post he made back on 18th August 2010 in the Baccarat forum of the GG site. The action of somebody in procession of all his marbles, or on top of his game?

I can only imagine that with members not buying into these fallacies and waffle, the subsequent negative responses, it must take its toil at the tables, the non-endorsements ringing in ones ears especially after losing a bet or two, it has to be deafening.

Unfortunately back in 2010 when the OP originally started a thread the "Chicken or the Egg", he received twenty responses, many of them positive, this kept him going and fed the destructive cycle which he finds himself entangled and unable to escape from.

GR8, sincerely, plough some profit into getting to the bottom of it all, a little bit of therapy might do you some good.

BTW - you forgot to give this thread 5 stars, thought I would remind you.
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Quote: Jeepster

gr8player, may I suggest you try John Patrick's forum.
They love the sort of stuff you post, you would be made most welcome.
The members will happily believe you and you can preach to them 24/7.

Had to laugh reading that suggestion. It was at JP's board were he first surfaced. Ellis Clifton Davies site would be better, I'm sure those that run the site could make a buck or two from his presence.
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Quote: gr8player

Might there be a recurring theme to my posts?

Loneliness, lack of self worth perhaps?
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Quote: gr8player

Assuming that you're following the advice, and playing the same consistent plays, you should have certain statistics at your disposal. Use them. Wisely.

Which statistics, you might ask?:

Avg strike rate
Avg win/loss streaks
Avg drawdown

All of those can be summed up as "something is now due", in other words 'gamblers fallacy'. They feedback information, but your so called plays remain the same.

Quote: gr8player

Those stats should roll off your tongue easily and readily, and for each and every one of your preferred plays.

Then bet to the current results. Define current:

In other words, trend, what is the Bank doing, what is the Player doing, has done, 1st hole, 2nd hole, 3rd hole.

Quote: gr8player

As to the "laggards", don't forget about them. Await "proof" of a potential upturn as the play hits once (or two of three). Then ride that correction.

Silly to suggest "ride the correction", because once a pattern or trend breaks, it only takes one hand and you still don't know when that will happen, or if it will return.

The thing about Baccarat, is that there is no winning system, hence one of the reasons I change my game (or underwear as GR8 likes to inform me), in the course of hygiene, last year I decided to dabble with a simplified version of GR8 mode of play, i.e trending each side individually.

While I did indeed win a few times, it literally stunk the table out, I found it a horrendous way to play, while that might sound like a contradiction. The only reason I managed to pull a profit, was due to having to run something like 4 (maybe 6, I don't recall) separate cancellation strings, resulting in managing to keep bets low.

I now comprehend why the OP has to use three, seven flat tiers of progression, not only as a safety measure, rather more out of necessity. IIRC I had my ass handed to me on a plate as each side, individually that is! at least doubled, then singled, repeatedly at the same time for what seemed an entire shoe. No bet size manipulation could withstand that. I distinctly recall posting how bad this trending each side malarkey really was in the relevant trip reports at the time.

Good luck if it works for ya GR8, you should consider putting any profit to good use.
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Quote: EvenBob

So you think that's what it takes to be a successful
gambler, just quit when you're ahead? What about
all those times you're never ahead even once, what
then, keep playing till you are ahead?

There's a name for that, you know.

My recent experiences are with low bankrolls most of the time with less than 200 in the pocket. I haven't learned to leave the table a loser yet. I know it can help overall, I haven't had a bankroll with me that would hurt me if lost. I'm another one of those people who usually wins and by the time I fail to get ahead, I've already banked more money than I lose.

So if you think that's what I think it takes to be successful, getting up from the table with more money than I start with, I'm not going to argue. I have had mostly positive times in the casino.
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Always remember to bet more when you are going to win and less when you will lose.
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