Posted by FinsRule
Sep 30, 2010

Wong Teaser!

San Diego -8
Indianapolis -7.5

Tease the heck out of San Diego and Indy on Sunday.


Wizard Oct 02, 2010

I would add to that list Bal +2.5 and StL +1.5. Also, I would insist on liberal teaser odds, namely -110 on a 2-teamer, and +180 on a 3-teamer. You can get those odds at the Wynn.

Posted by FinsRule
Sep 28, 2010

Didn't want to post this in forum...

I know I'm probably breaking some forum rule, BUT:

I have a Southwest Airlines voucher in case anyone wants to take a fun gamblin' trip to Vegas or anywhere actually. The flight I want to take is blacked out, so I figured if I could get cash, I could use that to pay for my trip to Reno.

I don't have an official price in mind, but if there's a way me and one of you can both save money, then it's a win-win.

Hopefully no one is too upset with this "advertisement" Please don't yell at me!


teddys Sep 28, 2010

I'm interested. Are there any other date or location restrictions? I actually also want to go to Reno, but would settle for Vegas :)

FinsRule Sep 30, 2010

Teddys - I tried sending you a private message. Not sure if it worked. But here is what it said:

The voucher is good through 9/28/11. Let me know where you are coming from, where you are going to, and what dates, and I can look up to see if it's available.

Posted by FinsRule
Sep 20, 2010

What are the chances

I was pulling a file on an employee to check her birthday. A co-worker was helping me check the birthday of another employee. The one I'm checking is 5/29, the one my co-worker is checking is 5/29.

She goes "Wow, what are the chances of that?"

I say "Um, 1 in 365.25"


Ibeatyouraces Sep 22, 2010

I went to school with someone who was born 15 minutes before me.

Posted by FinsRule
Sep 13, 2010

Quick Rant (Non Gambling)

I know, I shouldn't get upset about internet comments on news/sports stories. But it just makes me feel that pretty much we're a society of idiots.

Tom Brady gets in a car accident, but he's okay.

Here is a sample internet comment: "I'm a Jets fan, but I'm still glad that he didn't get seriously injured"

WOW. Aren't you a great person Jets fan? That's so nice of you that you as a Jets fan, put your rivalry aside, and are happy that Tom Brady is not dead, and his child is not fatherless. You should win Time Freaking Man of the Year Jets fan, for such a selfless act.

How exactly is not wishing ill will on someone an admirable trait? It's just a freaking football game.

Our society has problems.

Sorry for the rant.

Posted by FinsRule
Sep 11, 2010

Got yelled at at Potowotomi BJ

I went to Potowotomi in Milwaukee yesterday with my dad. I was showing him all the different table games. I'd play one hand of three card, one hand of ultimate, one hand of Spanish. So we get to BJ and there's probably 5 hands left in the shoe. I sit down with one red chip.

The woman next to me says "Can you wait until the end of the shoe?" I say "No, I'm going to just play one hand".

The guy on the other side of me said "Wait, did you ask him to wait" She said "Yeah". And then I said "And I said no"

So the guy says "Fine, I'm not playing" The woman says "I hope I get two 10s and I split them to screw you up". We all end up losing and I get up. They yell at me as I'm leaving "Thanks for playing with us, jerk"

I guess my question is, is it my responsibility to worry about other people's superstitions? If I was going to stay for an hour, I wouldn't have joined in, because it would have ruined the experience.

I just thought it was a funny experience, didn't really upset me at all.

Oh, Potowotomi is the best casino within 90 minutes of Chicago.


benbakdoff Sep 11, 2010

Congratulations for not responding to those morons. It took me years to learn that and I still have the occasional relapse. Nothing gives them the right to speak to you this way. The only thing you should worry about is your hand.

If I am back-counting and it's to get in than I'm in and it might be more than one hand.

I get yelled at for using basic strategy all the time and when I employ indices...FUGGEDABOUIT!

FleaStiff Sep 11, 2010

Uh... its the casino, not the other players that have a right to exclude mid-shoe entry.

