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Aug 25, 2019

Color Up - Craps with a Dealer at the table

Color Up is a Craps YouTube channel where the host tries out different craps strategies, some suggested. In this episode he invites a Dealer to play with him. They take turns rolling the dice. Episode 1 has the host rolling, but the Dealer being stickman; and Episode 2 is reversed. The Dealer has so much craps lingo, it's worth a watch just for that!

My Favorite Strategy with Live Craps Dealer Part 1 - YouTube
My Favorite Strategy with Live Craps Dealer Part 2 - YouTube

My takeaway from watching this is I'm going to re-figure my Passline Progressive, but not quite to what these two were doing. If I can win a 10 bet session for every win past 11 in a row on the Passline, I'm gonna start with that.

PS: Just got an antivirus threat on a casino game I had on my Windows 98SE machine. Just copying files to a new 10 TB hard drive.

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Aug 07, 2019

Video Poker Results

I'm playing 5 credit 9/6 Jacks Or Better VP on the Wizard website.
After 100 hands, I'm down 115 credits. 500 credits bet, 385 credits won. 77% return. I haven't gotten more than 3 of a kind.
After 200 hands, I'm down 245 credits. 1000 credits bet, 755 credits won. 75.5% return. I got 2 full houses.
After 300 hands, I'm down 190 credits. 1500 credits bet, 1310 credits won, 87.33% return. I got 2 full houses & a flush.
After 400 hands, I'm down 45 credits. 2000 credits bet, 1955 credits won , 97.75% return. I got a 4 of a kind, a couple full houses and a couple flushes. I was up 15 credits.
After 500 hands, I'm down 100 credits. 2500 credits bet, 2400 credits won, 96.0% return.
After 600 hands, I'm down 145 credits. 3000 credits bet, 2855 credits won, 95.167% return. I got a couple straights.
After 700 hands, I'm down 75 credits. 3500 credits bet, 3425 credits won, 97.86% return. I got 4 to a Royal Flush.
After 800 hands, I'm down 150 credits. 4000 credits bet, 3850 credits won, 96.25% return.
After 900 hands, I'm down 280 credits, 4500 credits bet, 4220 credits won, 93.78% return. (Tied for worst 100 hands up til now.)
After 1000 hands, I'm down 255 credits. 5000 credits bet, 4745 credits won, 94.90% return. I got a 4 of a kind.
I'm gonna quit now. Down $63.75 on a quarter machine. There's been 2 EAS Alerts in 2.5 hours on TV. It's almost 4 am.

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Jul 23, 2019

BJ Win on Hoyle Casino

I was at $18.5K on a new installation of Hoyle Casino 2012. The multi-millions I had before Windows 10 crashed again could not be rescued.
So I was betting a progression of $120, $120, $240, $240, $360, $480, $600, $900, $1200, $1800, $1800... where I'm only down one unit if I lose the 3rd hand, or I lose on double downs & splits on bets higher than $120. I won $7K+ and I'm at $25.5K.

With 6 wins I'd be up $1080
With 10 wins I'd be up $4380
With 13 wins I'd be up $9780

Of course winning 3:2 BJ's and other bets can change those amounts. May want to limit splits and double downs beyond the 4th win in a row. Pushes do not end the progression but surrenders do. Taking insurance with a Blackjack counts as a win.

I could use this progression on the Passline or the PB 6/8 on a craps table too. Divide by 10 to get back to a $12 original bet.
Later: I doubled my money to $50K by raising my base bet a unit from $150 after finishing a progression 5 units ahead by balance. So I started with 20 unit sessions of $3,000 and used a $150, $150, $300, $300, $450, $600, $750, $1125, $1500, $2250, $2250 progression. If I got to $750 ahead I'd double the progression. If I got to $2250 ahead I'd triple the progression to start at $450. If I got to $4500 ahead, I'd quadruple the progression to start at $600. So I found myself jumping from $25K to $50K and Hoyle Casino opened up a credit line for me when I got to $50K. The statistics said I was losing on plus counts, but winning big on 0 or negative counts. I was winning a few 11 in-a-row hand sequences that moved me up.
Next morning: I started with a 50 unit session with plans to raise my progressions when I was 50 units ahead instead of 5 units because "What goes up stays up." will be more likely to happen since a completed 11 in-a-row progression will typically win me 50+ units. I started with a $15K session with a $300 base bet. I couldn't get together more than 5 wins in-a-row and over the space of 90 minutes of very fast play I lost all 50 units of the session. So I'm down to $35K.
Played a 25 minute session and was down to $30K then won back to $45K with an 11 in-a-row on a $300 base bet. Won another couple sequences that put me up over $50K when they ended.

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Jun 28, 2019

Gambling With an Edge - blackjack player, "It's not a Fluke."

Gambling With an Edge - blackjack player, "It's not a Fluke."

Our guest this week uses the handle, "It's Not a Fluke." He is an advantage player that has also worked as a dealer, a supervisor, and in surveillance.

We welcome your questions - send them to us at, or you can find me at @RWM21 on Twitter.

Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of ItsNotAFluke, a current AP who previously worked in surveillance
[00:37] Fluke's early casino career and experience in dealer training
[07:19] Sycuan and the Tran Organization
[15:25] High stakes shuffle trackers
[19:44] Employee theft, day to day operations and monitoring AP
[27:13] Reno pit boss experience with a card counter
[34:55] South Point Casino June Promotion: Half Price Gas and Goods
[35:38] Gold membership offers correction on most games
[36:31] Working during a grand opening of a casino in northern California
[39:47] Fluke gets fired after a bet capping incident
[44:08] Fluke's transition into AP
[49:05] How does Fluke's wife handle his AP life?

Gambling With an Edge is a weekly radio show dedicated to making you a better gambler tomorrow than you were yesterday. The hosts, Bob Dancer, and Richard Munchkin are both authors and professional gamblers. You can learn more about them at

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Jun 25, 2019

All, Tall, Small Winners - Live Craps game

All wins: $1 on each bet pays 210 to 1; $5 on each pays $1050.

Live Craps Game #30 - AWESOME 30+ ROLLS! - The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV - Inside the Casino - YouTube
Small and Tall

The Small bet wins if the shooter rolls every total from 2 to 6 before a 7. The Tall bet requires the shooter to roll every total from 8 to 12 before a 7. Both have a probability of winning of 0.026354, or about 1 in 38. There are two known payoffs, as follows:

If wins pay 34 to 1 (or 35 for 1), then the house edge is 7.76%.
If wins pay 30 to 1 (or 31 for 1), then the house edge is 18.30%.

The All bet wins if the shooter rolls every total except a 7 before a 7. It is always offered along with the Small and Tall bets explained above. The probability of winning of 0.005258, or about 1 in 190. There are two known payoffs, as follows:

If wins pay 175 to 1 (or 176 for 1), then the house edge is 7.47%.
If wins pay 150 to 1 (or 151 for 1), then the house edge is 20.61%.