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I recently signed up as new member at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

They were offering a promotion where they promised to give you 20x the normal slots point on your first visit.
The lady at the players club was very vague about the details. Im not normally a slots player but the promo sounded good.
Not wanting to pump hundreds in the machines with no reward I pressed for details.

The Woman explanation was very poor and I asked for the manager. He explained I had to generate at least $10 in points to qualify and no video poker.

As I left I asked the woman what my first trip meant and she said it was 48 hours from when I signed up. There were no written terms.

I lost a few hundred in the machines and generated a heap of points. But most of my play was in second 24 hours.

When I returned a few days later to claim the promotion I was told only the first 24s of play counted and I didn't qualify.
I was furious. I tried to explain what had happened but the woman behind the desk (a fat middle aged lady with a grey bob) screeched at me in
the rudest possible way accused me of lying and that her friend the other lady had explained everything perfectly.
She had no understanding of why I would be angry about something like that and then threatened to throw me out if I had anything else to say about it.

So my warning is to avoid this promotion and no trust any claims made by the staff at the Taj unless you have it in writing.

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Thanks for the warning.
I am wondering why you believed the promotion of a casino which is supposed to be closing any minute from now.
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All the casinos in AC have these bogus promotions.

Two years ago there was a CET promotion where if you gambled and lost up to $100 in the first half hour of play, you would get back $200 in free-play.

The gambling was based on playing time, not actual time so you could play for fifteen minutes and then go to lunch, then play again for fifteen minutes.

I played for half-an hour and then went over to Rapid Roulette. The machine there took my players card so I inserted it and played hundreds for 2 hours.

I double checked I qualified at the rewards desk before leaving. They told me I more than qualified as I had played for over two hours. Clearly, they were counting my play at Rapid Roulette which was fine.

I never got the promotion in the mail as promised so I went to complain and they told me, I kid you not, I only had played at the slots for 28 minutes so I didn't qualify for the promotion. I needed a full half-hour. They wouldn't budge on the promotion either. They refused to comp me anything.

There is a current promotion at the Trop where they will double any AC offer. (That's a lie because they have a $300 cap.)
I got the promotion and they told me I had to earn 200 players points that same day to obtain the offer.

So I played and earned the points. Then after I earned the points I returned to the Trop rewards desk where they informed me (for the first time) that the double your offer was in two installments, half today and half upon my return after 48 hours. And then they sprung on me for the first time that I would have to earn ANOTHER 200 points my next visit if I want to obtain the second half of the offer. SO I basically had to qualify twice.

Nowhere is it stated on their website any of this. Only to see a rewards desk for details, which it is clear they are trained to withhold some details.

This type of customer trickery is what is destroying AC.. No one trusts them.

And now two years later, AC can't understand why their business is flocking elsewhere and four casinos are closing.
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In my experience, the Golden Nugget is the WORST for this sort of thing. They just flat out refused to honor written advertisements for both me and a friend.
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Quote: darkoz

And now two years later, AC can't understand why their business is flocking elsewhere and four casinos are closing.

Yeah, it's one thing to come across a chintzy promotion which is barely worth doing, but usually customers aren't so pissed off to not return.

But if they set you up where you feel cheated, they can count on losing lots of customers.

Is this something more particular to NJ way of doing business? Gouging customers or treating them all as chumps?
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Atlantic City promotions are sometimes scammy when they aren't delivered the same day or when the details in writing aren't clear. I qualified for the $200 Harrah's free play but couldn't make it because of Sandy. Resorts offer was shammy then because they never sent confirmation and this was in the rules.

Taj lets boycott them until they give in or self destruct in bankruptcy.
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