If a player is a young attractive female who smiles at you as she undoes an extra button, plays footsie with you and invites you up to her room, then by all means feel free to chat with other players. Otherwise, pay attention to the cards that are being dealt!

rdw4potus Sep 11, 2010

I think it depends on what your intentions are in a situation like this. I'd have done what you did. But, like you, I'd have waited if I intended to stay. I think what it comes down to is exactly how long you can put up with the griping from the superstitious fools.

Also, do you really think the Pot is the nicest Chicago area casino? I've found the staff to be so rude and incompetent that I think I'd rate it 4th, behind both Harrah's properties and Hollywood. It's the nicest physical space, but the people really knock it down for me.

FinsRule Sep 11, 2010

RDW - Nicest in terms of physical space, game variety, minimums. (Having an OTB is nice too) In terms of competency of staff, at the bottom. But I'm a small time gambler, so I can put up with that kind of stuff.

teddys Sep 12, 2010

I got yelled at for doubling A-8 v. 6 (a .02% play) the other day when the table was running hot. The players yelled at me for "taking the dealer's bust card." Another woman said you have to be considerate to the table. This is why I don't find blackjack very much fun anymore.

DJTeddyBear Sep 13, 2010

Worry about other people's superstitions? No.

However, there is also a question of courtesy.

She politely asked you to wait. You were the jerk my refusing.

You need not ask if you can join, or tell them you are planning on playIng only one hand.

But if they ask you to wait, then it's a simple thing to find another table, or wait - particularly if they use an auto shuffler. Then the wait would be less than half a minute after the shoe is finished.

FinsRule Sep 13, 2010

From now on, I'm going to ask if someone can wait a hand in Pai Gow or Three Card Poker. I'll let you know what the response is.

cclub79 Sep 13, 2010

If you said, "I'd just like to play one hand to show my father how the game works..." I would probably just say, "OK no problem, play mine this time around," and I'd take my chip down. People do get upset though, and personally I like no Mid Shoe Entry if I can get it.

I still want my "No mid-point Craps" or at least "No mid-point new player buy-ins". But I'm probably in the minority there.

FleaStiff Sep 14, 2010

>I still want my "No new player buy-ins".

Actually, a stick man will often hold the dice and allow a mid-roll buyin for a newly arrived player. Its rude for the player to do this apparently and while often other craps players don't care and perhaps even enjoy the brief pause, the crew will often be a bit rude to the new player. Its mainly a matter of how much that new player is buying in for. At a five dollar table, if you buy in for six grand you will get treated well, but not if you do it during somebody's roll. The crew seems more upset than the players!

FleaStiff Sep 15, 2010

>She politely asked you to wait. You were the jerk by refusing.

So if ever so politely ask you to hand over your money its okay?

Absent any sign or rule of general practice, if there is a vacant seat: take it and join in!

The attempt to exclude was made by a jerk who feels that she has a ride to exclude somebody because those cards that are yet to be dealt belong to her.

Wizard Sep 15, 2010

I also say waiting is the polite and social thing to do. When I want to enter a game mid-shoe I always ask if there are any objections first. Why cause a confrontation over something so stupid?

benbakdoff Sep 15, 2010

FleaStiff, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Ibeatyouraces Sep 16, 2010

For the average player, there is no need to wait nor ask to jump in. Someone jumping in or out has no effect on future results unless you know the exact makeup and order of the cards yet to be dealt and since nobody does it makes no difference. I get this all the time as a backcounter.

In response to Teddy's post a few posts up, I doubled A,9 vs a 6 in a very, very 10 rich shoe from first base and almost got clobbered by the guy next to me. Of course I drew a 10 for a hard 20. There were three more hits and the cards fell as follows: 10,10,5. The dealer turns over a 10 in the hole and busts by drawing an 8. If I dont double the dealer makes 21 and we all lose. Sure I had no idea the cards would come this way but it just goes to prove that some "bad play" as it may seem to the average player can help just as much as hurt you.