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Quote: FleaStiff

We would never let a bricks casino survive something like this and so we should never let an online casino survive it either.

I realize that the problem with online casinos is that there is likely to be multi-layers of cloaking of actual physical location and actual identities of the persons involved.

We know casinos in Las Vegas may check their employees for drug use but that doesn't mean the casino itself draws the blood and trains the sniffer dogs. We know a horse racing track has an official collection of post-race urine and that the casino broadcasting the race simply makes sure the procedures are in place but does not actually conduct them.

The USA currently is officially opposed to legalized internet gambling. This opposition is what drives the players to the shadowy world of false fronts that are employed.

But it is time to hold people responsible: the executives as well as the spokesmen, the programmers as well as those who wanted to ask few questions.

Deceptive web site pages... its not an accident.
Totally bogus software... its not an accident and don't try to tell me about "we didn't know". Casinos outsource the urine testing, we know that. The testing of the Craps software was so easy. It required no obscure tools, no special software designing. This is something that can't be passed off as one rogue employee or something so complex that only the outside firm can be held responsible.
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Accident or no, in any case, the host site should be responsible for refunding their players the lost money. Outsourcing happens all of time. The quality of that service is the host's responsibility and it's up to the host to get any lost money back from BLR and to refund its players appropriately.
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Hi teliot,

Thanks for sharing. The stats you provide are very compelling and definitely imply a rigged game. It would have been interesting to see the stats on the 'Don't' side, i.e. the incidence of the number 'miraculously' hitting on every roll! Actually I been playing a free version of the game to test a couple of strategies and it is very obvious and crystal clear when the algo detects the side your playing and makes the necessary adjustment. Thankfully I have not (and will never) play an online version of the game as, being in technology, I can see it is simply too easy to create an algo which does this and too financially tempting not to!

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