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A NJ man won a jackpot in excess of $10,000 at Parx Casino only to be followed home and murdered in a home invasion. The suspect followed his victim more than 50 miles to his house, then broke in and shot the man while the mans family slept upstairs.
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Quote: billryan

A NJ man won a jackpot in excess of $10,000 at Parx Casino only to be followed home and murdered in a home invasion. The suspect followed his victim more than 50 miles to his house, then broke in and shot the man while the mans family slept upstairs.
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While I didnít read the exact circumstances, but cash hand pays done in such a public way arenít good, imo.

Watch this guy. 5:50 start. Look at the stack of 100ís sitting on the slot machine. Completely reckless and unnecessary.
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This happened at my local casino several years ago.

A guy cashed out at the cage for several thousand. The cage girl gave the winner's address to her thug boyfriend. Thug boyfriend went to the dude's house at 3am and killed him.
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And that's part of why anonymity at all times, and a bodyguard sometimes, aren't bad ideas. If you have something to lose.
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It's time for me to gratuitously drop a link to one of my articles.

Seriously, though, there was one from Kansas City (last month) towards the end:
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I sometimes get nervous about this too. There are a lot of drug dealers from Detroit living in the Charleston/Huntington area and if you google our local news you will see one arrested almost daily. They also frequent Mardi Gras a lot. I am super concious about my surroundings when I walk to my car and do keep a 9mm in my car, but not on my person.

I also one time found a stack of money on the ground and a Detroit drivers license. I picked it up, and gave it to the guy who I saw playing roulette. He was super appreciative and bought me a couple drinks and gave me a small token for the honesty. Many of my friends asked why I didn't just keep the money. Stories like this are exactly why I didnt want to risk him seeing me pick it up and potentially kill me.

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I'm wondering in Parx is particularly prone to this. From a 2016 new story:
Somerton home invasion victim thinks suspects followed him from Parx
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Thanks for this post from:
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my suggestions for leaving a casino with cash and justifiable security concerns:

1._______do a trial run of leaving the casino - walk out to the parking lot (assuming you have a car) but don't walk near your car - walk
about 100 yards away from your car

while you're doing this take a look at the characters to see if any are watching you

then go back into the casino

assuming you've seen nothing suspicious then leave the casino from a different exit and go to your car still paying close attention

if you're walking you do basically the same thing except it might be wise to make 2 trips back into the casino since you
don't have a car which itself can provide some security

2._______when driving stop as soon as possible at a well lit and busy convenience store or gas station and again scope out if anybody is following you

if walking you can do the same thing if possible
if driving check your rear view and side view mirrors frequently

3.__________________________________always have your cell out and in view so anyone can see you can easily and quickly call 911

4._____________________________________________if anybody ever confronts you with a weapon immediately give him or them all your cash

do not fight - your life is much more valuable than your cash

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This is something I probably should be more aware of. Iím curious though. Going from Parx into NJ is not a short trip around the corner and itís well traveled. How do you not notice someone following you for that long? I would be questioning every employee who interacted with him that night.
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I never asked this but would a casino wire transfer money to your bank account?

Of course this is something for non anonymous players.

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