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Has anyone used this website for picks? it seems pretty legit and they claim pretty good success rates. There CEO gets interviewed regularly on my local sports talk station. Anyone have any thoughts? Is it just another snake oil salesman?
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I've heard these guys interviewed, or the main guy. Cantor has advertisements for them in their sports book.

To paraphrase someone else, you won't see them selling Grossjeans stuff at table games. There's a reason for that.

I suspect these guys are trying to deliver a good product, rather than rip people off. But that doesn't mean they're achieving it.

There are honest touts and some touts worth paying for, if you bet big, imo. But there's always the problem of sorting out the good ones. Then, you have to hope that they KEEP being good. One thing for required for sure is a clear, transparent record. There are many ways to fudge it. You can always search "___ scam" or "___ fraud on twitter and google. Or check forums like EOG or SBR.

As alluded to, when you pay for picks, you have to overcome the juice AND the fees to make money. So even with pretty big bets, you gotta win at a higher rate than a normal winning sports bettor.

I've considered selling my boxing picks, so I've thought it through. I don't want to rip people off so, if I did it, it would probably just be a modestly priced newsletter with enough content to have some consumption value. Anyone asking for more would only be of value to high rollers (Right Angle Sports, for example) or is a rip off.

I've never paid for picks myself.
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August 31st, 2015 at 3:59:03 PM permalink
Agree with Rigo above. I have used them once, and that was to help me with my bowl pool picks two years ago, and their info helped me finish in the money. While they send me emails from time to time, they are straight forward with no high pressure or outlandish claims.

The only thing I'd be concerned about in using them for betting football is that you may be unable to get the lines on which their predictions are based.
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They have quite a bit of free content. Exhaust that as much as you can and if it is good enough give them a credit card number for their best stuff. If it isn't that great, don't give them any money
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