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September 7th, 2013 at 6:06:52 AM permalink
So I normally stay away from all blackjack side bets, except this one has caught my attention (and my money). You bet on whether the dealer will bust or not, with the payout depending on the up card, with a multiplier if all the dealer cards (including draw cards) are suited. This is played on a six deck shoe, and can be bet anytime before the dealer flips over their hand. There must be a live hand still on the table.

Up Card Nonsuited Bust Suited Bust
2 1:1 25:1
3 1:1 15:1
4 1:1 10:1
5 1:1 5:1
6 1:1 3:1
7 2:1 15:1
8 2:1 10:1
9 2:1 15:1
10 2:1 20:1
Ace 3:1 25:1
888 25:1 75:1

The last value there is if the dealer busts with a hand of 3 8s. It pays more if the 8s are suited.

The way I have been playing it has been to bet up cards 3-8. I tend to hit one of the suited bonuses each session I play and it feels (I know this doesn't mean much) like I'm about even if not up a little from playing this side bet.

So what are the odds on this game? Did I get sucked into a kinda clever side bet with still a huge edge or is this a game with a reasonable house edge? Obviously some up cards like 10 (including faces), 2s, and Aces offer pretty crappy return for the risk but are 3-8 reasonable?

Also could a card counter be able to significantly shift the edge (bet only 3-6 when it's much more likely than normal a face is drawn?)

If any of you math gurus were able to tackle this I would be most interested.
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September 10th, 2013 at 1:19:24 PM permalink
Hi Complex.

The Game is "Bust Bonus" by Galaxy Gaming. At my place we allow a player to place the bet even if they've already busted out (no cards on the table). Here's some additional information for you:

You'll have to decide if you got sucked in or if it's a reasonable edge. Lots of players enjoy it and (at least at my place) it let's someone who busted already, try and get some money back. They have fun with it.

I am an employee of a Casino. Former Table Games Director,, current Pit Supervisor. All the personal opinions I post are my own and do not represent the opinions of the Casino or Tribe that I work for.
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September 11th, 2013 at 4:31:51 PM permalink
Oh ouch that's a lot more brutal than I was expecting. I was thinking more like 4-5% but wow 7-9%? Ouch. I'm mostly surprised the non bust cards actually have a more friendly edge than the bust cards. Now I know!

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